Taylor Swift Songs Based on Marvel Characters feat
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Taylor Swift Songs That Match Your Favorite MCU Character

Whether you like Taylor Swift or Marvel - or both - we’ve found the perfect way to merge the two.
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I recently found myself listening through playlists based on fictional characters. Because of this little fixation of mine, I decided I’d give it a try and pair some Marvel characters with Taylor Swift songs. I’ll only be using characters we met in Phases One through Three, though, so Yelena and Kate Bishop fans will have to wait a while. Some of the characters will also have multiple songs just because I couldn’t choose only one for them.

And spoiler alerts if you haven’t watched Multiverse of Madness because I’ll be talking about it a few times.

Peggy Carter: “right where you left me”

Peggy Carter
Marvel | Disney | ABC

I had to start off with Peggy because the song was an easy pick for me. When Steve went missing in the plane crash in Captain America: The First Avenger, Peggy went on with her life as we saw in Agent Carter.

But she also never left where Steve had last seen her on the off chance he’d return for her. He did end up returning in Endgame. The lyrics of “right where you left me” are perfect for Peggy and Steve’s love story.

Drax: “Invisible”

Marvel | Disney

I’m sorry, but I have to match Drax up with “Invisible” only because he thinks he can become invisible. He’s one of the funniest characters to me, so I wanted to do a funny entry for him.

In addition to the title just being perfect for him, the lyrics match what he probably felt with his team sometimes. Compared to the rest of the Guardians, Drax is a bit overlooked. At least he’s never invisible to Mantis!

Thanos: “I Did Something Bad”


When it comes to Thanos’s song pairing, I focused more on the chorus instead of the song as a whole. I matched him with “I Did Something Bad” because he really did something horrible.

Thanos’s whole plan for his life involved destroying planets, civilizations, and childhoods just to “save” the universe. Good intentions and bad actions don’t level out. He did something terrible and ended up dead – twice in one movie – because of it.

Ant-Man: “Shake It Off”

Ant Man
Marvel Studios | Disney

Scott Lang would unironically sing and dance to this song whenever it comes on. I’m sure he’d even break it out during karaoke if he went.

Scott constantly lets stuff slide right off his back, and that’s exactly what Taylor Swift sings about in “Shake It Off.” I honestly can’t think of any song that goes better with his personality.

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Vision: “Stay Stay Stay (Taylor’s Version)”

Marvel | Disney

All Wanda wanted in life was for someone to stay – especially Vision. She even extended the Hex to protect the man (robot?) that she loved just to get a little bit more time with him after he was ripped away from her

Even when Wanda and Vision had arguments in the Hex because he didn’t understand what was going on and what she was hiding from him, he still stuck by her side in the end.

Loki: “Bad Reputation”

Disney Plus

Loki had a bad reputation at the beginning of his journey. But by the time he died in Avengers: Infinity War, he had really turned that around. He was a good guy that would literally sacrifice himself for his brother, whom he once hated.

I think if Loki listened to Taylor Swift music, Reputation would be his favorite album and would especially relate to this song.

Wanda: “Red (Taylor’s Version)”, “mad woman”, and “Don’t Blame Me”

Scarlet Witch
Marvel Studios | Disney+

I couldn’t choose just one or two songs for Wanda. I chose three because they really encompass her journey through Infinity War to Multiverse of Madness. “Red (Taylor’s Version)” is the perfect song to describe her relationship with Vision – and it matches her aesthetic, too.

The second song, “mad woman,” reminds me of WandaVision. This song perfectly captures how people blamed her without seeing that she was overwhelmed with grief. They just thought she was a “mad woman.”

“Don’t Blame Me” is the last song I chose for Wanda. In Multiverse of Madness, she was blinded by love for her family from Westview (and the Darkhold’s influence) that she did some horrible things. And while we can blame her, she probably wouldn’t care anymore.

Captain Marvel: “The Man”

Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel
Marvel | Disney

Captain Marvel has been a divisive figure among MCU fans since her solo movie premiered. I personally love her as a character, and I don’t understand the hate she gets for being “arrogant” and not “smiley” enough.

She has a similar personality to Tony Stark, and he doesn’t get nearly the amount of hate she does. So, I paired Captain Marvel with “The Man” because if Carol Danvers were a man, he would be seen as the next best superhero in the MCU.

Star-Lord: “New Romantics”

Marvel | Disney

Out of all of Taylor Swift’s songs, “New Romantics” from 1989 has the most vintage sound. It was inspired by the New Romantics era of music from the late 70s. And given the music Star-Lord listens to, I couldn’t pass up this easy pairing.

“New Romantics” also captures his and Gamora’s complicated relationship as of Avengers: Endgame. The lyrics, “We need love; But all we want is danger”, perfectly captures their back and forth, which is sure to come in the next Guardians film.

