Dance Magic Dance: The Labyrinth Zodiac!


You remind me of the babe!

David Bowie would have celebrated his 76th birthday on January 8th. We will never forget him, his style, and his contributions to the musical world. You are forever in our hearts Star Man!

Let’s celebrate his life by remembering one of his most iconic films, Labyrinth. Read on to find out what zany character your zodiac sign is paired with. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising signs as well as your sun signs. You can check your birth chart here!

I’m not going to lie, this list gave me a little bit of trouble due to the fact that this film and these characters are so strange, that it’s hard to pinpoint specific personality traits to match them with the signs.


Aries – Sir Didymus


As I stated in the introduction, I had a bit of trouble pairing some of these characters with certain signs. But I did not have that problem with Sir Didymus. If I could guess his chart, I bet his big three placements would all be Aries. He is a brave, sword-fighting adventurer who has no idea how short he is, and if that doesn’t sound like the cardinal fire sign I don’t know what does.

Plus, Sir Didymus is a fox and in Celtic astrology, those born during the Aries season are represented by the fox.

Taurus – Ludo


You just got to love Ludo. He’s just a big ole’ sweet softie. But not only is he adorable, he is also dependable and dedicated to helping his new friends. Every Taurean I have met gives great hugs and you can’t help but want to hug Ludo. I have a feeling that the fixed earth sign would love the ability to control rocks. 

Plus, he kind of looks like a bull with horns so it’s perfect!

Gemini – The Four Guards


I know Gemini is represented by The Twins, so they would probably rather be paired with a duo rather than a quad. But two times two is four, so there! Geminis are known to be the most eloquent and loquacious signs in the zodiac. They are also considered one of the most clever signs, so I can imagine they would easily identify with the dualistic guards who speak in riddles.

Cancer – Sarah


I almost paired Sarah with Pisces because she is a dreamy escapist. But I ultimately paired her with Cancer because she is creative and just a tad bit moody, to put it lightly. But I also paired her with Cancer because moon-children are known to be emotionally mature, and Sarah matures throughout the movie. 

She could probably still be a Pisces because a Cancerian is just three Pisces in a trench coat anyway.

Leo – Jareth


Like Sir Didymus, it was really easy to pair Jareth with Leo. Leos are natural-born entertainers, and there is nothing more entertaining than watching David Bowie dance around in tight (really tight) pants and singing magical pop songs. Like the fixed fire sign, Jareth is theatrical, bombastic, and just a tad bit egotistical. He also has amazing hair and I have never seen a Leo who didn’t have awesome hair.

Fun fact: David Bowie’s moon is in Leo, so this was probably an easy part for him to play.

Virgo – The Worm


The cute little blue worm is the first Labyrinth denizen who tries to help Sarah, and Virgos are known to be incredibly helpful. They also tend to lack confidence and he doesn’t seem too confident when he laments that he’s just a worm. The mutable earth sign is quite pragmatic, which may be why the Worm is happy to help Sarah with well-meaning yet incorrect directions.

Libra – Hoggle


Hoggle was a bit hard to place, but I ended up pairing him with the cardinal air sign. As a whole, Libras are not quite as grumpy as Hoggle is, but they do try to avoid conflict whenever they can, much like the dwarf does. It can be difficult for Libras to make decisions, and Hoggle is constantly torn between his desire to help his new friend and his loyalty to the Goblin King. 

Scorpio – The Fireys


Scorpios have never been the type to run away from strange things, so I figured they could handle being paired with the strangest characters in the film, the Fireys. Like the fixed water sign, the Fireys tend to be a little hedonistic. They love to have fun especially if that fun consists of taking off their own heads. They also love to dance, and I have never met a Scorpio who couldn’t cut a rug.

Sagittarius – The Wiseman


Sagittarians are sagely, meaning they are wise. So naturally, I had to pair them with a character who is literally called “The Wiseman.” Like the introspective fire sign, the Wiseman is ready to offer Sarah cryptic advice on how to get to Jareth’s castle. But he is also quite ambitious, considering he immediately demands payment in the form of Sarah’s ring.

Capricorn – Humongous


You may be wondering what Capricorn can possibly have in common with a giant robot. Let me explain. Capricorns are known to be strong and protective. Humongous acts as the gatekeeper for Jareth’s castle so that he can protect the Goblin King and all of his citizens. Capricorns are also known to be mentally and emotionally strong, and what’s stronger than a giant metal robot?

Aquarius – The Helping Hands


People always assume that Aquarians are standoffish, but not a lot of people realize just how compassionate and helpful they really are. Like Aquarius, the Helping Hands are, as their name suggests, helpful. But also like the fixed air sign, the hands are misunderstood because Sarah does not understand that they are trying to help her. 

Pisces – The Junk Lady


As I said earlier, I almost paired Pisces with Sarah. But the Junk Lady ultimately won out. Sorry Pisces, I promise I’ll pair you with a main character one day.

I paired the mutable water sign with the Junk Lady because they are known to be quite nostalgic and sentimental. And the Junk Lady is trying her best to convince Sarah to forget about her responsibilities and revert back to childhood.

Ophiuchus – Toby


I feel a little guilty pairing an innocent little baby with Ophiuchus. But Toby is not really a goblin and Ophiuchus is not really a zodiac sign!