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Everything We Know About ‘Knives Out 2’

Rian Johnson created a mystery that came with tons of twists and turns in 2019. Here's everything we know about his 2022 follow-up film.
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Rian Johnson took movie theaters and the Golden Globes by storm in 2019 with Knives Out, and he’s working on replicating that success with his next Knives Out mystery.

Who’s Been Cast?

Daniel Craig is already signed on for the two Knives Out sequels. Craig will be reprising his role as Detective Benoit Blanc.

Dave Bautista, who was catapulted to acting stardom by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, was cast in an unnamed role. Bautista is excited to work with Johnson and the cast but expressed concern over holding his own among the cast. But don’t worry, he’ll do great (trust us on this).

Kathryn Hahn has also been cast in the film. After filming WandaVision, she spoke about meeting Rian Johnson a few times over Zoom. So, you can thank the video conferencing app for this casting choice.

Among the all-star cast is Madelyn Cline, who landed her first significant role in Outer Banks. If anything is clear, she has a knack for landing roles in mysteries, and we have no problem with that.

Other new cast members include Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Ethan Hawke, Jessica Henwick, Kate Hudson, and Leslie Odom, Jr.

Jada Pinkett Smith has been seen in set photos, but she has not been officially announced in the cast.

Knives Out
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Who Else Is Attached to the Film?

In March 2021, Netflix purchased the rights to the two sequels in their biggest film purchase so far. The switch from Lionsgate to Netflix was $450 million.

The deal gives Rian Johnson complete creative control, with Netflix not giving notes on the productions. The only stipulations were that Daniel Craig reprise his role in the sequels, and each movie must have at least the budget of the 2019 movie.

Johnson will be writing, directing, and producing the second film. He has yet to begin work on the third Knives Out film because he is focusing on Knives Out 2.

Ram Bergman is the only other producer attached to the sequel.

Costume designer Jenny Eagan will return from the first movie for the second. While she worked with darker colors and thicker layers, the second film will be in a summery setting. This means she’ll get to work with a lot more color and free-flowing fabrics.

Eagan also put a lot of detail and easter eggs into her work with the first film, so we’re excited to see what we can find in the second.

Cinematographer Steve Yedlin has worked with Rian Johnson on all of Johnson’s feature films and will continue with the two sequels.

Knives Out
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What Will It Be About?

While the sequel is currently known as Knives Out 2, there is no official title. Rian Johnson has said that the title won’t be Knives Out 2 since it’s not a direct sequel.

“I’ve never really been interested in doing sequels, but this, the idea of doing more of these with Daniel as his character, it’s not sequels,” Johnson said in September 2019 after the first film’s world premiere. “It’s just what Agatha Christie did. It’s just coming up with a whole new mystery, a whole new location, all new cast, whole new mechanics of the appeal of a mystery, and everything. It’d be a blast.”

The series will be an anthology series following Detective Benoit Blanc. Johnson cited Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot novel series. When the official title comes out, it might come with a subhead like “A Benoit Blanc Mystery.”

He added in an interview with SiriusXM in February 2020, “There’s so many different things you can do with it. And that’s what’s fun about it. You look at Agatha Christie’s books, and it’s not like every single one is a mansion, a library, and a detective. Besides the setting, she also explored a bunch of different subgenres. She found a different narrative way into each of them.”

Filming started on June 28, 2021, in Spetses, Greece, and concluded at the end of July 2021. Principal photography is halfway complete, and the rest of the filming will take place outside of Greece.

The plot has not been released as of yet.

We can’t wait to see what else is released before the movie is released in 2022.