Benji the dog looks out of the back of a trolly
Universal Pictures/Blumhouse Productions

Good Boy! The Best Dog Movies Streaming on Netflix

Listen up, dog lovers! It's time to sit back, relax, and watch these must-see movies about man's best friend.
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While Netflix is chock-full of award-winning films and important pieces of cinema, sometimes, you just want to watch a movie with dogs in it. Am I right?

For those looking for a feel-good flick about furry friends, here are the best dog movies on Netflix.

Hotel For Dogs (2009)

Starring Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Lisa Kudrow, and Don Cheadle, Hotel For Dogs is a cozy canine flick for the whole family. However, it’s probably best suited for kids.

black and white French bull dog enjoying a giant bone in the hotel for dogs
DreamWorks Pictures

If you’ve ever wondered what might happen if you turned an abandoned hotel into a dog hotel, you’ll probably enjoy this one. Or, if you’re just in the mood to stare at some adorable dogs supported by a truly great cast, it’s still a winning formula.

Balto (1995)

Remember Balto? This 90s animated tale about underdogs is touching, enjoyable, and the lead is voiced by Kevin Bacon.

Balto and bird looking out the window with confused expressions
Universal Pictures

When a diphtheria outbreak hits the remote town of Nome, Alaska, Balto is there to save the day, even if the humans don’t think he’s right for the job. The wonder wolfdog risks his life to move some much-needed medicine through the Alaskan winter.

Early reviews gave it flack for not being overly action-packed, but there’s something about Balto’s modesty that’s admirable and unassuming. Plus, the one-liners from Goose (Bob Hoskins) are rated-G movie gold.

Hachiko: A Dog Story (2009)

When a young boy reveals to his classmates that his personal hero is a dog, his fellow classmates aren’t so understanding. But he quickly sets them straight.

Richard Gere sitting with Hachiko the puppy on his lap in winter
Stage 6 Films

Young Ronnie tells his peers and the audience the remarkable story of his grandfather’s friendship with Hachiko the dog. And we also get to see much of it unfold through Hachiko’s eyes as well.

Richard Gere plays a college professor who forms an unlikely bond with the unavoidably lovable pup he meets on a train platform. Overall, Hachiko is a heartwarming and uncomplicated treat.

To Be of Service (2019)

Per Netflix, “Traumatized by combat, newly returned war veterans find solace in service dogs that guide them back to a fulfilling civilian life.” And there’s so much more to it than that in the end.

This feature-length documentary film takes an in-depth look at the relationship between war veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the service dogs they’ve been paired with. Watching them regain their lives with the help of these professional pups is nothing short of deeply moving.

service dog double high diving his human companion
Aronson Films

For the veterans who return feeling most disconnected and depressed, the service dogs not only help them get back on their feet, but they gradually restore their hope about the future as they cope with the pain of the past.

Benji (2018)

Benji is a family-friendly flick that follows two siblings who think they’re saving a sweet stray. But Benji isn’t your average pup! He’s an independent canine with charisma who actually ends up saving them in more ways than one.

Benji the dog looking out the window of an apartment
Universal Pictures/Blumhouse Productions

For those who haven’t seen it, this is a reboot of the 1974 movie of the same name. If the 2018 version of Benji isn’t adorable enough for you, how about this trivia? The heartwarming remake is directed by Brandon Camp, the son of the original’s director, Joe Camp.

White Fang (2018)

Loosely based on Jack London’s classic novel, one incredibly loyal wolfdog’s unwavering curiosity leads him on a formative adventure. And while he has three masters, he must learn to listen to the voice within.

animated shot up close of White Fang
Bidibul Productions/ Super Productions/ Big Beach

Yes, there are other versions already out there, but this is the first animated version. And if you love dog movies primarily told from the dog’s perspective, White Fang is an easy crowd-pleaser

Beethoven (1992)

Maybe it’s just me, but no quintessential dog movie list can be complete without Beethoven. Luckily, this sweet and silly classic comedy is on Netflix as we speak. If you’re in the mood for some early 90’s nostalgia, start here.

When the Newton family decides to adopt a St. Bernard puppy, the father (Charles Gordon) is less than thrilled to take on the ever-drooling addition.

Beethoven in the yard
Universal Pictures

As Beethoven continues growing to massive and even droolier proportions, this playful pooch gets into all sorts of trouble. Those who aren’t a fan of him do their best to snuff him out. Thankfully, that proves easier schemed than done. In the end, the bond formed between the Newton’s and Beethoven prevails.

Dogs (2018)

So, this one’s technically a documentary series and not a feature film, but it absolutely deserves an honorable mention.

Dogs explores “the abiding emotional bonds” that develop between dogs and their caregivers, no matter how they were brought together.

dog kissing their male owner on the cheek
Disarming Films/Zipper Bros Films

Every episode feels like its own mini-movie, and every dog will touch your heart. Out of all the must-watches on this list, I highly advise keeping your tissues closest during this uplifting tear-jerker about the power of canine companions.