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Lightsabers ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Characters Would Wield

Let’s swap those dragons for lightsabers and send the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ characters to space.
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I’m fixated on How to Train Your Dragon and Star Wars at the moment, so what better time to make a crossover between them? I’ll be pairing several HTTYD characters with one or two of the eight canon lightsaber colors. In the Star Wars universe, the color of the saber represents something about the wielder’s character and values.

Now, it pains me to say this: I won’t be including the dragons in this post because I can’t think of a way for them to wield lightsabers. And just in case you haven’t watched Race to the Edge, here’s your only spoiler warning because I will be talking about some characters from it.

What Are the Saber Colors?

Blue, green, and red lightsabers are the three most common canon colors. Blue is typically wielded by Jedi Guardians and represents justice, righteousness, and bravery. They focus on honing their combat skills.

Green lightsaber wielders, on the other hand, tend to hone their connection to the Force itself. This color is typically used by the Jedi Consular and represents wisdom and skill.

Red sabers represent hate, fear, pain, suffering, and other strong negative feelings. Red Kyber crystals can only be created through painful means.

Canon Lightsabers
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The rarer canon colors are purple, yellow, orange, white, and black. I’ll be skipping over black because it doesn’t fit any of the HTTYD characters’ personalities. Purple represents moral ambiguity and uncertainty; orange represents pacificism.

Yellow saber users are typically those with strong characteristics of both green and blue saber wielders; it represents intrigue, persistence, and pursuit. White crystals are only created by purifying a red Kyber, and it represents autonomy and neutrality.

Viggo: Red

Viggo in HTTYD Race to the Edge
DreamWorks | Netflix | Cartoon Network | 20th Century Fox

Though Viggo did eventually turn to the good side in the How to Train Your Dragon show, it was short-lived. By that, I mean he literally died right after seeing the error of his ways. But before that, Viggo was a scheming bad guy who always seemed to be one step ahead. So, I think he’d have a red lightsaber.

In the Star Wars universe, Viggo would have been discovered to be Force-sensitive by the Sith at a young age. He would have gone through training and stolen a Jedi’s lightsaber to wield for himself. To turn a Kyber crystal red, you have to “bleed” it, so Viggo’s stolen saber would turn red over time.

Ryker: Red

Ryker in HTTYD Race to the Edge
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Much like his brother Viggo, Ryker was a primary antagonist throughout the HTTYD show. Where he lacked in strategy, he made up for in brute strength. He’s got nearly every personality trait that we commonly see in Sith, so of course, he’d wield a red saber.

Ryker would have been discovered at the same time as Viggo and taken away for training. I think he would have struggled with the Force, but combat would be his strong suit. And just like his brother, he’d steal a Jedi’s lightsaber and “bleed” the crystal.

Dagur: Red and White

Dagur in HTTYD Race to the Edge
DreamWorks | Netflix | Cartoon Network | 20th Century Fox

When Dagur first showed up in Race to the Edge, he was a funny villain. He was a bit dangerous and volatile, but in the end, he really bonded with the Dragon Riders. He even went so far as to get his own dragon. But he tends to toe the line between bad and good without choosing a side outright.

Following Dagur’s backstory from HTTYD, I think he would have been raised by a Sith and trained using dark side techniques. However, after befriending Hiccup and finding Heather, he’d turn his back on the Sith and purify the lightsaber that he created during training.

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Heather: Purple and White

Heather in HTTYD Race to the Edge
DreamWorks | Netflix | Cartoon Network | 20th Century Fox

Much like her brother, Heather was introduced as a villain. But she only did what she had to in order to survive. Over time, Heather takes down a few bad guys and really hones her skills as a fighter and rider. So, I think she’d start out with a purple saber before adding a purified Sith saber to her weaponry.

Heather was raised away from other tribes in the HTTYD universe, and I think that would be the same story in space. She would have crafted a lightsaber slowly over time as she searched for a Kyber crystal. Then, after meeting Dagur, she’d start dual-wielding her purple and white sabers.

Eret: Red and Blue

Eret in HTTYD2
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Eret was one of the main antagonists. But he changes his ways toward the end of the film and becomes a full-fledged Dragon Rider in the third film. So, while he’d start with a red saber, he’d pick up a blue one in the end.

As with the other red lightsaber users on this list, Eret would have been discovered by the Sith at a young age. He’d have scavenged for parts from fallen Sith’s hilts and created his own. But when it comes to his blue saber, I think it would have been Stoick’s before he died.

Gothi: Green

Gothi in HTTYD Race to the Edge
DreamWorks | Netflix | Cartoon Network | 20th Century Fox

In the movies, Gothi’s just the elder who shows up every once in a while. But in the show, she’s a lot more fun… and will hit you with her staff if you’re not paying attention to what she writes. So, while I think an orange saber would fit her aesthetic, a green one fits her personality much better.

In some ways, Gothi reminds me of Yoda; the only difference is that Yoda speaks sometimes. But since we don’t know how young Yoda was when he was brought to Jedi training, I’m going to take some liberties.

Gothi would have been discovered later in life, maybe around her late teens or early twenties, by the Jedi. She would have already been training to master her connection to the Force, so by the time they found her, she would have already crafted a hilt and just needed a Kyber crystal.

