Nintendo Switch

The Top Ten Games of 2021

The year is almost over. That means it's time to look back and rank the ten best video games released in 2021! Did your favorite make the cut?
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    The past year has been great for gaming. Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen systems continue to sell out as soon as retailers restock them. Nintendo’s latest hardware, the OLED Switch, impressed everyone with its bigger, bolder screen.

    Playing Video Games

    Whether you spent most of your time playing first-party Nintendo titles, PlayStation exclusives, or Microsoft’s latest offerings, there were plenty of games to keep you occupied. In short, it’s a great time to be a gamer.

    If you missed out on some of this year’s biggest titles, don’t worry. Today, we’re taking a look back through 2021 to count down the ten best games of the year. Is your favorite entry on the list? And which title stole the show to become number one? Let’s check out this year’s best games. Get ready for greatness!