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Disney and Pixar Characters That Deserve Their Own Movies

I can’t stop thinking about these characters that stole the show from the sidelines. And I bet you want more of them, too.
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Disney took Olaf and made him the star of several short films and a show. But they missed out on cash grabs starring characters like Scar, Boo, and Frozone. (Honestly, I’m still holding out hope for a Frozone movie.) These Disney and Pixar characters should get their own films or shows!

George from ‘Monsters Inc.’

George from Monsters Inc.
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You’ll probably remember him as the orange monster that had a sock stuck to him. His name is really George, and I would love to see a whole movie about his misadventures, either at work or at home.

You can’t tell me you wouldn’t check it out at least once. And I know we have Monsters at Work, but it’s not the same as what I’m imagining. He’s not even in the show! So Disney and Pixar, if you’re reading this, make it happen. And while you’re at it, toss in Roz, too.

Cool Girl from ‘Inside Out’

Cool Girl from Inside Out
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We got glimpses of other people’s emotions in their heads throughout Inside Out, but I want whole movies about Riley’s classmates. I’m not saying we shouldn’t see more of Riley as she grows up, but how about we look at other people’s lives and emotions.

Take the cool girl from Riley’s new class as an example: what emotion really rules her brain? Have there been any mishaps like Joy and Sadness going on an accidental trip? And maybe we could get a canon explanation as to why Riley had both male and female emotions, unlike others we saw.

Ariel’s Sisters from ‘The Little Mermaid’

Ariel's Sisters from The Little Mermaid
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Ariel’s sisters never made an appearance in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, and I’m a little annoyed about that. We barely saw them in the first movie. And while we did see a lot more of them in the prequel movie, Ariel’s Beginning, I want more.

I want to see what happened to them after Ariel became human. Did they marry? Are some still in Atlantica? What are they like on their own? I have all of these questions that I want – no, need – answered. Fingers crossed the live-action The Little Mermaid gives us more of her sisters.

Megara from ‘Hercules’

Megara from Hercules
Walt Disney Pictures | Walt Disney Feature Animation | Buena Vista Pictures

We know a bit of her backstory saving her love from Hades’s domain before he left her for another woman (so rude). I just want to see that from her perspective and see what her life was like in the Underworld. It can’t be too hard for Disney to do that.

And maybe if they make a Hercules live-action movie, they’ll add more about Meg’s ex. Can Disney please make this so I can stop thinking about Meg’s reaction to him leaving?

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Merryweather, Fauna, and Flora in Sleeping Beauty
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Everyone knows them as the three fairies who took care of Aurora. They squabble from time to time, and they love Aurora like a daughter after raising her for sixteen years. But what else do we really know about them?

We’ve already gotten two Maleficent movies, so why doesn’t Disney take a chance on Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna already? I would love to see these three before they came to live together. What were they like as younger fairies, and how did they meet?

Mrs. Squibbles from ‘Monsters University’

I know Monsters University isn’t exactly what Monsters Inc. fans had envisioned as a sequel or prequel. Still, at least we got some fun characters out of it. Mrs. Squibbles was one of my quick favorites from the movie – in fact, I liked her better than Mike and Sully.

She’s your typical mom at first: always caring for others, being supportive, all the good things. And then comes the twist nobody expected: she listens to rock or metal music by herself. I want to see her in college. I want to see her rebellious phase before she meets her husband.

Bing Bong from ‘Inside Out’

Bing Bong from Inside Out
Walt Disney Pictures | Pixar Animation Studios | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I was bawling in the theater when Bing Bong sacrificed himself. And because of that alone, I want a movie about his adventures with Riley before wandering around her mind for years. He could be a little annoying, but that’s the same reason so many side characters steal the show.

Honestly, instead of a movie, Disney could do another cash grab like what they did with Olaf Presents and make a short series of Bing Bong’s life. I just want to see more of that lovable furball thing. I’m sure it would be a hit like all of Olaf’s shorts.

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Cobra Bubbles from ‘Lilo and Stitch’

Cobra Bubbles from Lilo & Stitch
Walt Disney Pictures | Walt Disney Feature Animation | Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.

I love Lilo and Stitch, and I want more of the franchise. I’ve watched all of the movies and the show, but I need more of the little aliens running around. And I think Cobra Bubbles would be the best guy to lead that show. He’s got a level-head, but his facial expressions crack me up.

He talked about working with aliens before the events of the movie, so why didn’t Disney follow that storyline in a show or movie before? It would be like a more family-friendly version of Nick Fury. And it would be awesome.

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Bruno from ‘Encanto’

Bruno and Mirabel from Encanto
Walt Disney Pictures | Walt Disney Animation Studios | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

I know I’m not supposed to talk about Bruno, but I have to. While I’m scrolling on TikTok, some creators have made videos about his life in the walls. And that got me thinking, what was it like from his perspective watching everyone grow up and live without him?

We got a glimpse of that in the movie, but I want more. And maybe I just love Bruno’s awkwardness and his love for his family, but I would watch a movie or show about him multiple times. I honestly would love to see his little rat soap operas, too.

Antonio from ‘Encanto’

Antonio from Encanto
Walt Disney Pictures | Walt Disney Animation Studios | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

While I’m on the subject of Encanto, let’s talk about the youngest grandkid, Antonio. In the movie, we had just seen him get his powers (and briefly lose them). But from what we saw of his interactions with Mirabel, I loved him and wish we’d seen more of him throughout the film.

I’d love to see him as the center of a possible sequel. I’m not saying I want bad things to happen to the Madrigal family, so how about Antonio helps some of his little animal friends? Since Encanto is so big right now, I’m sure Disney could come up with something good.

Edna Mode from ‘The Incredibles’

Edna Mode is one of the funniest and most iconic characters from Pixar and Disney. I would give anything for a movie or series – preferably, a series – of her working with other superheroes. It could start at her first hero collaboration and follow her life up to The Incredibles.

It would bring the emotion that’s common with Disney movies when the reason she stopped using capes comes up. I’m willing to bet this show or movie would be huge. If it was a movie, the theaters would be packed; as a show, I would definitely tune in every week.

Boo from ‘Monsters Inc.’

Boo from Monsters Inc.
Walt Disney Pictures | Pixar Animation Studios | Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Ever since I saw fan theories about Boo throughout the Pixar universe and headcanons that she and Lilo were roommates in college, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about a Boo movie. She stole the show in Monsters Inc., and she’d do it again in her own film.

I think the perfect story for her would be her still fixated on monsters as a teenager. She’d be trying desperately to get back to “Kitty” and Mike Wazowski. And since we got Monsters University instead of a sequel, I think this would be the perfect sequel to those that love the franchise.

Frozone from The Incredibles

Frozone from The Incredibles
Walt Disney Pictures | Pixar Animation Studios | Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

It’s no secret that most The Incredibles fans are still waiting for a Frozone-centric movie. It’s been over 15 years since we first saw Frozone looking for his supersuit on date night. And while Disney and Pixar gave us an amazing sequel, I still want more Frozone.

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Samuel L. Jackson kills it in every role, and I’m sure kids and adults alike would love a movie following him as an animated superhero yet again. I think a movie following him fighting his own villain and balancing his married life would be perfect for another movie from The Incredibles universe.