Disney fairies in Hogwarts Houses
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Sorting Disney Fairies into Hogwarts Houses

What would happen if the Disney Fairies franchise crossed over to the 'Harry Potter' world?
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I recently got sucked back into the Disney Fairies fandom. Now I can’t stop thinking about sorting them into Hogwarts houses as I do with my favorite characters. And while I love the books that take place after the movies, I’m only sorting my favorite characters from the films. So, if you want to see Rani, Beck, and Prilla, I’m sorry in advance. So, let’s talk about what Hogwarts house these fairies would be sorted into and what their lives would be like in the Wizarding World.

Those who need a refresher: Ravenclaw students are typically creative and wise, while Hufflepuffs are hardworking and loyal. Gryffindor is home to the brave and reckless, and Slytherin houses the ambitious and cunning.

Dewey: Ravenclaw

Dewey, Ravenclaw Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

While we only really get to know Dewey in one movie, I couldn’t skip sorting him into his Hogwarts house. Dewey, the man that knows it all, would immediately be sorted into Ravenclaw. The hat would barely touch his head before shouting it out.

Dewey’s favorite subject would be History of Magic. He’d also be the only student to never fall asleep in the notoriously dull class. He’d also spend all of his free time in the library. Because of this, Dewey doesn’t keep up with Quidditch-related stuff, except who’s on his house’s team.

After Hogwarts, he’d obviously be the next librarian at Hogwarts. He’d have the perfect organizational system for the library. Dewey would also be students’ go-to tutor for everything they missed when Professor Binns bored them to sleep in History of Magic class.

Fairy Gary: Hufflepuff

Fairy Gary, Hufflepuff Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Prana Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

Sorting Fairy Gary was a little complicated, but I think he’d fit in pretty well in Hufflepuff. He’s hardworking and loyal to Queen Clarion and Pixie Hollow. He would do anything to help the other fairies in Neverland, as long as he doesn’t have to break the rules.

While at Hogwarts, I could see Fairy Gary being one of the top students of his year. His best class would be Charms, but he’d also get a kick out of Care of Magical Creatures. Fairy Gary wouldn’t be on the Quidditch team, but he’d be supporting his friends at every game.

After Hogwarts, he’d move up the ranks within the Ministry quickly. I think he’d be employed in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement but wouldn’t be an Auror. And I don’t know about you, but I can see him and Fairy Mary being a happy couple in this universe.

Fairy Mary: Ravenclaw

Fairy Mary, Ravenclaw Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Buena Vista Home Entertainment | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

While Fairy Mary and Gary have similar behaviors and actions, her motivations are more aligned with Ravenclaw’s house. I couldn’t imagine anyone else but a Ravenclaw having a clipboard and set routine that never wavers. That’s why Fairy Mary is a perfect fit in Ravenclaw.

Fairy Mary would have excelled at Transfiguration and Potions because they’re both precise subjects, much like her routine from the Disney Fairies franchise. And while she isn’t technically on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team, she helps them with their strategies.

After Hogwarts, I see her and Fairy Gary settling down in a small wizarding village. She’d also work at the Ministry of Magic. Unlike Fairy Gary, though, she’d work in the Department of Magical Artifacts, and she would keep everything perfectly organized.

Queen Clarion: Hufflepuff

Queen Clarion, Hufflepuff Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Buena Vista Home Entertainment | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

We didn’t get to know Queen Clarion enough in the movies, but I loved her anyway. It’s also fitting that she’s decked in gold from head to toe (even her hair is golden) because she’s a Hufflepuff through and through. She was so loyal to Pixie Hollow that she sacrificed her happiness to save other people the same emotional pain.

Queen Clarion would have loved her Charms and Astronomy classes. She’d also excel at Divination (I just have a feeling she’d be good at it). She’d also be the Seeker for the Hufflepuff house for her last two years. Once she’d left school, she’d work in the administrative services at the Ministry. Eventually, she’d become the Minister of Magic, which doesn’t surprise anyone who knows her.

Nyx: Slytherin

Nyx, Slytherin Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

Though Nyx was only in Legend of the Neverbeast, I can’t stop wanting to learn more about her. She was a minor antagonist to Fawn, but I think her heart was in the right place. She was extremely ambitious in being the best she could be, and she wouldn’t let anyone stand in her way. Slytherin behavior right there.

