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Bond, Ghostbusters Delayed: What Gives?!

Sony just announced the delay of four major movies coming out this year. This doesn't bode well for the future of these movies... can the studios, and the movies themselves, recover, or are we dooming them to fail?
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We all know that the world still isn’t in a great place, and many people are uncomfortable with the idea of going into a movie theater. I know that I don’t want to sit in a dark, enclosed room breathing recycled air around strangers for two hours.

HBO Max and Disney + are doing their best to navigate the situation with their own streaming platforms, but honestly, it’s getting a lot of mixed results. Just look at what a bust Wonder Woman was.

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Not every company is trying to shove movie theaters down our throats, though. Sony, instead has decided to delay at least four of their upcoming major films in response to the pandemic.

Is this the right move, or will this crash and burn for them??

Will We Ever See ‘No Time to Die’?

No Time to Die is the biggest film Sony has pushed back this week. The official Twitter account for the movie said late Thursday that the movie, which will mark the 25th Bond installment, will be delayed until early October.

Bond cannot catch a break! The film was originally set to release April 2020, but got pushed because of the pandemic a full year, to April of 2021. Now, October 8 the new day.


There’s a lot of hype for this movie. The director, Cary Joji Fukunaga, has done several episodes of True Detective and the mini-series Maniac, but No Time to Die is his first Bond movie. Daniel Craig is set to come back as the title character for the final time, and the movie co-stars Rami Malek, Lashana Lynch, and Ana de Armas.

The movie already had plenty of controversy, too. A lot of die hard fans were NOT excited that Lashana Lynch was set to be a female agent working alongside of James Bond. A Lady Bond, if you will.

Other delays disappoint fans


Other than Bond, Sony announced several other delays, both big and small.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway has been moved from an April release to a June release. Ghostbusters: Afterlife has been moved from June to November. Cinderella, the already-questionable remake starring Camila Cabello (the singer of Senorita fame), is pushed back from next month to July.

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While no one is upset that Cinderella got pushed back (look, I’m sorry, but you just have to assume it’s going to be bad… right?), the other movies are surprising. We’re seeing movies pushed from June and July, while Peter Rabbit is being pushed to June.

My uneducated guess is that it’s not just an issue with filming – Bond has wrapped filming for quite some time – but an issue with their editing and production teams, and their ability to get the final product out. That, combined with the pandemic and people being unwilling to go to theaters in the first place, and you’ve got a recipe for a total flop. It’s not fair to the fans or the people working in the film industry.

What does this delay mean for the movies?

There is a lot of evidence that the longer something sits around, the more likely it is to be played with – with directors, with editors, etc. Sometimes, the results are great, and the end movie is even better than you could have wanted.


Sometimes, however, it’s just… not.

The big fear with delaying Bond and so many other movies is that it opens up the door not just for higher expectations (“They had two years to make this movie perfect!”), but for a higher degree of tweaking. At a certain point, you need to put the piece down and walk away.

It’s far too soon to know if this is the case with Bond, Ghostbusters, and more, but it’s certainly concerning. Sony isn’t a small company and they know what they’re doing, but there is always room for error.

What’s better, a movie theater flop that does well on DVD, or the worst version of Bond ever?

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When will it be safe to go?


The big question on people’s minds is when will it be safe to go to the theaters. Beyond that, will theaters even come back?

Erin Elizabeth Long wrote about the possibility of movie theaters never coming back a few months ago, while we were still deep in the pandemic. With a vaccine made and being distributed, there is hope that we could all cluster around each other eating popcorn and sharing an experience someday.

No one can tell you when it’s safe for you to go to the theaters. But someday, hopefully someday relatively soon, we will be able to watch movies together, in person, on a big screen.