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Ten DC Heroes Who Could Defeat Darkseid

Darkseid is one of the most iconic villains in DC's rogues gallery. The immortal God of Evil is dedicated to nothing less than destroying all life in the universe. Which DC heroes have what it takes to defeat the ruler of Apokolips?
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Darkseid is the personification of totalitarian evil in the DC Universe. In the comics, he’s one of the fiercest opponents of the Justice League, and the heroes often have to pull out all the stops just to land a scratch on the ruler of Apokolips. He’s a towering monster, ageless and stronger than even superpowered heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman. 

Darkseid v Superman
DC Comics

In the comics, Darkseid’s power is a result of his New God physiology and his possession of an energy source called the Omega Effect. He’s battled Zeus to a standstill, held open portals with his bare hands, and has survived the combined onslaught of the Justice League without batting an eye. In short, he’s a terrifying monster and one of the nastiest threats to the entire DC universe.

Can any DC heroes handle this unstoppable New God? Today we’re counting down ten heroes who can hold their own against the God of Evil, and how they can defeat him in a superpowered fight.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which Marvel characters could take Thanos, we’ve got you covered there, too.


Victor Stone was a high school football player until an accident in his father’s lab left him in critical condition. His father, Silas Stone, then used experimental prosthetic technology to augment Victor and turn him into a living weapon. As the super-powered Cyborg, he becomes a member of the Justice League and fights evil-doers with his advanced technology.

Cyborg is a walking army, and he can single-handedly best some of the Justice League’s most tenacious foes. 

During Cyborg’s New 52 debut, fans learned new elements of his backstory including advanced combat simulations that allow him to defeat legions of Darkseid’s Parademon troopers by himself. He helps the Justice League transport Darkseid off-planet by reverse-engineering Boom Tube technology. Sometimes, defeating Darkseid is as simple as getting rid of him.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow
DC Comics

This might come as a surprise to fans of the Arrow TV series, but it’s true–Oliver Queen once defeated Darkseid by teaming up with The Atom. This makes Ollie one of the few non-powered DC heroes to face Darkseid directly and not lose his life in the ensuing battle. 

Oliver Queen is a wealthy playboy who fights crime with a bow and arrow. He’s an overt homage to Robin Hood, complete with the green hood and distinctive facial hair. 

In an alternate timeline during the Rock of Ages arc, Ollie and The Atom worked together to take down the God of Evil. Green Arrow fired a bullseye shot directly at Darkseid’s eye, allowing his size-changing ally to slip into the villain’s cranium. 

The Atom

The Atom
DC Comics

As mentioned in the Green Arrow section, scientist Ray Palmer worked with Green Arrow to defeat Darkseid in the Rock of Ages storyline. Ray Palmer is one of the smartest people in the DC universe, using his scientific knowledge to create a size-changing suit so he can battle evil as The Atom. 

In the alternate timeline story, Palmer devises a way to defeat Darkseid by deducing that the New God’s weakness is his eyes. Since Darkseid needs to see, Palmer realizes that his eyes are the last weak link in his physiology–by shrinking down to microscopic size, he can slip into Darkseid’s cranium through his optical nerve.

Green Arrow helps The Atom defeat his opponent by firing a dead-shot arrow precisely at Darkseid’s eye. While the arrow itself bounces off the New God harmlessly, it delivers The Atom into Darkseid’s head, where he defeats the God of Evil by destroying his brain.


Superman isn’t just any superhero, he’s the one that started it all. He’s honest, loyal, determined, and an all-around good guy. Put simply, Superman is the best. That’s why Darkseid is a perfect counterpoint to the Man of Steel. He’s an evil tyrant who uses his powers for personal gain, instead of fighting to protect people.

Darkseid is one of Superman’s most prominent recurring rivals, and the two often come into conflict during The Man of Steel’s solo adventures. They’ve fought on numerous occasions, with Darkseid often defeating the Kryptonian hero without needing Kryptonite. 

Thankfully for Superman, Darkseid is arrogant and often underestimates his rival. With the right conditions, Superman has managed to defeat the God of Evil a few times. Notably, he managed to blind Darkseid during the events of the 2003 storyline Apokolips Now. Superman and his allies teleported through a Boom Tube to chase Darkseid into deep space. While Superman’s powers were amplified by the Boom teleportation, he was able to land a decisive blow on the villain, blinding him and deactivating his Omega Effect abilities.