While at Hogwarts, Nyx would be the youngest Chaser on the Slytherin team. She’d also exceed at Defense Against the Dark Arts. After Hogwarts, she’d join the Holyhead Harpies as their star Chaser. I also think she’d never marry or settle down with anyone because they distract from Quidditch.

Periwinkle: Hufflepuff

Periwinkle, Hufflepuff Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

From what we saw of Periwinkle in Secret of the Wings, she’s very similar to Tinker Bell. But some key differences put her into Hufflepuff (unlike her sister, who I’ll get to later). Periwinkle doesn’t seem to care about learning everything she can; she is more interested in helping those she cares about.

Periwinkle would be one of the best Herbology students Hogwarts has seen in years. She’d also excel at Charms and Transfiguration. After Hogwarts, she’d set about traveling the world, helping her sister Tinker Bell with her inventions. I think she’d also find her passion in creating new recipes while they travel.

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Bobble: Ravenclaw

Bobble, Ravenclaw Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

Within the Bobble and Clank partnership, I think Bobble is more of a mastermind with plans for the machines they create. He just seems to want to make and design a ton of new things and cares more about the routine Fairy Mary set for him.

While at Hogwarts, Bobble would do well in all of his classes, but his favorites are Arithmancy and Alchemy. He wouldn’t be on the Quidditch team, but he’s one of the team’s biggest supporters. Bobble would be an inventor and have a full-time job working under Fairy Mary at the Ministry.

Clank: Hufflepuff

Clank, Hufflepuff Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

While the last Tinker fairies we’ve talked about so far have been Ravenclaws, Clank doesn’t quite fit that vibe. Yes, he’s creative and intelligent, but I think his motivations lie in other places than Bobble’s. He creates to help people, and he is one of the most caring in the franchise. That’s why he’s a Hufflepuff.

Clank and Bobble would meet waiting for or riding the Hogwarts Express and immediately become best friends. Clank would excel in Potions and Transfiguration. After Hogwarts, he’d work with Fairy Mary and Bobble, both in the Department of Magical Artifacts and inventing new creations.

Zarina: Ravenclaw

Zarina, Ravenclaw Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Prana Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

You would think the fairy pirate would be Gryffindor because that occupation is a bit reckless. But she wouldn’t have had to go that route if the other fairies appreciated her creativity and experiments. That’s why I think she’d feel most at home in Ravenclaw.

I think Zarina would get in tons of trouble during her seven years at Hogwarts (think: Remus and the Marauders). She’s brilliant and creative, but that’s precisely why she’s in trouble all the time. After Hogwarts, she’d be creating new spells under the Ministry’s close watch.

Terence: Hufflepuff

Terence, Hufflepuff Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

This gem of a fairy is a Hufflepuff through and through. In The Lost Treasure, Terence went after Tinker Bell even though they’d had a huge fight. He put himself in danger so many times. He even broke the rules for her. And while the Sorting Hat would have considered putting him in Gryffindor, Terence has many more Hufflepuff traits.

While at Hogwarts, Terence would be the Keeper on his house’s Quidditch team. Terence is also the best in Charms class, but he loves Care of Magical Creatures and Divination. After Hogwarts, he’s right by Tinker Bell’s side on her and Periwinkle’s travels. Terence is the one that runs to the stores for any necessities for both girls. Like in the movies, I also think he’d have a crush on Tinker Bell.

Vidia: Slytherin

Vidia, Slytherin Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Buena Vista Home Entertainment | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

Look at Vidia and tell me she doesn’t look like a less-crazy Bellatrix. She is ambitious to be the best at her talent and immediately gets jealous when Tinker Bell’s choosing ceremony goes better than hers. And though Vidia grows a lot throughout the subsequent movies, she still has that cunning nature we saw in Tinker Bell. Hence why she’s in Slytherin.

Vidia would do amazingly in all of her classes, except Care of Magical Creatures, just to prove she’s the best. She’s also the Seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch team for her third to seventh year. She’d also be recruited to the Holyhead Harpies alongside Nyx. I can see them having a close and competitive friendship starting the moment they met on the Hogwarts Express.

