Sorting Encanto Characters into Hogwarts Houses feat
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Sorting ‘Encanto’ Characters into Hogwarts Houses

While families tend to be sorted together in ‘Harry Potter,' can the same be said for the Madrigal family from ‘Encanto’?
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Encanto has already earned a reputation as one of Disney’s best movies. And months later, we still can’t get “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” out of our heads. So, why not sort the Madrigal family and some friends of theirs into Hogwarts houses as we’ve done for so many other fictional characters? I’ll sort the characters and explain why, as well as talk about what their lives would have been like if they had been born in the wizarding world instead.

As a quick refresher: Gryffindors are brave and reckless, Ravenclaws are creative and wise, Hufflepuffs are loyal and hard-working, and Slytherins are cunning and ambitious.

Kid with the Coffee: Ravenclaw

Coffee Kid, Ravenclaw crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

I don’t know about you, but my favorite character from Encanto outside of the Madrigal family is the kid who’s constantly drinking coffee. He’s a total Ravenclaw. The kid is constantly questioning everything and comes up with a way to use his coffee addiction to his benefit at the end of the movie.

If the coffee kid went to Hogwarts, I think he’d do well in all of his classes only because he’s curious about everything. That said, he’d especially love Muggle Studies because there’s an endless supply of learning materials. After Hogwarts, he’d end up working in the Ministry.

Mariano: Hufflepuff

Mariano, Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

Mariano puts it best at the end of Encanto: he just has so much love to give. Seeing the way he interacts with his mother, Isabela, Dolores, and the rest of the town, it’s obvious that Mariano would be sorted immediately into Hufflepuff during the Sorting Ceremony.

While at Hogwarts, Mariano would do well in Herbology, Astronomy, and Charms. He’d meet Isabela in Herbology, but over time, his love of Charms would lead him to Dolores. After Hogwarts, he would marry Dolores and work in the Ministry.

Abuelo Pedro: Gryffindor

Pedro, Gryffindor crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

Though we don’t see much of Pedro in the film, we know just enough to know that he’d be a Gryffindor in the wizarding world. To save everyone in his village, he faced off against those chasing them. Sadly, his bravery was what got him killed in the end, but it also helped save everyone else.

First and foremost, Pedro would have lived a long life in the wizarding world. At Hogwarts, he would have loved Charms and Care of Magical Creatures; he’d also have been Gryffindor’s Seeker during his fourth through seventh years. After Hogwarts, he’d have taken a job as an Auror.

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Abuela Alma: Slytherin

Abuela, Slytherin crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

I’ve seen several people say Abuela is a Hufflepuff who was blinded by her need to protect her people. But I think she’s much more fitted to be a Slytherin. She took her ambitions of saving the village a bit too far and hurt her family even more. Abuela even hid the cracks in Casita to keep up her “perfect” image.

If Abeula went to Hogwarts, she’d do exceptionally well in Transfiguration and Charms. She would befriend Pedro during their fifth year, quickly getting married after graduating from Hogwarts. He would talk her into joining her house’s Quidditch team as the Keeper.

After Hogwarts, she’d raise her three children at home while Pedro worked. However, after all three went to Hogwarts, she’d get an administration job at the Ministry before retiring in time to help raise her many grandchildren.

Camilo: Hufflepuff

Camilo, Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

With chameleon-like powers, it would be too easy to say Camilo is a Slytherin. But he doesn’t use his shapeshifting abilities to get ahead in life or accomplish sinister deeds; he uses them more to get extra breakfast or help those around him.

Camilo would do well in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration. He’d also be a Chaser for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team starting in his second year. I also think he would have been born a Metamorphmagus, a wizard who can change his appearance at will. After Hogwarts, he’d work at his aunt’s business.

Dolores: Slytherin

Dolores, Slytherin crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

I love Dolores with all my heart, but she’s sneaky and secretive. With her ability to hear literally everything in town, including the fact Bruno is living nearby, she keeps quiet instead. I wouldn’t doubt she heard the cracks in Casita and just let Mirabel feel crazy for a while for her own benefit.

At Hogwarts, Dolores’s favorite class would be Charms. She’d also master the Patronus charm quicker than most of her classmates. She’d also be the Seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch team in her fifth through seventh years. After Hogwarts, she’d become an Unspeakable at the Ministry.

Antonio: Hufflepuff

Antonio, Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

Antonio is still very young, and while he wouldn’t be able to be sorted just yet, I think he’s a perfect fit for Hufflepuff. That could change if we ever get an Encanto 2! From what we’ve seen, he’s a loyal family member and just a happy little kid. He’d be happy in the Hufflepuff house.

Setting aside the fact he’s too young for Hogwarts as of the movie, Antonio would no doubt be the best Care of Magical Creatures student since Hagrid. I can also see him being on the Quidditch team like his parents, but I think he’d be the Keeper like his aunt. After Hogwarts, he’d definitely be a Magizoologist.

