‘Harry Potter’ Star Wanted More of Her Relationship With Harry — But Did We Need It?

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Harry Potter ended up with Ginny Weasley in the end, but movie fans may have missed out on a lot of their relationship.

In fact, Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny in the films, revealed she wished the movies spent more time diving into their romance throughout the eight films. 

But, while Bonnie may have wanted more of her character, did we really need more Ginny? 

Bonnie Wishes the Movies Showed the “Nuances” of Their Relationship

While Ginny was in every Harry Potter film, she didn’t really become an integral character until around the fifth movie, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. 

Then, though she and Harry did develop a romance, barely any screen time was given to the couple. 

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In fact, the only time their relationship was really shown was when it involved the larger plot. 

“In terms of what was left out, I mean, I think everyone would have loved every part of their character in the book in the film. But I think for me, what I would have loved is just kind of the nuances of the relationship building,” Bonnie told Us Weekly.

“I think just having a bit more of that onscreen, I think to see the kind of chemistry and our dynamic develop, I think would have been really helpful and key to their sort of love story and why they end up together. So I would’ve loved that. I can’t pinpoint a specific moment from the book, but I think just a few little moments of nuances of their chemistry.”

However, the Final Scene Came Full Circle

As to be expected, the books gave readers more details into Harry and Ginny’s relationship, including how they went from friends to more than friends.

And, while the movies were well-received and ultimately very successful in bringing the story to life on-screen, a lot of the romance got left on the cutting room floor.

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However, despite pieces of the story being cut out, Bonnie loved shooting the very final scene of the franchise, which shows Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron saying goodbye to their kids as they go to Hogwarts.

“It was literally our final scene, which was cool. It came full circle for me too, because it was the same set that I started on. I started on platform nine three-quarters and I ended on it,” she shared.

“The young actors playing our children were like our age when we began it. So it felt very, very, very surreal. And it kind of enabled us, I feel, like, to give a nice closure to it. I think that’s what was so important about that scene. It does kind of close the story in a really kind of satisfying way.”

Did We Really Need More Ginny?

While I understand why Bonnie wanted more of her character in the films, I’m not sure we needed more Ginny.

In fact, call me crazy, but Ginny was one of my least favorite characters in the franchise. I thought her chemistry with Harry was non-existent and they didn’t really make very much sense as a couple. 

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Though the film had an obligation to show aspects of their relationship for the sake of the story, I feel as though they shared just enough. 

Do you wish they would’ve shown more of Ginny and Harry’s relationship or do you agree we got plenty?