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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: New Fighter, Steve from Minecraft, Unveiled

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In a very bizarre turn, Nintendo has announced the addition of a much-requested fighter to the Super Smash Bros roster. The character, Steve, is the main playable character in Microsoft’s extremely high-selling title Minecraft.

In the video that announced the fighter, it was also revealed that there will be skins for Alex, another character from the game, a zombie, and “Enderman,” one of the setting’s monsters.

The reveal quickly led to a huge response on social media. As with most announcements related to Smash Bros, live reaction videos were quickly uploaded to YouTube.

Steve Smash
Nintendo | Microsoft

Many fans of Minecraft had been begging for the game to represented in the Nintendo brawler for years. However, few thought the character had a serious chance of making it into the game.

Microsoft and Nintendo

Notably, Microsoft owns Mojang, the company that created Minecraft. Similarly, Microsoft also owns Rare, the company that makes Banjo Kazooie.

Now, both Minecraft and Banjo Kazooie have been represented in Nintendo’s flagship fighting crossover game, giving further evidence of the close working relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo.

Earlier in the Switch’s lifespan, when Minecraft first launched on the system, Nintendo and Microsoft aired a joint commercial heralding cross-play between the Xbox and Switch.

This marked a surprisingly close tie between the two companies, who would ostensibly be rivals. However, recent years have shown Microsoft more willing to work in tandem with Nintendo, rather than against them.

Choosing Steve

After the reveal trailer, game director Masahiro Sakurai explained why Steve was picked. He noted that Nintendo comes to him with requests for characters to be added to the game.

As such, he was not the driving factor in putting Steve in the game. Moreover, many fans were perplexed by the addition, as the character’s aesthetic and move-set make him a bizarre choice for a fighting game.

That being said, many were excited to finally see the character alongside Mario and Sonic and the rest of the roster. Currently, there is no release date for Steve announced.

However, on October 3, Sakurai will host a presentation that will go over the character’s mechanics in more detail. Many expect that the character’s release date will also be announced during that livestream.

Steve is the second character in the game’s Fighter Pass Volume 2. The first, Min Min from ARMS, was released on June 29. There are still four fighters yet to be revealed coming in the Fighters Pass.

Fighters Pass Volume 2

There are still four fighters yet to be revealed coming in the Fighters Pass. Following the Fighters Pass characters, Sakurai has not written off the chance that even more DLC characters could be added to the game.

After all, this is truly the ultimate form of Smash Bros. Every character from the series’ history is represented in the roster, and that’s no small feat. Characters like Sonic, Pac-Man, and Snake are all legal nightmares to license for the crossover. The more character Sakurai can add to this version of the game, the more “ultimate” it will eventually be.

This is fine by us, of course. The combination of portability and TV play makes the Switch version of Smash Bros easily our favorite iteration of the series.