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When Is the ‘Elden Ring’ DLC Coming?

'Elden Ring' has been out for over half a year now, but it hasn't gotten any DLC yet. When is the inevitable update to the smash-hit action RPG going to arrive?
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Elden Ring, arguably one of the most impressive games released in 2022, captured the attention of longtime Dark Souls fans and newcomers alike. The game’s stunning visuals, airtight gameplay, and blistering difficulty curve made it one of the year’s most exciting releases.

Fans have been patiently waiting for news regarding a DLC for the popular title since its February release. Developer From Software has updated the game several times, making consistent balance passes to keep the competitive player-versus-player component up-to-date. If you’re an Elden Ring fan who hasn’t checked in on the game since release week, you might be surprised to see how many items have been changed to keep the competitive balance in check.

Elden Ring is primarily a single-player adventure, though. Many players love the multiplayer aspect, but people buy From Soft games for their deep and mysterious worlds, rewarding combat, and difficult dungeons. When can fans expect a primarily single-player DLC update for the popular action RPG?

The Case for DLC

From Soft has offered no official timeline on when to expect DLC for the popular Elden Ring. However, the company is no stranger to updating its titles with post-release content. Dark Souls had Artorias of the Abyss, Dark Souls 2 got Crown of the Sunken King, and Dark Souls 3 received the Ashes of Ariandel expansion. Famously, Bloodborne had the critically-acclaimed Old Hunters update, which landed 8 months after that game’s initial release. 

The Dark Souls expansions each landed an average of 8 months to a year after their launch windows, too. That means that, if From Soft sticks to its usual schedule, fans could expect DLC for Elden Ring either late this year or early in 2023. And there’s reason to believe the developer would want to support the game after its launch. After all, it sold an eye-popping 13.4 million copies, the highest amount of any From Soft game yet.

Of course, the game has already received a number of smaller patches and updates that have tweaked its balance and changed some NPCs. Some easy-to-miss side quests were made more noticeable, some characters’ behavior was updated, and several spells and abilities were either tuned up or nerfed to make things more balanced for multiplayer. But what kind of DLC could fans expect for the already-massive game?

Which Kind of DLC?

It’s hard to follow up on Elden Ring’s sweeping open world and cataclysmic story. The consequences of the player’s quest in the wider world are hard to overstate, so it’s tough to see how From Soft could make a DLC expansion that takes place in another setting or set after the events of the main game. Perhaps the best game to look toward for inspiration for what Elden Ring DLC could look like is its closest cousin, the beloved Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 

Both BotW and Elden Ring feature silent protagonists adventuring through dark, post-apocalyptic fantasy worlds and tackling numerous dungeons on their own initiative. This open-world design makes the idea of Elden Ring DLC a bit hard to imagine, but BotW had an elegant solution in its Master Trials and Champions’ Ballad expansion.

The Master Trials offered a new slate of shrines for players to explore and master in the existing map of Hyrule. Champions’ Ballad featured a new story scenario that functioned as a way to flesh out the Champions, a quarter of heroes who act as minor supporting characters in the main game. Both of these expansions used the existing Hyrule overworld as a backdrop for new content–and Elden Ring will likely follow suit.

What to Expect

Given how outlandishly massive the Lands Between are, it’s unlikely that From Soft will introduce any new regions on the open-world map. Instead, fans should expect something that will squeeze more easily into the existing game. Perhaps the company will add a new dungeon scenario to the game, offering a similar experience to the five Legacy Dungeons that serve as the main challenges in the base game. 

It’s much easier to implement a new structure, especially a subterranean one, into an existing game build. Perhaps the DLC could take place entirely underground, allowing the team to create a sprawling area without having to work overtime to connect it to the existing game world. However, given that this is From Soft we’re talking about, the company could decide to add an entirely new explorable area no matter how much hard work it would be for the developers. 

Fans should also expect more bosses and more challenges in any Elden Ring DLC. The game is as renowned for its boss fights as it is for its open world. Characters like Malenia, Godfrey, Radahn, and the Elden Beast have made an impact on the community due to their tricky mechanics and the lengthy battles required to take them down. 

Keeping the Game Fresh

What if you’re still itching for more Elden Ring, even after crossing blades with Malenia and becoming the Elden Lord? Well, you’ve got a few options. You could try out a handful of games that are even tougher than Elden Ring, or you could revisit some of the classic titles from the Dark Souls franchise. 

From Soft has been making games like Elden Ring for over a decade, with titles like Demon’s Souls and Sekiro offering fascinating twists on the classic formula you’ve come to love. Consider playing through Bloodborne to get a taste of eldritch horror, or Sekiro to hone your sword-fighting skills. 

But if you really want to keep plumbing Elden Ring for all its secrets, there’s probably still plenty of content in the base game that you haven’t seen. The game is massive, and there are secrets hiding around every corner. Have you even started digging into the game’s deeper hidden lore yet? Here are a few ways to make the game feel fresh while you’re waiting for the DLC to come out. 

Finish the Side Quests

Start a new game and make a point to finish the side quests. There are countless lengthy side quest chains in the game, many of which are painfully easy to miss. You can even start some of them and fail them simply by progressing too far in the main story before finishing the correct step in the quest chain. Often, keeping up with all these quest chains is so complex that you might need to keep notes–or perhaps just consult a guide.

Sometimes the things you need to do to progress through the quests might be obscure, and some players have noted that you’d probably never know what to do without looking up a guide. If you’re dedicated to not using outside help, you can usually tell what an NPC wants you to do by talking to them and carefully reading item descriptions. 

These side quests can offer you great items, but they can also give you a deeper understanding of the world’s lore. If you’re still not sure why things are so strange in the Lands Between, try talking to all the NPCs you find in the world to learn more about the story. 

Try Out New Builds

If you tend to pick up the same build every time you play, try switching things up. Maybe you prefer heavy-strength builds with shields, full armor, and two-handed weapons. Or, maybe you’d rather outfit your character as a spell-slinging mage with plenty of tricks up your sleeve. It could be worth trying out some alternate builds to get a completely different experience from the game.

A dexterity-focused build that uses katanas and the bleed condition might be the fan favorite, but a holy paladin with a greatsword and incantations can make for a fun change of pace for your usual playthrough. Bosses you’ve already mastered with particular playstyles might feel entirely new if you’re using a completely different loadout. 

Once you get to a certain point in the main story, you can completely re-specialize your character’s attributes. If you’ve dumped all of your points into intellect but you’re no longer feeling like playing a mage, then you should consider respec’ing to try out a completely new playstyle. 

Hunt Every Ending 

Did you know there are six different endings in Elden Ring? Just because you’ve seen the credits roll doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything the game has to offer. When you’re playing through with a new build or trying to complete all the side quests, consider trying to mix things up so you can see a different ending.

Again, it might help to have a guide here. Some endings are easier to trigger than others, while some are bizarre enough that you might need a hand finding the sequence of events that allows you to see things end that way. 

Are you ready to dive back into Elden Ring and see all the hidden secrets you missed on your first (or second… or fifth) playthrough? There’s plenty to do while you wait for the inevitable DLC update, so it’s time to hop back into the Lands Between and reignite the spark.