Jacob Colyer / GoFundMe / Laying Puppet To Rest

‘Jackass’ Star Dies at 54

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Professional wrestler and “Jackass” star Stevie Lee passed away on Wednesday, September 9. He was 54 years old.

His untimely death was confirmed yesterday on a GoFundMe page called “Laying Puppet To Rest.”

Lee’s famous nickname was “Psycho Puppet Dwarf.”

Jacob Colyer / GoFundMe / Laying Puppet To Rest

Lee died ‘unexpectedly’

According to the GoFundMe page, “Steve ‘Puppet The Psycho Dwarf’ Lee Richardson unexpectedly passed away” on Wednesday morning. The description for the page, which was organized by Jacob Colyer, reads,

“He was beloved by many and has many friends that were family, fans that adored him, but only his brother Jim and wife Steph left to take care of final arrangements. Puppet has put smiles across the world with his hardcore attitude and lifestyle. He is a legend in the art of Midget Wrestling. He needs our help to give him one last curtain call.”

The funds will go toward giving Lee “the best resting place possible,” with all proceeds being given to Jim Richardson.

“Thank you all so much and Puppet, we love you brother!” the page concludes. The current goal for the fundraiser is to reach $5,000.

Stevie Lee’s Career

“Jackass” is only a small part of Lee’s powerful legacy. Some of his most prestigious acting credits (including lots of wrestling) are:

  • NWA: Total Nonstop Action as Puppet (2002)
  • The Best Damn Sports Show Period as Puppet (2004)
  • Jackass 3D as Himself (2010)
  • Half Pint Brawlers as Puppet (2010)
  • Jackass 3.5 as Himself (2011)
  • Oz the Great and Powerful as the Munchkin Carriage Driver (2013)
  • American Horror Story: Freak Show as Evil Dwarf #2 (2014)
  • The Puppet Show as Puppet the Psycho Dwarf (2015)

Photos from the GoFundMe page show Lee hanging out with friends, getting dressed up with cast mates, hanging out with his dog, kicking back at the bar, marveling at gigantic plates of Mexican food, and overall enjoying life.

Fans mourn

Fans donating to the fundraiser are also leaving comments sending love and healing to Lee’s family. Many are also sharing memories of their favorite Puppet moments.

One donator wrote, “I loved him on [American Horror Story] freak show.. what a beautiful light, gone to [sic] soon.”

“There will be many many people and attempts in the world to be as good and as funny as the brotherhood that Jackass was,” another donator named Daniel Castro posted. “The little people of Jackass are what make Jackass that much better, and kept me entertained, long live Puppet, he will still make me laugh, he is not forgotten on my book.”

“Rest well Puppet. You were a hell of a showman!” a person by the name of Tyler Castillo wrote.

A donator from London even sent some money along with a caring note, showing just how far Lee’s influence stretched.