Harry Potter Characters in the Hunger Games feat
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Would the ‘Harry Potter’ Characters Survive Hunger Games?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the characters from ‘Harry Potter’ were from Panem instead?
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Have you ever wondered where you would live in Panem? I have. But instead of placing myself in the universe, I decided it would be much more entertaining to do this with Harry Potter characters. I’ll be putting the characters into what district they’d fit best in and how they’d fare in the Games. For the sake of judging each equally, none would be competing against each other. I’ll also not be placing families together if they don’t fit into one district the best.

And before we get started, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to state something I’m sure we can all agree on: Dolores Umbridge is from the Capitol. Now, may the odds be ever in these characters’ favor.

Bellatrix Lestrange: District 1

Bellatrix Lestrange; Hunger Games District 1
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There’s no doubt in my mind Bellatrix would be from District 1, the district of luxury. She’s from one of the few pure-blood families and a bit spoiled, if we’re being honest. She’s also a fierce fighter like the Career tributes.

She’d volunteer at 17 in her Reaping. During the Games, she’d definitely be the victor. She’d be the fiercest and sneakiest competitor. She’d make allies with the other Careers before turning the group on each other, resulting in her victory.

Voldemort: District 6

Voldemort; Hunger Games District 6
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Voldemort came from almost nothing when Albus found him and gave him his letter to Hogwarts. Despite this, his mother’s side was a direct descendant of Slytherin, so I gave him a boost in districts because of that. While he’s powerful, he’s not quite Career-level yet.

He’d be Reaped at 17 and would purposely get a low score during evaluations. In the Arena, however, he fully embraces the barbaric nature of the Games and rushes headfirst into combat. He’d ally with Careers but slowly kill them off throughout the Games until he was the last one standing.

Albus Dumbledore: District 2

Albus Dumbledore; Hunger Games District 2
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Yes, Albus was one of the most powerful wizards in the Harry Potter franchise, but that doesn’t mean he’s from the district of luxury. He’s shown he’s a hard worker in many ways, so I think he’d be from District 2, the district of masonry.

Dumbledore would volunteer in the Reaping at 17 years old to protect his friend. He’d become the unofficial leader of his allies shortly after the bloodbath when the cannons went off. In the end, he’d double-cross everyone and become the victor after killing his allies in their sleep.

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Draco Malfoy: District 1

Draco Malfoy; Hunger Games District 1
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Like his aunt, Draco was spoiled and rich. Therefore, he’s the perfect example of a stereotypical District 1 tribute. He’s exceptionally talented but often overlooked by others, so nobody would see it coming when he volunteers at his games at 16.

During his Games, he’d follow the rule book Career tributes tend to follow: ally with other Careers and other high-scoring (but deceivable) tributes until it comes down to just the group. In the end, his talent and skills wouldn’t be enough to win, but he’d be the last one to die in the Arena.

Luna Lovegood: District 4

Luna Lovegood; Hunger Games District 4
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For some reason, Luna reminds me of Annie (minus the extremely traumatic event Annie went through). So, it felt natural to place Luna in the same district – if only because if they existed in the same universe, they’d be the best of friends. Luna is also an extremely talented witch, so she’d be considered a Career in the Hunger Games universe.

During her Reaping, she’d be chosen at 14. She’d be a great hider at the beginning of her Games. Towards the end, when there were about 10 or so left, she’d come out of hiding only to kill those that came close to her campsite. She’d end up dying as the runner-up in her Games.

Dobby: District 12

Dobby; Hunger Games District 12
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Dobby is a house-elf, the creature wizards and witches see as less-than and use as slaves. So, I couldn’t think of him living in District 12, the poorest district in all of Panem. The people there are seen as lower-than (until Katniss and Peeta come along).

Dobby would be Reaped at 12 and sent into the Games. During his time in the Arena, he’d ally with other young tributes, including the girl from his district. Dobby would get injured and end up sacrificing himself to save his group – I’m thinking a Mags from Catching Fire situation.

