Still from 'Cruella'

Cruella Sequel Greenlit Despite Emma Stone Reportedly Considering Lawsuit

It appears that there isn't bad blood between Emma Stone and Disney after all! Cruella 2 is officially happening.
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    If anyone thought that Emma Stone and Disney were at odds because of reports that she was considering a similar lawsuit as Scarlett Johansson, they’d be wrong. It seems that Stone and the House of the Mouse are (back?) on good terms.

    The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets are now reporting that Stone has closed a new deal to star in a sequel to Cruella. Not only is Stone returning, but director Graig Gillespie and scriptwriter Tony McNamara are back for the second round.

    The first film debuted on May 28, allowing audiences to choose whether they wanted to see the film in the theater or stream it as a Premium Access Disney+ title for $30. While viewers seem to love the additional options, theaters are fiercely fighting back for exclusivity rights.