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The Biggest Reveals from Sony Summer State of Play

There might not be an E3 showcase this year, but that didn't stop Sony from showing off some great-looking games during its annual State of Play event. Let's look at some of the biggest reveals from the marquee event.
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While the Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, might not be happening this year, game studios are picking up the slack by holding their own independent events. It’s not surprising that E3 is fading from the limelight these days, as companies like Sony and Nintendo pivot to showcasing their games in their own massive summer press events.

PlayStation 5

Sony’s big annual State of Play event was full of surprises this year. There’s a lot to talk about–from Resident Evil remakes to a proper look at the latest Final Fantasy. Most of these games won’t be hitting the PlayStation until 2023, but it’s still exciting to see how many massive games are on the way for Sony’s next-gen console. 

So far, the latest generation of consoles has felt a bit compromised. The bizarre events of 2020 made it difficult for anyone to get their hands on the new systems, and the drip-feed of games for the new systems and constant cross-platform releases have made the past two years feel like a step between the previous generation and this one. If this State of Play is any evidence, the next generation will have truly arrived by next year.


Cyberpunk-themed cat game Stray looks delightful in its trailers, showcasing gameplay that involves your furry avatar deftly navigating a world clearly not designed with cats in mind. The game caused a stir when it was announced due to its cute and cuddly protagonist–the result of a fun incongruity between that furry feline character and the gritty sci-fi world he inhabits.

The game will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 and 5 and PCs on July 19. The publisher, Annapurna Interactive, is known for publishing cult-hit games like Outer Wilds and Neon White. Players are excited to take to the futuristic world of Stray, which promises to be one of the most unique games of 2022.

On a more serious note, if anything bad happens to our cat avatar in Stray, I will riot. I will become a one-man ball of righteous indignation on behalf of a fictional animal. You got that, Annapurna? Seriously, don’t toy with my emotions here.

Spider-Man Remastered on PC

If you had told me in 2017 that at some point the PlayStation-exclusive Insomniac game Spider-Man would come to PCs in just five years, I would have laughed at you. But, here we are, five years later, and the gaming landscape is unrecognizable. PC ports are big money-making opportunities for companies like Sony and Microsoft alike, and both are bringing their biggest heavy-hitters to the platform.

PC players are in for a treat with Spider-Man Remastered, one of the best PlayStation games ever made and easily the best Spider-Man story ever told through a video game. Players, unsurprisingly, control Peter Parker as he attempts to navigate his social and professional lives and balance them against his superhero alter-ego. The production values are all phenomenal, with the voice cast and facial capture bringing the Marvel universe to life in the game.

And, as you’d expect, the web-slinging mechanics are the star of the show. It’s fun just to move from point A to point B in the game, with Peter nimbly clambering over ledges and doing backflips off buildings. It’s a magical experience that you need to play for yourself. 

Resident Evil Village on PS VR

Resident Evil Village was one of the surprise standout games of 2021, proving that Capcom still knows how to bring out the best from the time-tested horror formula that underpins the franchise. Players once again took control of stoic protagonist Ethan Winters, a guy who famously has terrible things happen to his hands.

If you’re ready to get the absolute crap scared out of you, you’re in luck: Sony announced a new virtual-reality port of Resident Evil Village for PlayStation VR. Now you can watch your digital avatar have his hands ripped off in glorious 3D, right before your eyes! The previous entry in the franchise, Resident Evil 7, also got the VR treatment shortly after its release in 2017.

Seriously though, this VR port won’t be for the faint of heart. Resident Evil Village is one of the freakiest games Capcom has ever released, so be prepared to be scared. You’ll be chased by a giant vampire lady, harried by werewolves, and possibly eaten by a giant baby monster. Yes, a giant baby monster. You’ve been warned!

Street Fighter 6

Capcom was on a role during Sony’s State of Play event. On top of multiple new Resident Evil releases, the company also unveiled another trailer for its hotly-anticipated fighting game, Street Fighter 6. The Street Fighter series is one of the most beloved names in the competitive fighting games scene, and for good reason. Historically, Street Fighter brings tight, addictive gameplay and memorable characters to the forefront of each battle.

