Sorting Disney Princesses into Their Hogwarts Houses

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Are you a diehard fan of Harry Potter? Do you sort both people you meet and fictional characters into Hogwarts houses just for fun? I do, so I decided to sort the official Disney Princess lineup, plus three left out of the group, into the Hogwarts Houses. In addition, I’ll also talk about what classes they’d excel in, their other magical interests, and their future in the wizarding world. For those that are unfamiliar with the Hogwarts houses, Gryffindor is for the brave and reckless, Slytherin for the ambitious and cunning, Ravenclaw for the curious and creative, and Hufflepuff for the loyal and hard-working.

Snow White: Hufflepuff

Snow White in Hufflepuff
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The first Disney Princess is the most Hufflepuff character I’ve ever seen (and that includes Harry Potter characters). She has all of the Hufflepuff traits. Snow White is so trusting that she takes an apple from a random stranger in the woods (kids, don’t do this). She’s also kind and patient, especially with the dwarves and woodland creatures.

If Snow White attended Hogwarts, she’d do best in Care of Magical Creatures. She did talk and clean with animals. She’d also probably bond with Hagrid over the animals. After Hogwarts, there are only two options that make sense: caretaker of a building (like Filch was at Hogwarts) or Magizoologist (which is what Newt Scamander is).

Cinderella: Hufflepuff

Cinderella in Hufflepuff
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Despite being treated horribly, Cinderella remained loyal to her stepmother and stepsisters. She’s also hopelessly optimistic and hardworking, which you can see when she sings as she cleans the house. Cinderella is also kind to everyone, even when they don’t deserve it.

Cinderella, much like Snow White, would do well in Care of Magical Creatures. However, I also think she’d also excel in the extra-curricular, Muggle Music. Once leaving the school, she’d either do well as Caretaker or a Welcome Witch at St. Mungo’s helping visitor at the hospital.

Sleeping Beauty: Hufflepuff

Sleeping Beauty in Hufflepuff
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While she’s not conscious most of the movie, we have enough to sort Aurora into her Hogwarts house. From what we see, she’s loyal to the fairies, kind to the forest animals, and works hard around the fairies’ house. Her song, “Once Upon a Dream,” also shows how optimistic she can be about romance and life.

Despite not knowing much about the princess, I think Sleeping Beauty would do well in Herbology. She lived in the forest her whole life, so she probably knows her flora pretty well. After she graduates, Sleeping Beauty would either follow a career path as a Healer or Herbologist. Either way, she spends more time around plants, which she’d enjoy.

Ariel: Gryffindor

Ariel in Gryffindor
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There are so many ways to interpret Ariel’s personality, especially if we include the two subsequent Little Mermaid movies, but I had to go with Gryffindor. She’s reckless and runs (or swims) headfirst into danger. Despite her curiosity and kindness, her reckless bravery keeps her tied to Gryffindor.

At Hogwarts, Ariel would do exceptionally well in Muggle Studies, and you can’t convince me otherwise. In addition, she’d also like any Muggle-based classes. Once she leaves the school, she’d be a good Muggle Relations or Muggle expert in the Ministry of Magic.

Belle: Gryffindor

Belle in Gryffindor
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I know, I know: Belle is the most iconic bookworm ever. But she doesn’t read for knowledge; she reads to get a sense of adventure she doesn’t have at home. Much like Hermione, she’s intelligent, but she’s also brave and adventure-seeking. She sacrifices her freedom for her father and stands up to the Beast and Gaston multiple times throughout her movie.

Belle would spend most of her time at Hogwarts with her nose stuck in a book (and in the library). She’d also excel in all of her classes and avoid Quidditch at all costs. After Hogwarts, Belle would travel the world before finally settling down as a librarian. The location of that library is in the air for me, but I’d like to think she’d go to France (but that’s because Beauty and the Beast is there).

Jasmine: Slytherin

Jasmine in Slytherin
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Jasmine’s ambition to become Sultan and defy tradition makes her a great addition to Slytherin. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her dreams, going so far as to use herself as a weapon against Jafar. She also sneaks out constantly to the market, which shows her cunning side.

If she went to Hogwarts, Jasmine would easily excel at Apparition in her seventh year. I feel like she’d also enjoy Quidditch and be a Chaser or Keeper for her team. Once she’s left the school, she’d spend her life as an Auror pursuing the position of Minister of Magic.

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Pocahontas: Gryffindor

Pocahontas in Gryffindor
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Is there any other house than Gryffindor for Pocahontas? She’s brave and reckless – cliff-diving all the time for fun and throwing herself on top of John Smith to keep him alive. While she has many “bad” traits of Gryffindors, she uses them to bring peace and harmony to her land.

Pocahontas would excel in Flying class early on before taking up Divination. In addition, I can see her being a Keeper for Gryffindor’s Quidditch Team. After graduating, Pocahontas would spend the rest of her life doing activism work and pursuing a career in Aurology (the study of Auras).

