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Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion to Release in October

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The second expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield is releasing next month, according to a new teaser video released by The Pokemon Company. The expansion, called the Crown Tundra, sees the triumphant return of literally every legendary Pokemon from previous games.

Sword and Shield caught a lot of criticism on release for not bringing all of the older Pokemon back, leading to accusations that Game Freak was planning to gouge players for expansions to access their favorite old Pokemon.

However, the company also plans to offer a physical release of the games that includes both The Crown Tundra and the first expansion, the Isle of Armor. This expansion double pack will include the base game, and will have a “special introductory price,” likely a discount from the cost of the base game and the season pass.

Release Dates

The Crown Tundra is dropping on October 22, as a download for the game through the Nintendo Switch eShop. It was included as one half of the $30 season pass for Sword and Shield, which also includes the isle of Armor expansion.

Meanwhile, the expansion pack with the base game and both expansions will be releasing on November 6, though the pricing on that release has not yet been revealed.

Online Reaction

Some players have expressed that they’re pleased to see the release with both expansions, justifying their decision to skip Sword and Shield until more Pokemon were restored to the Pokedex.

The decision to include only around half of the game’s titular monsters was highly controversial among some hardcore fans, but ultimately caused little or no impact on the game’s record-breaking sales.

Warner Bros via GIPHY

Other fans have seen the expansion pack as means for further anger at Game Freak, alleging that they released an unfinished game in 2019. Some have suggested that the ill will towards Sword and Shield among hardcore fans could have been avoided had the company simply waited until 2020 to release the game with both expansions as part of the main experience, complete with the entire roster of Pokemon from previous games.

Other News

Also, during the Pokemon Direct that announced the Crown Tundra news, the Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Go will soon be getting interaction with the Pokemon Home app. This means that creatures caught in the mobile game will be able to be transferred to the Home storage service and then through to the Switch games.

This news is huge for fans that have spent countless hours walking and catching Pokemon in the mobile game. Pokemon Go was a sensation when it released in the summer of 2016 and has maintained a sizable following in the intervening years.


Further news from the stream included that players in Sword and Shield can now claim a special, limited-time Pikachu in-game. To redeem the adorable, hat-wearing yellow mouse, players need to enter the code P1KACHUGET.

The company also confirmed that there will be more instances of these special edition Pikachu with unique hats in the run-up to The Crown Tundra. Needless to say, it’s a good time to be a Pokemon fan right now.