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The Very Best Valentine’s Day Gift Givers Guide

At a loss for what to get your SO for Valentine's Day? It's coming up, so you better be prepared. Here is the ultimate breakdown of the best gifts you can get them, no matter what they're into.
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Are you ready for this upcoming Valentine’s Day? Sure, it might look a little different – crowded restaurants are sketch, nice bars are probably closed or quickly at capacity, and it’s not like many people are racing to the spa – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice day with your SO.

I’ve already written a gift guide for the holidays, which is a great place to start if you haven’t seen it. But if you still need a little more help to get your gifting to the next level, keep reading on – I’ve got you covered.

Don’t skimp on the typical

I’m not saying you have to buy chocolates and flowers, but… it is Valentine’s Day. That’s sort of the central theme of the holiday.

If you’re going to get chocolates for your SO, consider upgrading to something a little nicer than the typical Hershey’s chocolate bar or the weird, plastic-y chocolates in that heart-shaped box from Walgreens.

Something like this Taza Chocolate Sampler that can be eaten as-is, or melted in a cup of milk for hot chocolate, is fun and unique. If you know your partner loves those LINDOR Truffles, don’t just get them one or two – nab a whole box.

Snake plants in a window
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As far as flowers go, well, that’s tough – because no matter how much you spend on a bouquet of fresh cut flowers, they’re still going to, you know, die. Plants are very in this year, though, so consider skipping the red roses and get your partner an assortment of succulent plants instead. A year and a half ago my husband bought me a live snake plant, and it’s still going strong despite neglect – and makes me smile every time I water it.

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If you both love movies

Are you both big movie buffs? Or is your SO really, really into movies, and you’re here to support it?

inception poster
Society 6 | ChungkongMMP

These minimalist movie posters from Society6 are not that expensive for what you’re getting and will add a lot of interest to a room. Traditional movie posters can get expensive (check out MoviePosters.com to see what I mean), so this is a unique twist.

A homemade gift basket of movie-night essentials, plus a DVD of your (or their!) choice, is always welcome. Hit up the dollar store or Target and grab everything you’d normally get from a movie theater, like gummy bears, M&Ms, Hot Tamales, microwave popcorn, and more. Tuck it all in a box with a movie and promise next date night will be movie night!

If you both have the space and the interest, consider a projector to let you enjoy movie night with your SO without having to actually go anywhere. This one on Amazon has 33k reviews with an average of 4.5 stars for just $100, and this one clocks in at $129, with 25k reviews.

If you both love music

Gifts for a music-lover can be hard because music is so subjective. But you probably know your SO better than almost anyone, so you can handle this task.

Record players are a super fun throwback and produce amazing sound quality. This Bluetooth Record Player is just $70 and can hook up to any speakers your SO already has. This can make fun weekends, too, searching thrift stores or estate sales for vintage vinyl and a great deal.

record player
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New speakers are also a good option if you know your partner needs them. Speakers have a huge price swing – and quality range! – so the best thing you can do is evaluate your budget and research what’s available within that price range. Make sure you stick with good, reputable brands if your SO is a real audiophile – I got my husband these Edifier speakers a few years ago, and he still loves them.

Wireless and Bluetooth speakers are also super cool and a great gift if your SO is on the go a lot or moves around the house. This Anker portable Bluetooth speaker is just $40 and is water-resistant, so it’s perfect for an active lifestyle.

Is your SO a musician? Show you support the hobby (or the profession) with some music-specific gifts, like this clip-on tuner for just $14 with nearly 3k 5 star reviews, or this pricy-but-worth-it guitar cable for $115.

If you both love pop culture

Do you spend your days quoting your favorites back and forth? I’m glad you found each other – now let’s find you a gift.

Star Wars Origami

This Star Wars Origami from Target for just $11 is the perfect ‘little’ gift that keeps on giving because you both have a project as well as a bonding exercise.

This Hella 90s trivia game is perfect for the 90s baby in your life that wants to relive the glory days of windbreakers and Friends. Or, if you’re more into movies, the Cinephile card game is a great challenge for people who can’t stop quoting movies.

The Unofficial Michelle Obama Activity Book is just $13 at Target and is absolutely hilarious for any Obama fan. You and your SO could be the proud owners of your very own Central Perk from Friends with this Lego set, just $60 from Lego. Or for a challenge, check out this Where’s Bowie book set in a where’s Waldo style, where you find this pop culture icon in the middle of a crowd.

If you both are techies

Into the latest and greatest – and sometimes weirdest – gadgets? Need a new tech fix?

AirPods are an obvious choice, and if your SO doesn’t have these yet, they don’t know what they’re missing . It’s a must-have for any tech gadget lover. If you’re not an Apple fan, there are plenty of Android alternatives that work the same.

Smart Garden

If your SO likes cooking and gadgets, a Smart Garden is the perfect choice. Grow herbs indoors with minimal work from. That model even comes with the herbs ready to plant!

Speaking of kitchens, a SodaStream is a great gift for the soda and gadget lover in your life. If you both love sparkling water and hate the price tag, this is an easy alternative.

If you want to put your love of coffee and tech together, check out this smart mug that controls the temperature of your coffee, so you never have a cold sip. If that price is a little hard to swallow, check out this mug warmer instead – use any mug you’ve got, and it will keep it nice and warm for hours. Our whole office is obsessed with it.

Amazon also has a whole fleet of tech gadgets perfect for the house that is lacking smart features. Keep an Echo Dot in each room to listen to music, set timers, and more. A Kindle Paperwhite is a great way to read your favorite books or magazines. These smart plugs work with your Echo or Google Assistant and let you set timers on your lights or turn off the TV whenever.

Don’t sneeze at a practical gift

Some of my favorite gifts I’ve ever gotten have been practical gifts, often an upgrade of what I currently own and use, or something I didn’t know I needed until it was in my hand. The same year my husband got me the snake plant mentioned above, he bought me a sun lamp in an effort to combat the ever-darkening days. Would I have bought myself a sun lamp for my desk? Absolutely not. Do I use it every day, and does it make me feel better? Yes, and yes.

warm socks next to a mug
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Does your partner spend a lot of time on their feet? A nice foot bath (a nice one, not a cheap one!) and some salts to soak in is practical but also luxurious.

Does your partner love to lay around on Sunday mornings and scroll Instagram in bed? An extra-long phone charger is the perfect gift to keep them scrolling longer. Or this all-in-one charging station that will let them charge their phone, smart watch, and AirPods, all at the same time.

Socks are always a welcome gift in my home. These warm knit wool socks are perfect for cold days, and these heated socks are pricey, but also… heated socks?! Come on!