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Bond, Ghostbusters Delayed: What Gives?!

Sony just announced the delay of four major movies coming out this year. This doesn't bode well for the future of these movies... can the studios, and the movies themselves, recover, or are we dooming them to fail?
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    We all know that the world still isn’t in a great place, and many people are uncomfortable with the idea of going into a movie theater. I know that I don’t want to sit in a dark, enclosed room breathing recycled air around strangers for two hours.

    HBO Max and Disney + are doing their best to navigate the situation with their own streaming platforms, but honestly, it’s getting a lot of mixed results. Just look at what a bust Wonder Woman was.

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    Not every company is trying to shove movie theaters down our throats, though. Sony, instead has decided to delay at least four of their upcoming major films in response to the pandemic.

    Is this the right move, or will this crash and burn for them??