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Which Ilvermorny House Would the ‘Harry Potter’ Characters Be In?

We all know where the ‘Harry Potter’ characters were sorted at Hogwarts. But what would their lives have been like if they’d gone to Ilvermorny instead?
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We know Hogwarts has four houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw – but what about the other wizarding schools? We saw Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and we’ve seen American witches and wizards talk about Ilvermorny, but what do we really know about these schools?

A few years ago, Pottermore (now Wizarding World) posted a bit of information about the American school, Ilvermorny. And recently, I’ve been thinking about what life for my favorite characters from the franchise would be like if they’d been born in America instead of the United Kingdom.

What Are the Ilvermorny Houses?

The founders of Ilvermorny took inspiration from Hogwarts and decided to create four houses that would take in students of different traits. These four houses are based on magical creatures that helped guide the founders in their journey to building the school.

The Horned Serpent favors scholars and has been compared to Ravenclaw. It’s said that the creature represents the mind, hence why there are many scholarly wizards and witches in the house. One notable member is Seraphina Picquery, President of the United States’ magical government.

The Wampus house is representative of the body. It also favors warriors and those who thrive in dueling. It doesn’t have a Hogwarts counterpart.

The third house, Thunderbird, favors adventurers or those that crave traveling the world. It represents a wizard or witch’s soul. Besides the founder of the house itself, another notable member of the house is Tina Goldstein, the witch who joins Newt Scamander on his Fantastic Beasts adventures.

Pukwudgie, the fourth house (and mine, according to the old Pottermore quiz), is said to represent the heart. It favors healers and those that are fiercely willful even from a young age. Queenie Goldstein, Tina’s sister, was sorted into this house.

Bellatrix Lestrange: Pukwudgie

Bellatrix Lestrange in Deathly Hallows Part 1; Pukwudgie Crest
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I know it might sound weird to say that Bellatrix was sorted into Pukwudgie, a house that seems like it’s full of the sweetest people. However, her fierce loyalty to Voldemort during both wizarding wars shows that her heart is all in one place.

She might not be a healer, but the Pukwudgie statue would have been glowing at the sorting ceremony. And I can see her following a similar path as Queenie: believing so much in a dark wizard’s plan for the world that she abandons those she loves.

Voldemort/Tom Riddle: Horned Serpent

Voldemort; Horned Serpent Crest
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While at Hogwarts, Tom Riddle was actually a great student; his interests just lay in a different type of education than he was provided. When he got the chance, he jumped to learn more about Horcruxes and other dark magic that we saw him use in the Harry Potter series.

That’s precisely why I think he’d be a Horned Serpent student at Ilvermorny. I also think he would have had two statues light up at the sorting ceremony – the other being Wampus. However, he didn’t gravitate to Wampus because he valued learning more than actual dueling as a young student.

Severus Snape: Horned Serpent

Severus Snape; Horned Serpent Crest
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For many of the same reasons as Voldemort, Severus Snape would have been sorted into Horned Serpent. While in school, he created new spells, learned better ways to brew potions, and mastered Occlumency and Legilimency at a relatively young age.

Unlike Voldemort, however, he would only have the Horned Serpent statue choose him. His brain is just too analytical for him to be put in any other Ilvermorny house. Honestly, I think the only reason he was put in Slytherin was because of his cunning nature as opposed to Ravenclaw.

Remus Lupin: Horned Serpent

Remus Lupin in Prisoner of Azkaban; Horned Serpent Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | 1492 Pictures | Pottermore |

Since there’s no real stigma against Horned Serpents like there is with Slytherin, it was pretty easy for me to put Remus Lupin (the brainy Marauder) into this house. Remus hid his werewolf side just so he could get a good education.

If he went to Ilvermorny, there’s no question the Horned Serpent statue would choose him. I also think Pukwudgie would also light up, but he’d choose Horned Serpent because of the type of wizards that have come out of the house.

Sirius Black: Pukwudgie

Sirius Black in Order of the Phoenix; Pukwudgie Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

I know it’s a tragedy that Sirius Black isn’t in the same house as his best friend, but I don’t think it would matter at Ilvermorny. Sirius Black is one of the most loyal characters in the series – he only goes after his “best friend” Peter Pettigrew when he finds out he broke his other friends’ trust and got them killed.

That’s exactly what a Pukwudgie would do, in my opinion. I also don’t think he’s much of a scholar so that rules out Horned Serpent. And if we’re sorting characters by how they lead their lives, he lives by what his heart tells him to do. That’s why he’s a Pukwudgie.

Neville Longbottom: Pukwudgie

Neville Longbottom in Deathly Hallows Part 2; Pukwudgie Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

Again with the loyal characters coming in clutch – Neville is a Pukwudgie, and I will take that stance to my grave. He always followed his heart, even when it brought him up against his friends on occasion. But in the end, he was always true to himself.

That’s why the Pukwudgie statue would claim him almost immediately during the sorting ceremony. While at Ilvermorny, I also think he’d do better at school from the start because students are given their own wands after the sorting ceremony.

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Luna Lovegood: Pukwudgie

Luna Lovegood in Half-Blood Prince; Pukwudgie Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

Do I really need to explain why Luna would be a Pukwudgie? If she wasn’t so into magical creatures and less popular types of magic and lore, I think she would have been one of the best healers in the world. Her personality just fits with healing others.

And because Pukwudgie tends to produce healers, she’d fit right in–unlike her time in Ravenclaw house. She also follows her heart so much that people think she’s weird for it. But I love that she stayed true to herself despite the bullying she faced.

