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7 Actors Who Are Overdue For an Oscar

Incredible actors have won Oscars over the years, but there are a handful of generational performers who've yet to be awarded the coveted prize.
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    Football players dream of winning a Super Bowl, musicians long for a Grammy, and actors dream of holding up that shiny golden Oscar. Though there’s more to one’s profession than trophies, there’s no denying its power. 

    Holding that statue not only means you’ve given a fantastic performance that critics and audiences lauded, but it cements you as a truly “great” actor. 

    But, while generational actors have won Oscars over the years — such as Meryl Streep, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Denzel Washington — there are a handful of incredible performers who have yet to be awarded the coveted prize. 

    Here are seven actors who are most overdue for their Oscar: