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Wordle and Other Word Games to Pass the Time

Are you tired of waiting for tomorrow so you can get back to Wordle? Try some of these other games that can help you pass the time.
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Since I was a child, I’ve been surrounded by word games and spelling bees. I even played the crossword puzzle each week with my dad despite being around six and not knowing many of the clues. But that love for word games subsided until recently when Wordle was brought into my life.

After playing daily for a few weeks, I’ve downloaded so many more word-based apps and tried various online games. This list includes all the word games I’ve enjoyed this month and can’t stop playing.


Wordle on desktop | FatCat Studios – Word Games

This free online game has taken the world (and Poptonic) by storm. One of my coworkers sent us the link, and I’m pretty sure we’ve all been playing it daily to see who can figure it out the fastest. You’re only given six chances to solve it.

Wordle only uses five letter words, some easier and some not-so-common. When you get a letter in the right place, its tile turns green; for letters that are in the wrong spot, it turns yellow; and letters that aren’t in the word at all turn gray. The keyboard at the bottom also changes colors as you play.

The only downside to this game is that you can only play once a day. But if you love it, there are some parodies of it like Absurdle and Hello Wordl. Absurdle uses really outlandish words, and Hello Wordl offers multiple words a day, so you don’t have to wait for tomorrow.


Wordscapes on iOS
PeopleFun, Inc. | Apple App Store

I kept getting ads for this game on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and even other games I play on my phone. I broke down and downloaded it just to see what the hype was about. And to be honest, I’m glad I did; I can’t stop playing. My only gripe is that ads pop up after every level.

There are plenty of other games in the same format, but I like this one best. The backgrounds and levels are just more my speed. As you continue playing, the levels will start to get a bit more complicated, but I haven’t had to spend too much time figuring them out.

The game reminds me of crossword puzzles but is a bit more fun. Maybe it’s because I’m not staring at black and white squares but beautiful landscapes instead. Go check this game out–you won’t regret it.

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Kitty Letter

From the creators of Exploding Kittens (which I still don’t understand how to play after years of watching others), Kitty Letter combines words with adorable cats. What more could I ask for? There are two modes (story and arcade), and you can also play by yourself or with friends.

The game is just as wacky as you’d expect. However, it’s also pretty tricky because you only have a certain amount of time before it changes the letters you can use. Each word you create adds kittens to your “army” in the fight against your neighbor.

The game is free to download on the app store. And believe me, you won’t even need to purchase anything in the app because it will have you going for hours on end in story mode. Even arcade mode, which just keeps going until your health bar depletes, will have you entertained for a while.


Spelltower on iOS
Zach Gage | Apple App Store

Do you remember when Tetris was all the rage? Well, get ready because this combines that game with words. SpellTower, which I thought was a magic-themed game because of the name, has you making words as letter blocks stack up. Just don’t let one reach the top.

The creator, Zach Gage, created some of the most interesting word-based games available in app stores–and don’t worry, I’ll share another of my favorites in just a minute. In SpellTower, there are three modes: Tower, Puzzle, and Rush. Puzzle mode is the one that the game is best known for.

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Word Forward

While Word Forward costs $2.99 to download, it’s worth it. You won’t be able to get enough of the game and might spend a little too much time figuring out what words to guess. But be careful with your guesses because each letter you use disappears.

Once you’ve downloaded the game, there aren’t any in-app purchases. The only thing you should know is that unless you’re a word genius, you’re going to spend a while on each level. I was stuck on the first level for a couple days because I kept mixing up the power-ups at the bottom.


Typeshift on iOS
Zach Gage | Apple App Store

Typeshift was a game I downloaded on a whim, and I don’t regret it at all. To play, you have to slide letters up and down to create words, which will turn blue if you’re correct. After you turn a word blue, you can reuse the letters and make more words. To pass a level, all the letters must change color.

The first few levels you’ll play are pretty straightforward. However, the daily puzzles can get rather tricky. As I’m writing this, I still haven’t figured out today’s words. I jumped in headfirst, and I was definitely a bit overwhelmed. The theme will probably be the only reason I manage to solve it.

It’s free to download, but you can buy hints as you play. You start with ten, but if you run out, you can buy either 25, 100, or 300 at a time. The most expensive they get is $5.99, so even if you don’t like spending tons of money on apps, this is still affordable. Find it in Google and Apple’s app stores.

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Letterpress on iOS
@letterpressapp on Twitter

Take it from me, you will get frustrated at the bots in this game. But if you have friends who will play against you, this app is perfect. Letterpress lets you play against friends, bots, or strangers across the world. Find it in your app store.

It’s a lot like Words with Friends, but you’re using a set of letters that don’t change. The game finishes when all of the letters have been used. The objective is to have the most letters claimed on the board.

When playing with bots, your turns come back to you instantly. However, it can take a while when playing against strangers and people. The first time I played a stranger, I waited three hours for my next play, and I decided it was best for me to go up against bots.


When Wordle reignited my love for word puzzles, I came across Bonza. And I have to admit, I was not expecting to love this as much as I do. While it’s not my go-to, I do play this when I’m bored of crosswords and other apps. Trust me, you’re going to be obsessed with it.

Bonza is a new form of crossword puzzle that you’re guaranteed to love more than the traditional format. Instead of having hints to spell out the words, you already have parts of the words in pieces. To solve the puzzle, you have to put the word chunks in the correct order according to the level’s clue.

You can download the app for free from whichever app store you use for free, but there are in-app purchases available, too. The only options for the purchases are for coins to buy hints or for extra puzzle packs if you finish the free ones. And trust me, you’re going to use up the available packs quickly.

Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles on iOS
AppyNation Ltd. | Apple App Store

If crosswords are more your speed, Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles is perfect for you. There are hundreds of themes, sizes, and difficulties to choose from. I used to play this all the time before finding my go-to puzzle app, but I couldn’t get enough of this.

This app is available on Google and Apple’s app stores. It may be free to download, but you might want to opt for the VIP subscription for $49.99 per year because you will run out of coins if you want to play countless puzzles each day. You can also purchase coin “stacks,” but it’ll cost more in the long run.

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Puzzle Page

Puzzle Page on iOS
AppyNation Ltd. | Apple App Store

If you like all kinds of puzzles, from words to numbers to logic, you need to check out Puzzle Page. It’s become my most recent healthy obsession, and I can barely pull myself away from it. You can find it on the Apple, Google, and Amazon’s app stores.

My favorite word puzzles on this app are Wordsnake, Quote Slide, and Word Slide. There are plenty of other word puzzles, including Word Search and Crossword. My other favorites that don’t include words are Kakuro, Sudoku, Charge Up, and Picture Cross.

This app is free to download, but you can choose to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. The monthly plan costs $5.99 per month, and the yearly plan is $35.99. If you decide to skip the subscription, the puzzles cost about 10 tokens each, and you can earn those as you play.