The game looks absolutely excellent from the trailers. The fights look fast-paced and buttery-smooth, while the overall presentation is a step above anything seen in Street Fighter V. That’s the power of a next-gen only release, after all. 

The latest trailer seemingly shows a single-player mode that will emphasize the “streets” part of Street Fighter, with the playable protagonist wandering through a comic-book-style version of New York City. We’re excited to see where Capcom takes this latest entry in the long-running fighting series when it comes out… probably next year.

The Callisto Protocol

If you’re a Dead Space fan, you’re in luck. Sony showed off a new look at the upcoming horror title The Callisto Protocol during the State of Play showcase. Make no mistake, this isn’t EA’s upcoming remake of the cult-classic Dead Space–this is a brand-new IP from developer Striking Distance Studios. However, the project is being led by Glen Schofield, one of the co-creators of the aforementioned EA title.

In The Callisto Protocol, players will control Jacob Lee, an inmate at a prison on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. The protagonist will battle for his life as the other inmates and prison guards slowly mutate into terrifying monsters called the Biophage. The futuristic title looks claustrophobic, atmospheric, and downright creepy. That’s everything a good horror game should be!

Notably, the game will launch on December 2 of this year, which means it’ll beat the Dead Space remake to market by a few months. Striking Distance Studios likely hopes to steal some of EA’s thunder before their latest release recaptures the attention of fans of the classic horror franchise. 

Tunic on PlayStation

Tunic is one of the more surprising releases of the last year, bringing an adorable take on the old-school 2D Legend of Zelda formula. The indie title spent years in development after a massively successful Kickstarter campaign. Its long gestation period caused some backers to worry that the final product would never see the light of day, but developer Finji finally delivered in March 2022. 

Fans and critics alike have lauded the game, and PlayStation players will soon have a chance to try the game themselves. The PlayStation port of Tunic will land on September 27. This is probably the closest the PlayStation will ever get to a proper Legend of Zelda release, so longtime Sony fans should savor the moment when the game releases!

Final Fantasy XVI

The newest mainline entry in the never-ending Final Fantasy series, numbered XVI, stole the show during the State of Play. Square Enix’s latest outing finally returns the franchise to its high-fantasy roots, abandoning the steampunk and modern aesthetics of IX and XV for a Dungeons and Dragons-inspired look. 

The trailer showcases a combat system reminiscent of the action-heavy battles on display in the Final Fantasy VII remake and XV, blended with the classic hack-and-slash title Devil May Cry. Unsurprisingly, the aforementioned series’ director, Hideaki Itsuno, is heading up development on XVI. 

Final Fantasy has been basking in the warm glow of cultural significance for the better part of 35 years now. The first entry hit the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 and revolutionized the RPG genre. Fifteen mainline entries and innumerable spin-offs later and the series is still going strong, acting as the de facto face of the entire genre.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Capcom’s been a tear recently, swiftly remaking Resident Evil titles while also launching stunning new entries in the classic horror franchise. The Resident Evil 2 remake, released in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, served as a reintroduction and modernization of the harrowing classic. The company quickly followed that release with a remake of Resident Evil 3 in 2020, and now the storied and beloved Resident Evil 4 is next up.

Resident Evil 4 follows one of the protagonists from the second game, Leon S. Kennedy. Leon’s not a police officer anymore–now, he works for the US Secret Service, and he’s on a mission to rescue the president’s daughter from a dangerous cult based in rural Spain. While the catastrophic events in Raccoon City saw the villainous Umbrella Corporation dissolved, the company’s research lives on in some hidden corners of the world.

The remake looks stunning, and the trailer seems to indicate the new outing will have a stronger emphasis on horror than the original. Resident Evil 4 has been lauded as one of the greatest video games ever made, so it’s exciting to see Capcom returning to the eerie rural landscape.