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What We Know About Marie Lu’s Book Adaptations

It's official! We're getting two of Marie Lu's science-fiction stories on our screens soon.
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Two of Marie Lu’s series, Warcross, and Legend, have recently been picked up for adaptation, and here’s everything we know about them.

It’s Been Ten Years for ‘Legend’

Legend originally came out in 2011, and fans have been desperately waiting for the day it would come to their screens. And that day just got one step closer.

Bound Entertainment, the Seoul- and Los Angeles-based company that created AppleTV+’s Dr. Brain, is working with Lu to adapt the trilogy into a television series.

Lu is co-writing the pilot with Lindsay Sturman. Sturman is also executive producing and has written for Supergirl, Nightflyers, and Teen Wolf.

Legend, Prodigy and Champion by Marie Lu covers
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Other executive producers are Bound Entertainment’s Samuel Yeunja Ha and Jamie Lai.

“Lu and Sturman’s creative vision, talent, and ambition for the project aligns with our mission to foster and push forward stories featuring and from diverse creators,” Bound Entertainment’s founder and CEO, Ha, said. “Bound Entertainment is excited to work with the pair to realize the massive potential within Legend and bring this long-awaited story to its fans and viewers around the world.”

The series is set in a futuristic world where the western United States is now the Republic, at war with its neighbors. Day, 18, lives on the streets as the country’s most wanted celebrity; June 18, is the Republic’s prodigy within the highest military rankings. The two teenagers cross paths when June’s brother is murdered.

“From the moment I first spoke to Lindsay and to Samuel and Jamie at Bound Entertainment, I knew Legend was going to be in good hands,” Lu said. “I’m deeply honored to be working with a team that not only understands the core of the Legend world but have brought me into the process of its adaptation. I can’t wait to show everyone what we’re making.”

Since the project just got picked up, it could be a while before we know any casting news. But we’ll keep you updated.

‘Warcross’ Was Picked Up Last Year

It didn’t take nearly as long for Warcross to get picked up for adaptation. In fact, it barely took three years.

Warcross is also being adapted into a television series. Made Up Stories and Cameron and Endeavor Content will be working together to bring the science-fiction series to life.

Made Up’s Burna Papadrea and Cameron and Endeavor’s John Cameron will be executive producing the series. Cameron will also be directing the pilot. Marie Lu is also serving as executive producer, and Janice Park will be producing.

Warcross and Wildcard by Marie Lu covers
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Adam Lash and Cori Uchia, who worked together to write for Altered Carbon and Reprisal, will be writing the pilot and executive producing. Made Up’s Steve Hutensky and Casey Haver will also be directing episodes in the series.

“Marie’s action-packed novel is unlike any other I have read,” Papandrea said.” From the virtual world of Warcross which feels like a real possibility with the advancement of technology, to the fiery heroine of Emika and the unexpected narrative twists, Warcross immersed me on such an engaging journey. This is going to be an entertaining and visually dynamic show to create.”

For many, Warcross isn’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle and getaway card. Emika Chen, a young hacker, and online bounty hunter, accidentally hacks herself into the middle of the action in Warcross and becomes an overnight sensation. From there, she is offered the job of a lifetime.

“From the moment I started Marie’s inventive novel, I was captivated by its high-adrenaline plot, its immersive world creation, and enthralled with its beguiling and complicated young heroine Emika Chen,” Cameron said. “At its heart, her story is a near-future romantic thriller, in both real and virtual worlds, and I couldn’t be more excited to help bring it to life onscreen.”

Marie Lu is just as excited as fans to see her duology make it to the screen.

“As a massive fan of so many of the stories that Bruna Papandrea, Made Up Stories, and John Cameron have produced, I am delighted and deeply honored to have Warcross in their talented hands,” Lu said. “They are masters of their craft in every way; every story they have brought to life has been done with exquisite care. I can’t wait to collaborate and see them work their magic on Emika, Hideo, and the world of Warcross.”

We can’t wait to see Emika’s bright, colorful hair on screen soon. It’s only been a year since the series was picked up, but we’ll keep you updated when we know who will be starring.