Albus Dumbledore: Thunderbird

Albus Dumbledore in Half-Blood Prince; Thunderbird Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

If Albus Dumbledore had gone to Ilvermorny instead of Hogwarts, I think he would have been a star student in Thunderbird. I also think that he was a rare student having all four statues start glowing for him, letting him choose whichever house he wanted.

Pukwudgie would have wanted him because he follows his heart, even if it leads him to the dark side from time to time. Horned Serpent wanted him because his mind is keen – he sees everything in life like it’s a game of chess. And because of his dueling and combat skills, Wampus would have wanted him.

But in the end, he felt at home in Thunderbird. Above all else, his soul is what guides him most. He also craved a change in his life, even as headmaster. He was always looking ahead to whatever lay next, which also made him the greatest manipulator in every wizarding war he lived through.

Draco Malfoy: Thunderbird

Draco Malfoy in Half-Blood Prince; Thunderbird Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

If Draco had been taken away from the British school and given the freedom to choose the life he wanted, I think the Draco we knew in the books would be completely different. He might have even turned out as part of Harry’s friend group (or the Draco that fanfiction lovers see).

At Ilvermorny, two statues would have tried to claim him – Thunderbird and Pukwudgie. But when he chose, he went with Thunderbird because it would allow him to meet other like-minded witches and wizards that craved adventure and freedom after school.

Weasley Twins: Thunderbird

Fred and George Weasley in Deathly Hallows Part 1; Thunderbird Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

Yes, both twins would be sorted into Thunderbird. I couldn’t imagine them ever separating, and I don’t think the magical sorting ceremony could either. Fred and George would be sorted back-to-back. The Thunderbird statue would start glowing immediately after they stepped in.

The twins are two of the most adventure-loving characters I’ve ever seen, even outside of the Harry Potter universe. I think if given a chance, they would have traveled the world after their shop took off and sold their products while having adventures.

Ginny Weasley: Thunderbird

Ginny Weasley in Order of the Phoenix; Thunderbird Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

Ginny Weasley, much like her brothers Fred and George, would be sorted into Thunderbird for her wanderlust. She gravitated toward flying even before she was at Hogwarts, and I think that speaks to her adventurous side.

Thunderbird would be lucky to have her, and I think she would have ended up the same as she did in the Harry Potter series. However, I don’t think she would have ended up with Harry if they’d gone to Ilvermorny. I don’t know why, but I think she’d have met someone else that fit her life better.

Molly Weasley: Wampus

Molly Weasley in Deathly Hallows Part 2; Wampus Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

We’ve gotten to the only Wampus on the list. And I’m not saying she’s the only Wampus in the Harry Potter series, but she’s the only major character that I could sort in there. Wampus students are known for producing excellent duelers and warriors.

Doesn’t that sound like Molly during the Battle of Hogwarts? She literally defeated Bellatrix, a witch that seemed undefeatable for most of the other characters in the series. She’s her most fierce when protecting family, and I think that fits Wampus house perfectly.

Minerva McGonagall: Horned Serpent

Minerva McGonagall in Deathly Hallows Part 2; Horned Serpent Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

Much like Dumbledore, I think McGonagall would have all four statues try to claim her. She has traits that are typically present in all houses, but when she chooses, she follows her brain. And her mind led her to the Horned Serpent, which fits because she’s one of the most scholarly characters in the series.

If she hadn’t become a professor after finishing school, I think she would have been an excellent Minister of Magic. And since we’ve seen one leader of a wizarding government come out of Horned Serpent already, it’s not a stretch to see this for an Ilvermorny-educated Minerva McGonagall.

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Ron Weasley: Pukwudgie

Ron Weasley in Deathly Hallows Part 2; Pukwudgie Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

I know his siblings were Thunderbirds and his mother was a Wampus, but Ilvermorny doesn’t care about keeping families together. We see this with Tina and Queenie Goldstein. The school’s sorting ceremony cares more about which path you want to take through life.

And Ron’s heart leads him more than anything, even though he has the “emotional range of a teacup.” Though he doesn’t know how to communicate his feelings, he has a lot of them, and they dictate how he lives his life. That’s why Ron is the perfect fit for Pukwudgie.

Hermione Granger: Pukwudgie

Hermione in Deathly Hallows Part 1; Pukwudgie Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

We saw a glimpse of how talented a healer she was in Deathly Hallows when Ron was hurt after a rough Apparition. But aside from that, she always followed her heart. She even skipped her last year of school to help her friends.

I don’t think a Pukwudgie would have done any differently. Hermione’s heart led her to many places and helped her start a movement to get House Elves better treatment. And I know she’s a scholar, but her mind doesn’t lead her through life, which is why the Horned Serpent wouldn’t choose her.

Harry Potter: Pukwudgie

Harry Potter in Order of the Phoenix; Pukwudgie Crest
Warner Bros. Pictures | Heyday Films | Pottermore |

Harry is a Pukwudgie, no doubt in my mind. In fact, it’s the only house that would claim him because the others knew he wasn’t the right fit for them. He’s extremely loyal, and I think being a healer would have suited him a little better than being an Auror.

From a young age, he had to learn to take care of himself and his horrible extended family. But he stayed loyal to them to the end despite all the abuse he’d taken. And look at how loyal he was to Dumbledore, a man who basically raised him for slaughter in the wizarding war. Pukwudgie behavior!