Sorting HTTYD Hogwarts Houses
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Sorting ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ into Hogwarts Houses

It’s time to merge together two nostalgic franchises and send some dragon-riding Vikings to Hogwarts.
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We know the story of Berkians and their dragons from How to Train Your Dragon. Even after Hiccup and Toothless’s story ended, the franchise is still going strong. So, why not take this nostalgic series and mash it with another enduring favorite: Harry Potter?

I’ll be sorting the characters from How to Train Your Dragon and talking about what their wizarding lives would be like. Sadly, I’ll only be sorting the humans in the franchise. But don’t worry, their dragons will make an appearance with them. Now, let’s get to sorting!

Just to refresh your mind: Gryffindors are reckless but brave, while Slytherins are ambitious and cunning. Hufflepuffs are loyal and hard-working, and Ravenclaws are creative perfectionists.

Viggo: Slytherin

Viggo from HTTYD; Slytherin
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You wouldn’t know Viggo if you didn’t watch Race to the Edge (which you should if you like the movies). I considered placing him in Ravenclaw for his endless knowledge. But despite having Ravenclaw traits, he values his ambitions so much more than anything else.

If Viggo went to Hogwarts, he’d no doubt excel in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Arithmancy. He’d also be skilled in Legilimency. Viggo would be one of the Chasers for the Slytherin Quidditch team. After Hogwarts, he would have become a bounty hunter like in the show, except with dark wizards instead of dragons.

Ryker: Hufflepuff

Ryker from HTTYD; Hufflepuff
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Ryker only showed up in the Dragons show as Viggo’s brother. Where Viggo was intelligent and always many steps ahead, Ryker just followed orders. He was courageous and reckless, but I think he valued his brother and their partnership more than anything else.

Like his brother, Ryker would do well in Defense Against the Dark Arts (but that’s the only class he excels in). He’d also join the Quidditch team but as one of Hufflepuff’s Beaters. When he goes up against his brother, he consistently aims away from him regardless of the game. Ryker would end up joining Viggo as a bounty hunter.

Dagur: Slytherin

Dagur from HTTYD; Slytherin
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox | Netflix | Cartoon Network | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

Much like Ryker and Viggo, Dagur was only in the show and not the films. From the moment he walked on screen, it was apparent he only cared about himself. That is until he befriends the Berkians and meets his sister. Because he’s so quick to switch sides to save his own skin, I see him as a Slytherin.

Dagur’s best classes would be Charms and Transfiguration. In his seventh year, he would have mastered becoming an Animagus (he’s a red fox). Dagur would also be the Keeper on his house’s Quidditch team. After Hogwarts, he would have ended up working a desk job in the Ministry of Magic after failing to become an Auror.

Heather: Slytherin

Heather from HTTYD; Slytherin
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Out of all the characters who only appear on the show, Heather is my favorite (and I wish she had been in the movies). She is Dagur’s long-lost sister but is much more cunning than he could ever dream. She’s not as flip-floppy as him, but she would do anything to save herself or her friends.

At Hogwarts, Heather would excel in Care of Magical Creatures and Defense Against the Dark Arts. She’d be the Slytherin Seeker and a Prefect during her fifth through seventh years. After Hogwarts, she would have become an Auror.

As for her dragon, Windshear, she would be a Kneazle. While they aren’t technically supposed to be Hogwarts students’ pets, an exception was made because the Kneazle searched Heather out on campus. Kneazles are easily the best judges of characters, so if one likes you, you’re in the clear.

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Eret: Gryffindor

Eret from HTTYD; Gryffindor
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It was a bit difficult deciding whether Eret was Gryffindor or Slytherin, then I considered Hufflepuff because he doesn’t fit either of those houses perfectly. But in the end, Eret is a Gryffindor because while he can be cunning and was an antagonist for a while, his bravery is more important to him.

Eret would excel in Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration; he’d also be one of Gryffindor’s Chasers on the Quidditch team. Eret would go on to become a Cursebreaker after Hogwarts, with his central location at Gringott’s.

After Stoick’s death in HTTYD2, Eret was entrusted with his dragon, Skullcrusher. In the wizarding world, Skullcrusher would have been a great horned owl that Hiccup would have given Eret after both left Hogwarts.

Gothi: Ravenclaw

Gothi from HTTYD; Ravenclaw
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox | Netflix | Cartoon Network | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

Gothi might have never uttered a word, but she was Berk’s elder that always gave direction (even to the Chief). We don’t know too much about her, but she seems to know everything, including that Hiccup would take Berk to higher places. So, she would fit perfectly in Ravenclaw.

Before I even get into what she’d excel at, let me just say she would be at Hogwarts before Albus Dumbledore was a professor there. Now that that’s out of the way, Gothi would be Head Girl her seventh year, excel in all of her classes, and would be Ravenclaw’s Keeper. After, she would have been in the Wizengamot.

As for her tiny dragon (which I think never had a name), it would have been an elderly cat that somehow still outlived Gothi. The cat would have come around during Gothi’s childhood and bonded with her human immediately.

Valka: Hufflepuff

Valka from HTTYD; Hufflepuff
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

Yes, Valka was brave and a bit reckless, but her values lay more in her loyalty to the dragons. To protect the dragons and her son, she left behind her entire life. She also worked hard with her haven of dragons to get them to trust her.

Valka’s the top student of her year in all her classes, including Divination and History of Magic. She would have been Hufflepuff’s Seeker during her time at Hogwarts. After, she would have become a Magizoologist that traveled the world.

