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What Color Lightsabers Would the Disney Princesses Wield?

What do you think would happen if the Disney Princesses went into the ‘Star Wars’ universe?
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We have paired the Disney Princesses up with Hogwarts, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Dungeons and Dragons. So, it’s about time we made them Force users in the Star Wars universe. After much research and several Star Wars history rabbit holes, I gathered the basics of what each lightsaber color represents and determined which are best for the Disney Princesses. Let’s go through each Disney Princess, from Snow White to Raya and see what color lightsabers they’d weild. I’m not including Princess Leia (technically, she’s a Disney princess now) because she’s already in Star Wars.

There are currently eight “canon” lightsaber colors, and I will be using seven of those to categorize the princesses. I’m also disregarding rarity status because some “rare” colors make the most sense for these characters.

Snow White – Orange

Snow White in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Walt Disney | RKO Radio Pictures

When it came to the first Disney princess, I was torn between green and orange. In the end, I settled on her using an orange lightsaber once she’d finished her training. While training, she’d use the green lightsaber, but over time, she’d build her own saber with things she scavenged.

Orange lightsabers are rare in the Star Wars canon, and not much is known about them. I had to go off theories and the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order game guide to find out more about them. This color represents pacifism, negotiation, and kindness. And to me, that sounds like Snow White.

Cinderella – Green

Cinderella in Cinderella
Walt Disney | RKO Radio Pictures

I really wanted to pair Cinderella with a blue saber for aesthetic reasons, but green fits her personality better. Green lightsabers are commonly used by Jedi Consulars and represent wisdom and skill. These Force-users value harmony over fighting and violence, which is why it seemed to fit Cinderella best.

Over time, as she became more versed in the Force, I can see her moving more towards an orange lightsaber. For many of the same reasons as Snow White, she always tried to be kind, which is why the color drew her in. However, she’d always come back to her trusty green lightsaber.

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Sleeping Beauty – Green

Aurora in Sleeping Beauty
Walt Disney | Buena Vista

For some reason, I immediately knew I was going to have Sleeping Beauty wield a green lightsaber. While it would be easy to choose one of her two iconic dress colors, a blue lightsaber just wouldn’t fit her personality well.

We didn’t see much of Sleeping Beauty in the animated movie, so I did take some liberties and used the live-action version of her to determine the best color for her. And that was green. She’s wise and open-minded while still having the skills she needs to survive. Green is precisely what would call to her.

Ariel – Yellow, Blue, and Purple

Ariel in The Little Mermaid
Walt Disney | Silver Screens IV | Buena Vista

We’ve come to the first Disney princess to wield multiple colors throughout her life after finishing up Jedi training. Ariel’s first lightsaber would be yellow; the color represents a combination of wisdom and combat. It’s also a representation of intrigue and pursuit, something that fits her personality perfectly.

Over time, she’d gravitate towards a blue lightsaber, which is commonly wielded by Jedi Guardians who protect the Jedi Order. In The Little Mermaid II, she goes far to save her daughter and family, which is why she’d pick up this color after some time.

Even farther into her life, I think Ariel would start toeing the line between the Dark and Light sides and pick up a purple lightsaber. Though this color initially didn’t have any meaning, it has come to represent ambiguity, uncertainty, and reconstruction. The way Ariel was the bridge between the sea and land just makes me think she’d wield this saber color well.

Belle -Green

Belle in Beauty and the Beast
Walt Disney | Silver Screens IV | Buena Vista

Belle cherishes her knowledge over everything else, which is why she’d be a fantastic green saber user. In both the animated and live-action films, she was always trying to learn more and sharing that knowledge with others.

The trait that green represents most in Belle is wisdom. If she existed within the Star Wars universe, she’d be extremely powerful and also manage to stay far from the Dark side. And even though yellow or blue sabers would match her dresses better, green just suits her best.

Jasmine – Blue and Purple

Jasmine in Aladdin
Walt Disney | Buena Vista

Jasmine would train with a blue lightsaber. For most of her life after becoming a Jedi, she’d stick with the same saber. Blue is meant for the fighters of the Jedi Order, and that’s precisely what Jasmine is. She constantly fought to be heard, and she’d do the same thing in the Star Wars universe.

After meeting Aladdin, however, she does tend to toe the line between her rigid upbringing and his scrappy, freewheeling lifestyle. That’s why she’d pick up a purple lightsaber later in life. Jasmine’s not willing to cut ties with the Jedi, but she’d still try some new techniques that are usually frowned upon.

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Pocahontas – Orange and White

Pocahontas in Pocahontas
Walt Disney | Buena Vista

Pocahontas reminds me of Ahsoka Tano in her journey through both of her movies (even the second that we don’t talk about). Throughout her Padawan years, she’d train with one weapon before her Master tells her to try dual-wielding.