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Fred and George Weasley: District 6

Fred and George Weasley; Hunger Games District 6
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While I placed everyone else separately on this list, I couldn’t bare separating the twins. So, I’ll put them both in District 6. This district doesn’t spend all its resources on training all its children; it is the district of transportation, though. And I’m sure those broom-riding tricksters would love this district.

Starting with Fred, he’d be Reaped at 14; George would be devastated. He’d train hard to come out on top. In the Games, however, Fred would make it to the top three before his ally turns on him. He’d fight as hard as he could, barely surviving as the victor. (I had you going there, didn’t I?)

Next up is George. The following year, when the twins are 15, George would be Reaped (horrible luck, I know). Fred would escort him and help him train. George would use some of his brother’s tactics in the Games. But before his allies manage to turn on him, he kills them in their sleep, resulting in him being named the victor.

Ginny Weasley: District 5

Ginny Weasley; Hunger Games District 5
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Ginny might be very similar to her brothers, Fred and George, but she’s not as underestimated or overlooked as them. (At least her book counterpart isn’t.) From the day she stepped foot at Hogwarts, everyone expected great work from her. So, she’d be one district closer to the Capitol in District 5.

Ginny would first be Reaped at 13, but someone would volunteer in her place. Then, by some stroke of bad luck, she’d be reaped at 16 and end up going into the Arena. During her Games, Ginny would be one of the toughest tributes, killing the Careers early on to avoid any difficulties later on. She’d win the Games.

Molly Weasley: District 5

Molly Weasley; Hunger Games District 5
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Just like her daughter, Molly would be from District 5. Her family was one of the pure-blooded families in the Harry Potter world, but she broke away from that side and became a “blood traitor.” That’s why I think she would be well-trained but not quite Career status, just like a District 5 tribute.

She’d volunteer in the Reaping at 17 to protect a 12-year-old girl. Molly wouldn’t kill unless she had to in the games; she waited out most of the competitors. She’d steal supplies, hide in trees, and avoid anyone who could possibly harm her. In the end, she’d poison the only other competitor and be the victor.

Minerva McGonagall: District 3

Minerva McGonagall; Hunger Games District 3
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We don’t know much about McGonagall’s past, but I think she would have been considered a talented witch from a young age. That said, as far as I know, she wasn’t part of the few pure-blood families, so I think she would have been considered lower because of that. That’s why she’d be in District 3.

She’d be reaped at 17, just days before her 18th birthday. During her training, she would have gotten a lower score to keep attention off her. However, during the Games, she proves a resourceful, sharp-minded, and fierce competitor. McGonagall would win the Games quickly.

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Ron Weasley: District 9

Ron Weasley; Hunger Games District 9
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While the rest of his family has been in districts closer to the Capitol, Ron would be from District 9. He was a talented wizard who had many disadvantages at first. From his wand to everyone overlooking him, Ron was underestimated all the time.

At his Reaping, Ron would be 15 years old. At the beginning of the Games, he would try to avoid everyone. However, once it got down to 10, he’d make an ally to survive. In the battle between the last three, Ron would bond too much with his partner and sacrifice himself to save them.

Hermione Granger: District 12

Hermione Granger; Hunger Games District 12
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Because of the way Hermione is treated by several classmates (and a few professors), I felt like Hermione was the Katniss of the Harry Potter universe. Hermione is the underdog when she first comes to Hogwarts because she’s a Muggleborn, but she uses this to her advantage.

She’d be 13 during her Reaping. Hermione would make a few allies with other underdogs that make it past day one. In the end, she’d outsmart everyone in the Arena and become the victor. She’d also end up escorting the tributes from District 12 for years to come.

Harry Potter: District 5

Harry Potter; Hunger Games District 6
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When it comes to Harry Potter, I placed him in District 5 because while he was trained to be a fighter his entire time at Hogwarts, he had a few disadvantages compared to some other students. So, if he was in the Hunger Games universe, he wouldn’t be a Career tribute but pretty close.

He’d be 14 when he was Reaped. In his Games, he wouldn’t be the victor but come close. I think he’d be in the top five. I’m torn between whether he’d sacrifice himself to save an ally he’d grown close to or the girl from his district, or if one of his allies would turn on the entire group.