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Doctor Strange: “Hey Stephen (Taylor’s Version)”

Doctor Strange
Marvel | Disney

I’m pretty sure Strange would open an endless portal under my feet for this song pairing, but I can’t help it. It’s even better because “Stephen” is spelled with a PH, so it really could be about him if a Marvel character had written it instead of Taylor Swift.

The lyrics of “Hey Stephen” all sound like they could be quotes from Marvel characters about the sorcerer. “I know looks can be deceiving, But I know I saw a light in you” sounds like something the Sorcerer Supreme would’ve said to him in his first film.

Sam Wilson: “peace”

Sam Wilson AKA Falcon AKA Captain America
Marvel | Disney

I had a hard time pairing Sam with a Taylor Swift song, but I think I managed to find one that even Sam would agree with. That song is “peace” from Folklore because of the meaning of the lyrics.

In “peace,” Swift talks about how she’s grown from her past relationships – both romances and friendships. And if we’ve seen anything of Sam in the MCU, it’s that his friendships with all of the Avengers and Bucky have helped him grow so much that he deserves the Captain America shield.

Bucky Barnes: “Innocent”

Bucky Barnes
Marvel | Disney

There are so many Taylor Swift songs that could fit well with Bucky’s story in the MCU. But I’m going to go with just “Innocent” for many reasons. The lyrics, “Who you are is not where you’ve been, You’re still an innocent” is precisely what Bucky’s been trying to learn about himself.

Every lyric in this song reflects Bucky’s time trying to move past his brainwashed days as the Winter Soldier. Even if you just listen to the chorus, you can hear why Bucky would pair well with this song, especially during his journey in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Spider-Man: “I Forgot That You Existed” and “A Place in This World”

Sony Pictures | Marvel Entertainment

I’m not sorry about “I Forgot That You Existed”, and I won’t apologize. For obvious reasons, literally everyone forgot who Peter was. So, I decided to take a cheap shot and add this in because the song is also just a fun listen for a fun character.

As for “A Place in This World”, ever since Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter has been trying to figure out who he is without the mask. “A Place in This World” is about looking in but never feeling like you could ever be where you want to.

Hawkeye: “The Archer”

Marvel | Disney

Again, here’s an obvious choice that I couldn’t pass up. Clint is one of the best archers in the MCU, so of course, I had to go with Taylor Swift’s “The Archer” from Lover. It’s an underrated song to go with an underrated hero.

The first chorus of “The Archer” says that she says she doesn’t want combat… but maybe she really does. For me, Clint always seemed that way after a few movies, specifically after Pietro died protecting him. So, “The Archer” is the perfect song for Hawkeye.

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Thor: “King of My Heart”

Marvel | Disney

With Thor at one point basically being King of Asgard after Odin’s death, I thought it fitting to choose “King of My Heart” as his song. But there’s also more to it than just that – his relationship with Jane reminds me of this song.

Though we don’t know where their relationship will head in Thor: Love and Thunder, I hope it still fits this song. When they both met, it was like they had been standing still waiting for something.

Hulk: “You Need to Calm Down”

The Incredible Hulk as he appears in 'Marvel's Avengers'
Marvel Studios | Disney

Do I really need to explain why Hulk really pairs well with “You Need to Calm Down”? At the beginning of his journey as Hulk, Bruce really tried so hard to stay calm at all times.

But when that didn’t work, only a few people could calm him down enough to get Bruce back. I would have loved to see Hulk listen to this song. How funny would that have been?

Black Widow: “No Body, No Crime”

Scarlett Johansson in 'Black Widow'
Marvel Studios

I actually had a hard time choosing a song for Natasha, so I got a little help from social media. Then I decided against that because everyone kept saying “Jump Then Fall,” and it will always be too soon for me to get over her death.

In the end, I went with “No Body, No Crime” because of two reasons. The first is that her body was never returned to Earth after she jumped, so there’s literally nothing to see. The second is that when she blew up Dreykov and his daughter, there was no evidence of a crime.

Captain America: “The Very First Night”

Captain America with Mjolnir
Marvel | Walt Disney

I could have gone so many ways with Captain America’s Taylor Swift song. But I went with one that described the girl he loved so much – even enough to leave his best friend in a whole new world to go back to her.

“The Very First Night” is about wanting to go back to the day everything felt perfect but not being able to. It describes moments when the lights were brighter, everything was okay, and nothing could tear that down. It’s really all he wanted after years of being frozen.

Iron Man: “The Lucky One”

Iron Man
Image Credit: Marvel Studios

Most of Tony Stark’s success is down to luck if you ask me. Yes, he’s smart, but he was lucky to survive what he went through before becoming Iron Man. And most of “The Lucky One” is solemn and reminds me of Tony’s fears of losing everyone he cares about.

“The Lucky One” is the only Taylor Swift song that matches Tony and his story perfectly.