The Volturi in Breaking Dawn, Part 2
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The Top 10 Volturi Vampires from ‘Twilight’ Ranked By Power

'Twilight' introduced us to The Volturi, but who is the most powerful member of the coven? We ranked them so you don't have to.
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Twilight introduced us to The Volturi, the vampires ruling the vampire world with an iron fist. The coven is full of supernaturally gifted vamps, but who is the most powerful?

Today, we rank The Volturi based on how beneficial their powers would be in an actual life-or-death situation.

10. Heidi

Heidi is the face of the coven that humans see. She lures in their prey with her enhanced physical attraction. According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, it’s almost impossible to resist her charm and allure, regardless of her prey’s species. In a life-or-death situation, it’s kind of useless to be a pretty face and lousy fighter, landing her the number ten spot on the list.

9. Corin

Corin’s ability to make anyone content in their circumstances is valuable, but the side effect of it knocks her down a few rankings. If overexposed to it, her victim will become addicted and feel ill without it. She’s the main reason one of the leaders, Marcus, has stayed with the coven, so it’s been proven to be beneficial. But the risk of the side effect is too much to risk in a critical situation.

8. Marcus

Marcus in 'Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2'
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Marcus can identify relationships or connections between people and which bonds are strong and which are weak. In group situations, he can sense who are mates or who the leader is. While this ability is beneficial in negotiating, it doesn’t help much if you’re fighting for your life. Therefore, he goes in number eight.

7. Afton

Though he wasn’t in the movies, he was mentioned in the books. He can make himself invisible to attackers, but it will fail him if you’re focused on seeing him. He also can’t project it outside of himself like Bella’s shield. If he were in a solo fight and his assailant wasn’t hyper-focused on finding him, he would stand a chance. But the limits of his shield do matter, so he’s number seven on the list.

6. Demetri

Demetri in 'Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2'
Summit Entertainment | Lionsgate | YouTube

Demetri is one of the most skilled trackers in the Twilight world. While enhanced tracking is common among vampires, Demetri’s sense is stronger than most. Demetri’s gifted sense allows him to find anyone anywhere. If in a fight-or-flight situation with him, you wouldn’t be able to choose the latter since he’d find you no matter what. That’s why he’s ranked at number six.

5. Aro

The spokesperson of the coven can read every thought a person has ever had just by touching them. If you were to come up against him in a physical fight without a mental shield like Bella, you’d lose. One touch and he’d know your next move instantly and, boom, you’re done for. This is why he’s number five on this listing.

4. Renata

Renata, Aro’s personal bodyguard, can repel physical attacks by confusing her assailants just by using her mental shield. When someone enters her vicinity, they are redirected and leave with no memory of what they had been planning. Typically, this wouldn’t be as useful in a group setting, but she is able to push her shield out and protect others several meters from herself. This lands her a bit higher on the list at number four.

3. Chelsea

Chelsea’s ability is similar to Marcus’s but is slightly more helpful in life-and-death situations. She is able to influence emotional ties between people, either breaking them or forming them. In a solo fight, she could forge a bond between her and her attacker and come out with a new ally. In larger battles, she’d be able to break the ties between adversaries and form new ones to protect her. This ultimately would allow her to remain unscathed in most fights, earning her third on the list.

2. Jane

Jane in 'Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2'
Summit Entertainment | Lionsgate

Maybe a little controversial, but Jane’s special ability is less valuable than her twin’s. Jane’s ability is called pain infliction, meaning she can cause people to experience pain that hinders them, but it’s only mentally. The only downfalls to her power are that she can only inflict pain on one target at a time and must be able to see them for it to work. Therefore, because of these limits, she ranks just behind her twin in the number two spot.

1. Alec

Alec in 'Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2'
Summit Entertainment | Lionsgate

Alec can shut off a person’s physical senses, human or vampire. Where Jane’s power is limited, his isn’t. He is able to use his power on a group of people at the same time and is still able to control which it affects. Sadly, we don’t get to see him use it in the films, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t the most useful power in The Volturi.