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Hallmark Declares Early Holiday Season

Have the execs at Hallmark been getting into the eggnog already? It's too early for holiday movies... unless that's exactly the boost your spirits need right now.
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    Christmas creep is a real thing. No, not that weird person in your office who wanders around in an elf hat demanding to know if you’ve been naughty or nice. That’s something to take up with your HR department. I’m talking about the slow spread of the holiday season into other parts of the year.

    Christmas Presents

    Back in my day, the holidays lasted from Thanksgiving until New Year’s. No matter how you celebrate, there was an end-of-the-year festival or religious observation for everybody. And for some of us, watching Hallmark Christmas movies is a very serious holiday tradition.

    With Christmas decorations hitting stores before Halloween, it seems like the boundary between the end of fall and the start of the winter holidays has been totally blurred.

    Hallmark isn’t helping matters. The feel-good channel kicked off their 24/7 Christmas programming a full week before spooky season ended. Is this sacrilege or exactly what we all needed after a long, tough year?