And for Cloudjumper, the dragon would be a cat in the wizarding world. Valka wouldn’t have taken a pet to Hogwarts her first few years but would’ve come across Cloudjumper on campus as a kitten. She would have taken her in, and the rest is history.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Gryffindor

Ruffnut and Tuffnut from HTTYD; Gryffindor
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox | Netflix | Cartoon Network | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

This might sound cliché, but these mischievous twins are Gryffindors. They are the Fred and George Weasley of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise! Both sets of twins have some of that Slytherin cunning side, but they value fighting for their friends and family more than anything.

They would excel in Charms (and pranks) while at Hogwarts and be the Gryffindor Beaters from their second year. The only difference between the sets of twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut wouldn’t run a shop together in Diagon Alley; they’d take over the sweets shop in Hogsmeade.

As for Barf and Belch, they would be twin kittens the twins got on Diagon Alley. One would be mostly gray with white spots, while the other would be white with gray spots. And yes, they would have the same names as in the Dragons franchise.

Snotlout: Gryffindor

Snotlout from HTTYD; Gryffindor
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox | Netflix | Cartoon Network | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

Other than the twins, Snotlout is by far one of the most reckless characters in the entire franchise. In addition, he’s got every single good and bad trait that Gryffindors typically display. He also has some Slytherin traits, but he values his courage more than anything.

If Snotlout went to Hogwarts, his best class would be Flying, but he would also enjoy Charms. (His favorite spell is Bombarda.) He would be one of the Chasers for the Gryffindor team. The twins would go against the rules to hit him with Bludgers every game. After Hogwarts, Snotlout would be a Cursebreaker.

As for Hookfang, he would be a tawny owl with a temper. Even though Hookfang and Snotlout bonded, they’d come to blows constantly, and Snotlout would have tons of scratches during his time with the animal. But in the end, Hookfang would consistently deliver the letter to its intended recipient.

Fishlegs: Ravenclaw

Fishlegs from HTTYD; Ravenclaw
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Fishlegs was always searching for new facts about dragons, ways for the dragons to help out around Berk, and could spout off random facts off the top of his head. From his time with the dragons, it’s clear he would fit perfectly in with Ravenclaws.

Fishlegs would be the top student in all of his classes, as well as Head Boy his seventh year. While Fishlegs wouldn’t be on the Quidditch team, he would be their principal strategist when he actually pulls himself out of the library. After Hogwarts, he’d become a professor.

Meatlug is the first toad on the list. And I don’t mean that in a mean way; Fishlegs’s relationship with Meatlug reminds me of Neville and Trevor for some reason. Both would be as inseparable as Ruffnut and Tuffnut, even after Hogwarts.

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Gobber: Hufflepuff

Gobber from HTTYD; Hufflepuff
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox | Netflix | Cartoon Network | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

Gobber was a bit tricky to place, but one thing we know for sure is that he is loyal to the Haddocks at every turn. He’s also hard-working. In addition, he’s got many traits common in other houses. So, since Hufflepuff takes in everyone that doesn’t fit perfectly in a box, Gobber would be welcomed with open arms.

While at Hogwarts, Gobber would have done exceptionally well in Transfiguration and Muggle Studies. His fascination with Muggle objects would have taken up all of his time, so he wouldn’t be on the Quidditch team. After school, he would have tried his hand at Magizoology (specifically dragons) but ended up being one of the best inventors of the wizarding world.

As for his four dragons (Grump, His nemesis, Furnace, and Bonesnarl), they would have been various kinds of cats. Gobber would have gotten Grump before his first year but would have acquired the rest throughout the years after Hogwarts.

Stoick: Gryffindor

Stoick from HTTYD; Gryffindor
DreamWorks | Paramount Pictures | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

Do I really need to explain why Stoick is, without a doubt, a Gryffindor? He’s stubborn, a bit reckless, and brave. We didn’t get to see him during his teenage years, but if his time as Chief is any indication, he’s been the same person his entire life.

While at Hogwarts, Stoick’s strengths were on the Quidditch pitch as the star Chaser from his second to seventh years. However, he would do well in Defense Against the Dark Arts. After Hogwarts, he would have married Valka and become an Auror.

His first dragon, Thornado, would have been a tabby cat. Stoick would have gotten him before his first year at Hogwarts. As for Skullcrusher, Stoick would have gotten him from Valka as a wedding present. After Stoick’s death, Thornado would have gone to Gobber.

Astrid: Gryffindor

Astrid from HTTYD; Gryffindor
DreamWorks | Universal Pictures | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

I don’t think anyone would dare think of sorting Astrid into any other house than Gryffindor. She’s always one of the first to run into battle, even in the first movie when they were in dragon-fighting school. Gryffindor would be proud to have her in it.

In my dream Harry Potter-HTTYD world, Astrid and Hiccup would be a year younger than the rest of their friends. So, I’m running with that. In addition to her doing well in all of her classes, Astrid would be Head Girl in her seventh year and one of Gryffindor’s Chasers.

After Hogwarts, she would have married Hiccup and adopted Stormfly, a tabby cat. She would have become an Auror, with Stormfly accompanying her on many missions to keep her company. In addition, Toothless and the Light Fury would end up as her pets.

Hiccup: Gryffindor

Hiccup from HTTYD; Gryffindor
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

With how much Hiccup adventures as he tries to learn more about the world, it breaks my heart to say he’s not a Ravenclaw. Yes, he’s clever and wiser than most his age, but he values bravery and being himself more. He’s also a bit stubborn like his father.

Hiccup would be Head Boy in his seventh year with Astrid. He’d also be Gryffindor’s Seeker, the top student of his year (just barely beating out Astrid for that title because of History of Magic). His favorite class would be Care of Magical Creatures. After Hogwarts, he’d become a Magizoologist.

As for Toothless, the Night Fury would become a black cat. Hiccup would have adopted him while getting his supplies before his first year, and they would be nearly inseparable. Several years after marrying Astrid, he would have taken in a white Kneazle (the Light Fury).