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Resident Evil Village Has a Super Tall Vampire Lady and the Internet Is in Love

Resident Evil: Village has a new trailer, and the internet is... weirdly in love with Giant Vampire Lady. Here's all the info about the latest RE installment, and our own take on this giant villain.
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When Capcom revealed the teaser trailer for Resident Evil Village, it’s quite likely they expected people to find it eerie, spooky, and befitting of a horror series with such a sterling reputation. However, the internet’s reaction to the apparent antagonist of the upcoming Resident Evil Village, a nine-foot-tall vampire woman, has been… bizarre.

In the immediate aftermath of the trailer’s drop onto the internet, tweets began flying from people who really, really want this giant vampire lady to bite them. Or step on them. Or any of the other probably horrible things a nine-foot tall vampire lady would do to a puny human if she caught up to them.

This was hardly the response I would have expected, either, but the internet is a strange place and people love tall ladies. Even if those ladies would drink your blood. Apparently.

Resident Evil and Persistent Villains

It appears as though the vampire in question will likely be a persistent villain in the game, along the lines of Mr. X from the second entry or Nemesis from the third. Some of the best scares in Resident Evil’s history have been courtesy of these unstoppable, invincible killing machines that stalk the player relentlessly through the dark corridors of police precincts and abandoned castles.

Should this new, as-yet unnamed, character fill a similar roll, expect someone more like Jack Baker than the silent Mr. X. Judging by her winning smile and charismatic appearance, this character is likely to have a major speaking role and to be more than just a monster antagonizing the player.

Some of the biggest scares in Resident Evil 7 came from the unhinged Baker family’s nearly-recognizable motivations and corrupted domestic environment.

Survival Horror Roots Remain Important

The Resident Evil series started with an emphasis on survival and horror, and this focus made the games massive hits in the PlayStation era. However, over time the focus shifted to action and spectacle, beginning with Resident Evil 4. While 4 was lauded for its gameplay and immersive story, it slowly morphs from a survival horror game to a full-blown action game by the third act.

The fifth and sixth mainline entries in the series retained this action-centric ethos, with 6 especially drawing some mixed reviews due to its emphasis on over-the-top action. As such, the series’ return to its roots with Resident Evil 7, a first-person survival-horror game set in rural Louisiana, drew huge interest from critics and fans alike.

It appears as though Resident Evil Village will follow a similar structure, with the previous game’s protagonist, Ethan, returning in some capacity.

The game’s artistic direction and mood seem similar to RE7, meaning that Capcom likely feels this is the winning strategy to get behind. Fans are all ears to hear more about the upcoming title, which is currently slated for release later this year.

An upcoming showcase that will air January 21 is expected to give more in-depth details about the title. I, for one, am just excited to see that the merchant from Resident Evil 4 might be back. “What are you buying?”