Rosetta: Hufflepuff

Rosetta, Hufflepuff Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Prana Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

I went back and forth with putting Rosetta in Hufflepuff and making her a Muggle. And while I decided she was a witch in the Harry Potter universe, I don’t think she’d fit in any specific Hogwarts house. She honestly seems like the Beauxbatons type, but at Hogwarts, the sorting hat would put her in Hufflepuff.

Rosetta is vastly different from the other characters I’ve talked about so far. I think Rosetta would have started out going to Beauxbatons for schooling. During her third year, I think she would have transferred to Hogwarts (we’ve seen this in other Harry Potter media outside the books).

In school, her best classes are Herbology and Charms. And don’t even think about catching her playing Quidditch – her hair would be too messed up for her liking. After Hogwarts, I think she’d work in a clothing store, most likely Madam Malkin’s on Diagon Alley.

Silvermist: Hufflepuff

Silvermist, Hufflepuff Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Buena Vista Home Entertainment | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

Silvermist was my favorite growing up, so it breaks my heart that she’s not in my own house. But I know deep in my heart that she’s a Hufflepuff because she’s loyal, hardworking, and incredibly patient. I mean, just look at her trying to help Tinker Bell in The Pirate Fairy and Tinker Bell.

At Hogwarts, Silvermist would be the top Potions and Alchemy student every year. I can also see her being on the Seeker on her house’s Quidditch team. After Hogwarts, she’d spend a few years as a Potioneer before becoming a Healer at St. Mungo’s.

Iridessa: Hufflepuff

Iridessa, Hufflepuff Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Buena Vista Home Entertainment | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

Ironic that Iridessa is already decked out in yellow as she would be sorted into Hufflepuff immediately after the Sorting Hat touched her head. We don’t know too much about her from the movies, but one thing I can tell you is that she is loyal to her friends in every scene she’s in.

Iridessa is definitely one of Flitwick’s favorite students; she loves Charms more than any of her other classes. I think she’d also be a Chaser on the Quidditch team for her last three years at Hogwarts. She’d leave Hogwarts and decide to become a professor, eventually taking over for Flitwick.

Fawn: Gryffindor

Fawn, Gryffindor Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

If I had chosen to sort the Disney Fairies before watching Legend of the Neverbeast, I don’t think I would have been able to sort Fawn confidently. But after watching the last movie, I can say that she is a true Gryffindor. She is courageous, headstrong, and a bit reckless, and I think the Sorting Hat would notice that right away.

Much like Zarina, I think Fawn would be in trouble constantly. But it’s only because she keeps venturing into the Forbidden Forest. Fawn’s favorite class is obviously Care of Magical Creatures, but she also excels at Transfiguration. In fact, she became an Animagus during her seventh year, and Professor McGonagall talked her into being documented to avoid further trouble.

After Hogwarts, she travels the world working for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Fawn loves working with any creatures, so her superiors always think of her first when sending people out. I think she’d share an apartment with Silvermist, Iridessa, and Rosetta because she doesn’t like living alone all the time.

Tinker Bell: Ravenclaw

Tinker Bell, Ravenclaw Crest
Walt Disney | DisneyToon Studios | Buena Vista Home Entertainment | Pottermore | Warner Bros.

Tinker Bell might be one of the most reckless characters (besides Fawn) in the entire Disney universe. But she’s only that reckless because she’s on a constant quest for knowledge and creativity. For example, she was immediately drawn to lost things because they meant learning something new. That’s why she would be sorted into Ravenclaw.

At Hogwarts, Tink would get in trouble experimenting with new spells, potions, and other creations. Outside of detention, she excels in almost all of her classes – her worst classes are Divination and History of Magic because they aren’t exciting. She’d also be the Ravenclaw Seeker for her last four years at Hogwarts.

After Hogwarts, she’d manage to convince Periwinkle and Terence into accompanying her on her nomadic lifestyle. Together, they’d travel the world, and she’d create new inventions to help wizards and witches. I also think Tink would be oblivious about Terence’s crush on her for years until one day when Periwinkle just blurts it out.