Farewell, PlayStation 4: A Look Back at This Generation

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The PlayStation 5 is here, ushering in with it a brand new console generation for Sony. It’s the successor to one of the most successful game consoles of all time, the PlayStation 4, which released way back in 2013. Due to a combination of game-centered marketing, player-friendly decisions, and excellent exclusive titles, the PS4 went on to be the best-selling console of the last generation of systems.

Today, we’re looking back at the PS4 and what made it so special: the games. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best PS4 exclusives that made the system what it was.


From Software via GIPHY

The punishingly hard gameplay that From Software is known for is on full display in 2015’s Bloodbourne. A macabre and bizarre game, it takes you through Gothic horror locales while a Lovecraftian menace hangs over the world. Gameplay is focused on twitch-skills, pattern memorization, and taking down unspeakable monsters with skill and speed.

One of the most beloved games of all time, Bloodbourne is part of the fabric of the PS4. The blend of Lovecraftian horror with a Victorian setting was lauded, and the gameplay is considered exemplary for an action title.

God of War


Released to universal acclaim in 2018, the reboot of God of War makes the long-running series surprisingly relevant over a decade after its button-mashing beginnings. The reboot sees an older Kratos, now with a young son named Atreus, undertaking an emotional journey to lay his wife’s ashes to rest.

Drenched in Norse mythology and dripping with style, the gameplay is satisfyingly weighty. Kratos’ enchanted axe cuts through smaller enemies with ease, while the hero’s massive physique makes brawls with towering monsters into world-shaking events.

Between the affecting story, the fun action gameplay and the light RPG elements, God of War is one of the finest games of the last generation.

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Another masterpiece released in 2018, Insomniac’s Spider-Man is everything a Spider-Fan would want out of a video game. Swinging from buildings, stopping crimes and punching supervillains is as pure of a video game feedback loop as you can get. And Insomniac delivers on the promise of putting the player in the suit and making them feel like part of the comic book action.

Movement is fluid and natural as the player swings from building to building. Combat depicts Spidey as a lithe, agile fighter, not a brute. A combination of gadgets and quick thinking can turn even overwhelming numbers of goons into child’s play for the Web-Head. Above all, the game just feels good to play, and it’s a welcome sight on the shelf for PS4 owners.

And so Many More…


From Horizon Zero Dawn to Uncharted 4, there were countless excellent exclusive titles on the system. While Microsoft focused on their Game Pass service and making their games run across a variety of ecosystems, Sony was focused on delivering great exclusive games. The Last of Us: Part 2, Nioh, Persona 5 and so many others gave the system its unique character.

And, while we’re all excited to grab the newest system from Sony, the PS4’s time in the sun won’t be soon forgotten.