Once she’d become a Master herself, her color of choice would be orange as she has always used violence as a last resort. Over time, she’d rescue two red sabers and purify them into white sabers like Ahsoka. White sabers represent clarity and independence. They are only wielded by Force users who entirely cut ties with both Jedi and Sith.

Mulan – Blue and Purple

Mulan in Mulan
Walt Disney | Buena Vista

Is it any surprise the literal warrior Disney princess would be one of the Jedi Guardians? I think she’d know her calling with the Jedi from a young age. She’d have the same saber through her Padawan years and as a Master.

After many years, however, she’d start to feel the pull toward the Dark Side of the Force but never quite give in to it. Because of this balance in her life, she’d journey to find a purple kyber crystal. She’d still wield the same saber, but with a purple blade.

Tiana – Orange

Tiana in The Princess and the Frog
Walt Disney

It would be easy to say Tiana would wield a green lightsaber to match her iconic green dress. But that’s too easy. Looking at her actions and personality, I think she’d gravitate towards an orange lightsaber instead of the other more common colors.

Tiana might not seem like a stereotypical pacifist, but she isn’t violent in the slightest. She’s kind, which is one trait the orange saber represents. And though orange is typically used by characters with a void inside them, the same could be said of Tiana at the beginning of her movie.

Rapunzel – Yellow to Purple

Rapunzel in Tangled
Walt Disney

Ironic that Rapunzel would wield both colors that are typically associated with her in Tangled. She’d start her journey as a Jedi using a yellow lightsaber as she comes up with creative solutions to many problems, including using a frying pan to fight people.

After her movie, she went on to dabble in some dark magic in Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure. Because of her struggle and balance of the light and dark magic in her world, I think she’d be able to balance the Dark and Light sides of the Force well.

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Merida – Blue or Purple

Merida in Brave
Walt Disney | Pixar

Much like Mulan, Merida would know from a very young age that she’s meant to wield a blue lightsaber. She’s a fighter through and through. Blue represents bravery, righteousness, and justice.

Following her path in Brave, Merida would drift to the Dark side for a bit before coming back to the Light side. After her experience with the Sith, she’d eventually choose a purple saber that matches more with her personality and storyline.

Moana – Green to Yellow

Moana in Moana
Walt Disney

Moana is wise and possesses the skills needed to survive. She is also a bit scrappy when she needed to, which is why I think she’d start her Jedi journey with a green lightsaber. It’s familiar and would fit what she believes to be the way her life should go.

As she adventures, she finds herself balancing her knowledge with her combat skills while also pursuing new horizons and life experiences. She’s also able to come up with efficient plans to achieve her ambitious goals, which is why a yellow lightsaber would fit her best.

Anna – Blue

Anna in Frozen 2
Walt Disney

Out of the two Arendelle sisters, Anna is much more likely to get into a fight. She woke up the Rock Giants, for crying out loud! That’s why she’d use a blue lightsaber all her life. Though red or purple would fit her aesthetic best, they just don’t feel suitable for the newest Queen of Arendelle.

Blue lightsaber users always fight for justice and try to do the right thing. And if her song from Frozen II (“The Next Right Thing”) is any indicator, she will always put aside her feelings if it means finishing what her sister started and protecting everyone.

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Elsa – Purple, Maybe White

Elsa in Frozen 2
Walt Disney

For some reason, I couldn’t quite settle on whether Elsa would wield a purple or white lightsaber. Going off just Frozen, I could see her using one purple lightsaber, as that specific color represents uncertainty and reconstruction. And Elsa rebuilt herself in that movie while overcoming all the doubts about her powers.

However, after seeing her transformation and actions in Frozen II, I think Elsa would switch to dual-wielding white sabers. As of the end of the sequel, she’s pretty much cut ties with Arendelle, much like how I can see her journey in the Star Wars universe.

Raya – Green, Red, and White

Raya in Raya and the Last Dragon
Walt Disney

Raya started out training under her father as a child, learning his ways. And while they did train in combat, he wanted her to focus on her wisdom and connection to the dragon gem. Because of this, Raya would start out using a green lightsaber.

After his death (or statue transformation), she’d turn to the Dark Side with only one goal: vengeance. And though she’d always have her connection to the Light Side because of her love for her father, she can’t resist the Sith’s pull.

Following her journey and growth in the movie, Raya would eventually turn from the Dark Side again. However, instead of going back to Jedi ways, she’d cut ties entirely with both sides and live a solitary life. I think those colors fit her best and couldn’t imagine any other colors doing her story justice.