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25 Classic Novels That Are So “Bad,” They’re Good

Some of the greatest classic novels were once censured for their content. Read on to find out which of your favorite stories caused the most controversy, and why.

    Many of the most beloved classic novels of our time were originally mired in controversy. And some remain so to this day. But authors like Richard Wright, Alice Walker, George Orwell, and Aldous Huxley exhibited thought-leadership with their powerful storytelling, bravery, and analysis of life. Where would our society be if it weren’t for the conversation-starting prose and life lessons of J.D. Salinger, Toni Morrison, or Ernest Hemingway? Luckily, we don’t have to find out. 

    Though great works of art, parents, educators, and critics alike find issues with the books on this list for their depictions of sex, violence, profanity, and social disparity. Fortunately for the development of our society, teachers still assign many of them in classrooms today, and copies are easily accessible to those out of school. But that wasn’t always the case. Read on to learn more about 25 novels that ran (and still run) the risk of banishment.