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Lightsaber The Disney Fairies Would Wield

What would happen if Disney’s fairies moved from Neverland to the stars around it?
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I recently settled back into my Disney Fairies hyper-fixation phase, so of course, I had to pair my favorite characters with lightsabers from Star Wars. I still have yet to move on from both franchises, so why not have a crossover between the two?

Using seven of the eight canon saber colors and disregarding rarity, I’ll be pairing one to three colors with each fairy and explaining why. And there are only two fairies that would wield three sabers in their lifetime. Can you guess which those are?

Dewey: Green and Orange

Dewey from Disney Fairies movies

From when we meet Dewey in Secret of the Wings, it’s obvious he’s a scholar and protector of the history of Pixie Hollow. He’s supportive of Tinker Bell and Periwinkle getting to know each other, but he’s also strict about the rules that protect the fairies.

That’s why a green lightsaber is perfect for Dewey. For some reason, he’s like Yoda to me; maybe it’s because they’re small but mighty. However, after some time of fighting, I think Dewey would switch to an orange saber and live a pacifistic life in the Star Wars universe.

Fairy Gary: Green

Fairy Gary from Disney Fairies movies

Fairy Gary is a stickler for the rules and protecting the Pixie Dust Tree. He lives his life according to what would best help the fairies and their magic. And though he’s strict and set in his ways, he has a soft heart. And that’s why I see him with a green saber.

Green lightsabers are wielded by Jedi Knights and represent wisdom and skill. And Fairy Gary has endless knowledge regarding several aspects of Pixie Hollow and its magic tree. So, there’s no doubt in my mind he’d stick with a green lightsaber in his Force journey.

Fairy Mary: Green

Fairy Mary from Disney Fairies movies
Disney | Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Much like Fairy Gary, Fairy Mary has tons of wisdom and knowledge, whether for tinkering or running Pixie Hollow without a hitch. Every time we see her, from Tinker Bell to Legend of the Never Beast, she’s there to help other fairies accomplish the best they can.

Fairy Mary would wield a green lightsaber. The users of this color blade rely more on their mental skills than on fighting. And though Fairy Mary would beat her opponents in most duels, she’s more of a thinker and organizational person than a fighter.

Queen Clarion: Green and Yellow

Queen Clarion from Disney Fairies movies
Disney | Buena Vista Home Entertainment

We never really get to know Queen Clarion other than her love story in The Secret of the Wings, but I think she would have been trained on a green lightsaber as a Padawan in the Star Wars universe. She seems like the scholarly type at first.

However, after learning her backstory and why the Winter Woods is separated from the rest of Pixie Hollow, I have slightly altered my view of her. After becoming a Master, Clarion would start wielding a yellow lightsaber, a color that represents a combination of wisdom and combat.

Nyx: Blue

Nyx from Disney Fairies movies

We only met Nyx in Legend of the Never Beast, the last Disney Fairies movie, but I already have a pretty good idea of what she’d be like in the Star Wars universe. Nyx stuck to the rules and wouldn’t stray from that path, except when she realized she was wrong in the end.

That’s why Nyx’s lightsaber color would be blue. Wielders of this color are Jedi Guardians who protect the Jedi Order to their death. They are typically the best fighters and duelists, and the color represents bravery, justice, and righteousness.

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Periwinkle: Green and White

Periwinkle from Disney Fairies movies

When it comes to most of the fairies in Pixie Hollow, they were expected to adhere to their roles with no budging or questioning. And while Periwinkle’s twin sister, Tinker Bell, had trouble with that, Periwinkle didn’t seem to.

In the Star Wars universe, Periwinkle would train with a green lightsaber. She’d be content living her life according to the Jedi ways, but eventually, she’d drift away from the Order. Periwinkle would discard her saber and craft her own with a Kyber crystal she purified from a fallen Sith, meaning she’d now wield a white blade.

Bobble: Green

Bobble from Disney Fairies movies

Bobble has always been one of the best tinkers in Pixie Hollow, at least as far as the movies are concerned. And while some other fairies might have been unsatisfied with this talent (looking at you, Tinker Bell), he always made the most of it.

From the moment Bobble discovered he was Force-sensitive in the Star Wars universe, he’d have scrounged around and built his own saber before even becoming a Padawan. After becoming a Master, I think he would make sabers all the time for other Force users.

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Clank: Green

Clank from Disney Fairies movies

Like Bobble, Clank never questioned his place in Pixie Hollow. He was also wiser and wittier than people gave him credit for, which is why I see him being a Jedi Knight and wielding a green saber.