Valka: White and Yellow

Valka in HTTYD2
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox

Valka left Berk to protect the dragons–and because she never quite fit in. I think the same would be true in the Star Wars universe. She seems like the perfect person to wield a white lightsaber for most of her life. Over time, she would also make a yellow saber and dual-wield her weapons.

Valka would have been trained by a Force user who was not a Jedi or Sith. So, when it came time to practice combat, Valka would have worked with her trainer to craft the best lightsaber for her. Then, after some time, she’d be drawn to a yellow Kyber and craft a second lightsaber for it.

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Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Blue

Ruffnut and Tuffnut in HTTYD Race to the Edge
DreamWorks | Netflix | Cartoon Network | 20th Century Fox

For the sake of time, I’m combining the twins because they literally never do anything apart. So, of course, they’d go through Jedi training and subsequent life events in the Star Wars universe together. And since they rush headfirst into combat all the time, matching blue lightsabers are perfect for the twins.

When it comes to the twins, I think they would have discovered they were Force-sensitive and caused trouble with it. Jedi would have come looking for them to take them to train. When it came time for sabers, they would have been given matching ones by their Master. Yes, they’d share a Master because like I said, they’re never apart!

Fishlegs: Green and Orange

Fishlegs in HTTYD Race to the Edge
DreamWorks | Netflix | Cartoon Network | 20th Century Fox

I debated what lightsaber fits Fishlegs best because he’s a strong fighter. But first and foremost, he’s a scholar. I think he’d be a Jedi Consular and wield a green saber. However, over time, he’d switch to an orange lightsaber.

Fishlegs would have been given a green lightsaber when he first became a Padawan. And he’d love it for years. But there’d always be an orange Kyber crystal calling to him across the galaxy. Fishlegs would eventually hand off the green saber to craft a hilt for that orange crystal and go off searching for it.

Snotlout: Blue

Snotlout in HTTYD Race to the Edge
DreamWorks | Netflix | Cartoon Network | 20th Century Fox

While I associate Snotlout with red, that color in a saber just isn’t right for him. Yes, he’s stubborn and has a lot of the same qualities as Anakin, but I don’t think Snotlout could ever truly go to the dark side. Therefore, a blue lightsaber would be his color of choice.

Snotlout would have become a Padawan at a very young age and would have trouble mastering his stubbornness. But he’d get it under control eventually. His blue saber would have been given to him as soon as he became a Padawan, and he’d never let it go.

Gobber: Blue

Gobber in HTTYD
Paramount | DreamWorks

I really struggled with Gobber. As much as I think he’d just live his life traveling around the universe and staying out of trouble, I don’t think he’d carry around an orange lightsaber. Just because he’s easy-going doesn’t mean he’s pacifistic – especially when Stoick needs him. I think a blue saber would fit him best.

I genuinely think Gobber wouldn’t have been trained properly when it comes to the Force or combat. In my mind, Gobber in Star Wars would just be a guy who happened to use the Force and came across a lightsaber. So, while he might use that if need be, he usually just sticks to himself and uses the Force to work faster.

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Stoick: Blue

Stoick in HTTYD
Paramount | DreamWorks

Again with the characters I associate with red but not having a red lightsaber. Stoick is stubborn and passionate, yes, but he’s also a strong fighter who values bravery over everything. I think he’d use a blue lightsaber.

Unlike his best friend Gobber and wife Valka, Stoick would have been trained by a Jedi Master. Over time, he’d be one of the fiercest Jedi Guardians around. As for his lightsaber, he would have been given it as a Padawan and only added upgrades to make it easier to hold.

Astrid: Blue and Yellow

Astrid in HTTYD
Paramount | DreamWorks

I think it’s fitting that Astrid would wield a blue lightsaber as her dragon is blue, but that’s not the only reason. Astrid has proven to be one of the best fighters – both on land and in the air – so of course, blue would be her first choice. But over time, she really gains that wisdom that yellow lightsaber wielders have.

Astrid would have been trained by Stoick as a Padawan, without a doubt. He would have trained her to be a force on the battlefield. But as Astrid grows closer to Hiccup, she’d teach him combat skills, and he’d help her strengthen her Force connection.

As for her lightsabers, the blue one would be given to her by Stoick; it would have belonged to a fallen Jedi that had the same fire as Astrid. After becoming a Jedi Master, she’d eventually go on a search with Hiccup for yellow crystals. Together, they’d craft their new hilts, and she’d dual-wield both sabers.

Hiccup: Green and Yellow

Hiccup in HTTYD2
DreamWorks | 20th Century Fox

Where Astrid was the fighter, Hiccup was the scholar. Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for his father, I think Hiccup would wield an orange lightsaber in the Star Wars universe. But if Stoick has anything to say about it, Hiccup’s being handed a green saber and sticking to tradition. But over time, as Hiccup follows his own path, he’d start wielding a yellow lightsaber.

Just like Astrid, Hiccup would have been sent to become a Padawan as soon as he showed he was Force-sensitive. His father would have tried to be the one to train him, but another Master would have been better suited. And I know I said “no dragons,” but Hiccup would have a black droid in honor of Toothless.

Hiccup’s first lightsaber would have been given to him. As he learned combat skills, he would have adjusted various parts of that hilt. Then, after becoming a Master, I think he would have crafted a hilt for a yellow crystal. Unlike Astrid, he’d use both interchangeably but not dual-wield them.