Mulan: Gryffindor

Mulan in Gryffindor
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Yet another obvious Gryffindor, Mulan would excel in this house. She could have been sorted into Slytherin for disguising herself to join the army or Hufflepuff for being loyal to her family, but her bravery and recklessness overpowers all of that. There’s literally no other house for the woman who saved all of China.

I feel this is obvious, but Mulan would excel in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Flying. After a few years of being a Chaser or Beater, she’d be the Gryffindor’s team captain. Once she’d left Hogwarts, she’d spend a few years as an Auror before being recruited as a professional Quidditch player. I think she’d fit right in on the female-only Holyhead Harpies team (aka Ginny’s team).

Tiana: Slytherin

Tiana in Slytherin
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Tiana’s color scheme is already perfect for the house she’d be sorted into. Her ambition and drive to live the life she dreams of makes her the ideal Slytherin. She’s willing to do whatever it takes, including kissing a frog, to get her own restaurant despite people telling her it will never work.

This princess would excel in Potions since it’s a lot like cooking and baking. She’d spend time creating new potions that help students around exam period. Tiana would become a chef and start her own popular restaurant among witches and wizards on Diagon Alley.

Rapunzel: Ravenclaw

Rapunzel in Ravenclaw
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Rapunzel is the most creative Disney princess which makes her the perfect addition to Ravenclaw. She spends her entire life trapped in the tower honing her creative abilities. She’s also a quick learner with a sharp mind. She also makes friends quickly not because she’s kind, but because she’s curious about everything.

Rapunzel would do well in most of her classes, but she’d prefer Muggle Art classes. The only Ravenclaw on this list would have a hard time choosing one career path. However, she’d find success in being an artist and author. She wouldn’t be like Gilderoy Lockhart, though — her stories wouldn’t be full of lies and would be marketed as fiction.

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Merida: Gryffindor

Merida in Gryffindor
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The fiery-haired princess could only go in Gryffindor. After all, it’s literally the name of her movie, Brave. She is reckless, rash, and brave in the face of danger. Merida’s mom turns into a bear because she was mad at her, and she faces off against Mor’du despite not having a chance against him.

If Merida was a student at Hogwarts, you can bet that Merida would be a top-notch Quidditch player. She’d also excel in Flying class, probably mastering the skill in her first year. After she leaves Hogwarts, I couldn’t imagine any other job than a professional Quidditch player for Merida.

Moana: Gryffindor

Moana in Gryffindor
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There’s only one place for Moana and that’s the Gryffindor tower. She’s brave, strong-willed, and thirsts for adventure. Moana takes on Te’Ka, knocks Maui down a few pegs, and then finally gets the journey she’s been craving all her life.

While Moana would do well in Flying class in her first year, she’d find Astronomy to be her favorite class. She’d also be a great Beater on Gryffindor’s Quidditch team. She’d spend most of her life traveling with a professional Quidditch team.

Anna: Hufflepuff

Anna in Hufflepuff
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Anna almost made her way to Gryffindor by being reckless. Still, all of her actions were because of her loyalty to Elsa and their friends. She’s trusting of everyone and willing to do anything for those she loves. And up until she lost Elsa and Olaf, her optimism is contagious. We stan a Hufflepuff queen.

Anna would follow in her sister’s footsteps and excel in Charms. She’d also spend a lot of time around animals and talking with the Centaurs on the edge of the forbidden forest. After leaving Hogwarts, I can see working at the Ministry of Magic, probably in the Muggle Relations office.

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Elsa: Hufflepuff

Elsa in Hufflepuff
Pottermore | Warner Bros. | Walt Disney Studios

Before you start disagreeing with me, hear me out first. Elsa hides away to protect her sister and kingdom, proving her loyalty runs deep. Her being a Hufflepuff is just proven again in Frozen 2 when she risks everything and keeps her loved ones out of harm’s way to save the kingdom.

Elsa would definitely do well in Charms and Transfiguration. She literally made a living snowman out of snow, so she’s already got those skills down in her own movie. Once she’s left Hogwarts, I can see her being a Curse-breaker. I mean, she did kind of break a curse in Frozen 2 after all.

Princess Leia: Gryffindor

Princess Leia in Gryffindor
Pottermore | Warner Bros. | Lucasfilm | 20th Century Fox

After Disney took over Lucasfilm, Princess Leia became a Disney Princess, so I get to include her. If Leia was at Hogwarts, she’d no doubt be sorted into Gryffindor. She is intimidating and she knows it. She’s smart, bold, and brave; this makes her the perfect addition to the house.

If Leia went to Hogwarts, she’d definitely excel in Defense Against the Dark Arts. After all, she fought against the Empire for most of her life in Star Wars. After Hogwarts, I think she’d be an Auror, probably becoming head of the office later in life.

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