The Flash

Darkseid is fast, but Barry Allen is faster. Barry Allen is a forensic scientist who gains the power of super speed in a lab accident that connects him to the mystical Speed Force. He’s a selfless superhero who goes out of his way to help people in need, and he’s one of the most popular members of the Justice League.

The Flash and Darkseid once squared off in a New 52 storyline called The Darkseid War. During this event, the New God led his forces in a galactic conflict against the DC Universe’s scariest interstellar threat, the Anti-Monitor.

Darkseid was strong enough to beat the Anti-Monitor in single combat, so The Destroyer fused with The Flash to become a dangerous new entity–The Black Racer. Together, the fused Anti-Monitor/Flash hybrid defeated Darkseid and left Apokolips leaderless.

Wonder Woman

Darkseid may be the God of Evil, but Wonder Woman is a child of Zeus. While she sometimes goes by the alias Diana Prince, Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of Themyscira. She’s dedicated to defending the innocent and often departs the isolated Amazon society to battle the forces of evil. She’s a founding member of the Justice League and one of the strongest superheroes in the DC universe.

Diana has bested Darkseid in single combat before, but he was notably weakened by a battle with her father. After the God of Evil destroyed Zeus, he invaded Diana’s mind and attempted to break her spirit to turn her into a servant of Apokolips. 

Diana defeats the monstrous tyrant by embracing the memories of her family members and repelling him from her mind.


Aquaman is a founding member of the Justice League, but he still catches a lot of grief from some comics fans. Jokes about his water-based superpowers are common, but the hero is still one of the mightiest champions of Earth in DC’s universe. Born Arthur Curry, Aquaman possesses half-Atlantean physiology that allows him to breathe underwater and grants him superhuman strength. 

Arthur is foundational to the Justice League as he provides extra reach for the group’s sea-based conflicts. He’s also a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant above water, as Darkseid learned the hard way when they fought in New 52

While Darkseid was invading Earth, Arthur Curry joined forces with the Justice League to repel his Parademon army. Aquaman managed to gouge out one of the God of Evil’s eyes with his legendary trident, stopping the invasion in its tracks and hampering Darkseid’s use of the Omega Effect.


DC Comics

Izaya, also called the Highfather, is the ruler of New Genesis is one of the most powerful entities in the DC universe. He’s also Darkseid’s most dangerous opponent–and uncle. As a fellow New God, Highfather can wield cosmic powers that make the Justice League look like small-time vigilantes. 

Darkseid is constantly in opposition with New Genesis, the home of the New Gods and the polar opposite of Apokolips. When the two meet in battle, it rarely ends well for the God of Evil. The Highfather has thwarted his nephew’s schemes countless times over the years.


DC Comics

The next entry on our list is another of Darkseid’s family members, the New God Orion. Whenever Orion battles Darkseid, it’s personal. After all, Darkseid is Orion’s adoptive father, and the young deity was trained by both the God of Evil and the Highfather. New Genesis prophecies predict that Orion will eventually bring about his father’s ultimate destruction.

Orion shares many of his father’s superpowers, including his New God physiology and unparalleled physical strength. He’s one of the only opponents Darkseid respects, and this makes his defeats to his adoptive sons that much more impressive. It’s one thing for Darkseid to lose, but it’s another for him to lose a fight he’s prepared for.


Yes, somehow, the non-powered superhero Batman was able to defeat the God of Evil in a one-on-one battle. Justice League fans know that the crime-fighting hero Bruce Wayne is renowned for his tactical genius and his thorough plans to defeat any super-powered opponent he could face. Bruce even infamously keeps files on how to defeat every member of the Justice League, should violence prove necessary.

When Batman faced off against Darkseid in Final Crisis, fans were certain that the Caped Crusader didn’t stand a chance against the ruler of Apokolips. Darkseid is a literal deity, the undisputed master of evil and a physical match for Superman. Bruce Wayne is a guy in a bat costume who carries some gadgets in a tool belt.

Luckily for Bruce, his tactical mind gave him the advantage over the notoriously headstrong God of Evil. Batman determined that Darkseid has a unique weakness to the rare element radion, and constructed a bullet of the material to ambush the villain. Bruce surprised Darkseid by deducing his weakness and defeated the immortal New God in a climactic confrontation. While Batman himself died in the battle, The Flash managed to rewind time to undo the Dark Knight’s fate.