Sora in Smash
YouTube Screenshot | Image Credit: Nintendo

Sora from Kingdom Hearts is the Final DLC Character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The final DLC fighter for 'Super Smash Bros Ultimate' has been revealed, and some fans are outraged. However, most of us are just delighted to learn that it's Sora from 'Kingdom Hearts.'
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    Well, it finally happened. The most-requested character for the crossover fighting franchise Super Smash Bros has made it to the big times. Sora, the ever-optimistic protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, is the final DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

    Sora’s unveiling Tuesday morning was the last big showcase for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, making it a bittersweet last outing for a game that came out nearly three years ago.

    Fans were divided, as ever, after the reveal. Many longtime Kingdom Hearts fans were delighted at the news, as Sora is an iconic character who has starred in numerous games that defined the action RPG genre. Some fans were disappointed in his addition, however, citing that he was either “too obvious” or that he was yet another anime-themed swordfighter in a game already full to bursting with those kinds of characters.