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Félix: Hufflepuff

Felix, Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

Despite Félix marrying into the Madrigal family, he’s loyal to it to the end. He kept his mouth quiet about Abuela’s actions and words towards Pepa’s powers just to keep everyone happy. And Félix was constantly working to help Pepa keep her powers in check to protect her from Abuela’s criticisms.

Félix would do exceptionally well in Charms and Care of Magical Creatures while at Hogwarts. And he’d meet Pepa through Quidditch as he’s a Beater starting in his second year. After Hogwarts, he’d work in the Magical Creatures division of the Ministry.

Pepa: Hufflepuff

Pepa, Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

While Pepa can be understandably a bit standoffish, she’s got nearly all of Hufflepuff’s traits. She works hard on mastering her powers, is loyal to her family even after Bruno “ruins” her wedding, and she’s pretty patient despite the chaos around her.

It’s hard pinning down a specific class Pepa would love more than the others, but I think her best skill would be Flying. She’d be a Hufflepuff Chaser from her second to fourth year before being bumped up to Seeker in her fifth year. After Hogwarts, she’d spend her days helping Julieta with her business.

Julieta: Hufflepuff

Julieta, Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

For many of the same reasons as her sister, Julieta would be sorted into Hufflepuff. She’s hard-working, loyal, and just. I mean, look at her baking daily just to heal those in her family and town; I certainly couldn’t imagine spending nearly every day over a stove or oven.

At Hogwarts, Julieta would be one of the top students in her year – she’s tied with Augustin. Though she’d love all of her classes, she’d enjoy Potions the most. She’d also be the Keeper for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team.

After Hogwarts, Julieta and Augustin would marry young. She’d eventually start a bakery in Diagon Alley – Augustin would offer to help out, but he’d make more messes than food. And Isabela would move into the shop next door to Julieta’s after graduating from Hogwarts.

Augustin: Gryffindor

Augustin, Gryffindor crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

I think it’s fitting that the clumsiest member of the Madrigal family would be sorted into Gryffindor. Augustin stands up to Abuela multiple times, rushes in despite dangers (remember the bee sting incident?), and is fiercely determined to help his family in any way he can.

At Hogwarts, Augustin’s best classes would be Muggle Studies and Arithmancy. And while he’d love Flying, he wouldn’t be good at it. After Hogwarts, he’d marry Julieta young and start a career within the Ministry. However, he’d leave it to help Isabela with her shop.

Isabela: Ravenclaw

Isabela, Ravenclaw crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

It breaks my heart to say it, but there’s only one Ravenclaw in the entire Madrigal family. But at least it’s a character that eventually gets to embrace her true passions. Isabela is a creative soul that was trapped in Abuela’s “perfect” image for too long.

If Isabella attended Hogwarts, she’d excel in all of her classes just to make her family proud; her favorites, though, would be Herbology and Transfiguration. She’d join the Quidditch team as a Chaser. After Hogwarts, Isabela would become an Herbologist with a shop in Diagon Alley.

Luisa: Hufflepuff

Luisa (and the donkeys), Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

As the strongest character, most would assume just by looking at Luisa that she’d be a Gryffindor. But, she isn’t reckless; she’s most loyal than anything. Luisa put her own well-being aside to make everyone happy and help protect the town. Sounds just like a Hufflepuff.

Luisa’s favorite classes would be Care of Magical Creatures and Charms; she would especially love Wingardium Leviosa. Luisa would also join the Quidditch team as a Beater. She’d become a metal charmer after Hogwarts.

Bruno: Hufflepuff

Bruno, Hufflepuff crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

Bruno literally hid in the walls of Casita for several years because he couldn’t bring himself to leave his family. And the only reason he seemed to disappear was to protect another member of his family. If that isn’t a Hufflepuff thing to do, I don’t know what is.

At Hogwarts, Bruno’s best class would definitely be Divination. He’d get some remarks about his high grades in the class, but he wouldn’t take them to heart. And though Bruno wouldn’t join the Quidditch team, he’d cheer on his sisters every game. After Hogwarts, he’d work as an Unspeakable in the Ministry.

Mirabel: Gryffindor

Mirabel, Gryffindor crest
Warner Bros. | Pottermore | Disney

Mirabel takes after her father and grandfather, so it makes sense she’d be sorted into Gryffindor. Mirabel rushed headfirst into dangerous situations (such as Casita falling apart) to protect what she loved. She even stood up to Abuela!

If Mirabel went to Hogwarts, she’d be a student towards the top of all of her classes. However, I see her doing exceptionally well in Charms and Astronomy. In addition to her schooling, she’d join the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a Beater; it would be perfect for getting her stress out.

After Hogwarts, Mirabel would become a Curse-Breaker. When she’s not working, I think she’d also become a top fiction writer in both the wizarding and Muggle worlds.