Green saber users usually have a strong understanding of the Force, and if we’ve seen anything from Clank, it’s that he understands the working of Pixie Hollow better than most would expect.

Zarina: Green, Red, and Purple

Zarina from Disney Fairies movies
Disney | Prana Studios

Zarina is one of the only two fairies on this list that would wield three colors during their lifetime in the Star Wars universe. She’d start with a green saber like the rest of the Pixie Dust fairies, but she’d turn to the Dark Side as we saw in The Pirate Fairy.

She’d wield a red lightsaber for a time, feeling exiled from her friends for being different. If we follow the storyline of The Pirate Fairy, Zarina would be welcomed back to the Light Side, but she’d discard the red saber and craft a double-sided lightsaber with purple Kyber crystals.

Terence: Green

Terence from Disney Fairies movies

Terence is a Pixie Dust talent, so he’d follow in the footsteps of Fairy Gary. And though he does try his hand at tinkering to help and impress Tinker Bell every once in a while, he’s thoroughly content in his life of order and structure.

In the Star Wars universe, Terence would become a Padawan and train with a green lightsaber at a young age. After becoming a Master, he’d stick to the saber color, but he wouldn’t use it often. He’d spend more of his time learning the history of the Jedi and connecting with the Force.

Vidia: Blue and Purple

Vidia from Disney Fairies movies
Disney | Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Vidia is a Fast-Flying fairy, and because of this, she would follow a different path as a Padawan than most of the other fairies. She’d train with a blue lightsaber like Nyx and would be one of the best Jedi fighters in the Star Wars universe.

However, as we see in the Disney Fairies movies, Vidia has a dark side to her. And though she does some sneaky things in the first few movies, Vidia is never really evil. So, she’d wield a purple lightsaber as a Master, representing her toeing the line between Jedi and Sith.

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Rosetta: Green and White

Rosetta from Disney Fairies movies

As a Garden fairy, Rosetta is a soft-hearted yet wise character. So, there’s no doubt she would have wielded a green saber as a Padawan. However, Rosetta isn’t one to fight or get involved unless absolutely necessary. But she’s also not a pacifist.

For some reason, I can’t imagine her wielding the pacifist’s saber color, orange. Instead, she’d use a white lightsaber. White sabers represent neutrality, clarity, and independence. And Rosetta is the perfect person to wield this color.

Silvermist: Green and Orange

Silvermist from Disney Fairies movies
Disney | Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Silvermist is one of the softest-hearted fairies in the Disney franchise, and she’s nowhere near a fighter by any means. That’s why she’d be trained on a green lightsaber. Though she doesn’t have the wisdom and knowledge down perfectly, she’s incredibly talented with her water powers.

As a Master, though, Silvermist would transition from her green saber to an orange blade. Users of this color are the pacifists of the Star Wars universe. They only use weapons and the Force as a last resort; they prefer negotiating peace and deals instead.

Iridessa: Green and Orange

Iridessa from Disney Fairies movies

Iridessa and Silvermist are similar in many ways, including the saber colors they would wield in Star Wars. Iridessa is wise and follows the rules from the beginning of the franchise, so it’s no surprise she’d be handed a green lightsaber.

However, we also see that she isn’t one for fighting, like most of the Jedi Order. So, she’d follow Silvermist and switch the Kyber crystal in her saber before taking off to travel the universe on her own.

Fawn: Blue and Purple

Fawn from Disney Fairies movies

As an animal fairy, Fawn had to be a fighter to survive. The best example of this is when she took on the role of a baby hawk’s caretaker, despite the fact hawks eat fairies. So, because of her talent in the Disney franchise, I think she’d have been given a blue lightsaber as a Padawan.

As a Master, though, she’d toe the line between the Dark Side and Light Side just to see how strong she really is. Purple lightsaber users are usually some of the most powerful Force users and have unique fighting styles. Because Fawn is a bit of an outsider, this color fits her perfectly.

Tinker Bell: Green, Blue, and Yellow

Tinker Bell from Disney Fairies movies
Disney | Buena Vista Home Entertainment

As a tinker, it’s expected of Tinker Bell to be an innovative and handy fairy. But she’s got a fighter’s spirit in her that is hard to cover up, especially when she gets frustrated. So, though she’d be given a green saber as a Padawan, she’d secretly craft her own blue lightsaber.

As a Master, she’d dual-wield both green and blue to symbolize that she’s more than just a Jedi Consular. Over time, she’d ditch both blades and craft her own specially-designed yellow saber that is double-sided but can break into two lightsabers.