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What Color Lightsabers Would the Avengers Wield?

Imagine Marvel did a crossover with ‘Star Wars' and the Avengers had lightsabers instead of superpowers. Is your mind blown yet--because we're just getting started.
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I’ve been wondering what would happen if the Avengers existed in the Star Wars universe after fellow writer Cameron asked the question, “What Would Happen if Darth Vader Possessed the Infinity Stones?” So, I’m going to pair Avengers with lightsabers and fighting styles based on Star Wars canon.

There are eight “canon” colors that show up in movies and shows, so I’ll be sticking to seven of the colors. However, I will be disregarding rarity because it limits the possibilities. So let’s get to pairing Avengers with their lightsabers!

Wasp: Blue

Wasp in Ant-Man and the Wasp
Marvel | Disney

Starting off easy, Wasp (or Hope van Dyne) would use a blue lightsaber all throughout her life. Blue lightsabers are used by Jedi Guardians, the Jedi Order’s protectors. The color represents bravery and justice, and that’s something that would resonate with Hope.

These wielders are fighters through and through, and that’s Hope to a tee. And though it’s not known if blue wielders are quick learners, I’d assume they’d pick up combat skills quickly since they spend so much of their time fighting.

Ant-Man: Purple

Ant-Man in Ant-Man and the Wasp
Marvel | Disney

Much like the Wasp, Ant-Man would only use one color lightsaber from the moment he picked it up to the moment he died. But where their stories differ is that Scott wouldn’t have formal training like Hope; he’d find himself in the heat of battle, discover his Force abilities by accident, and use a dropped lightsaber.

Ant-Man in Ant-Man and the Wasp

That saber would just so happen to be purple, and he’s so attached to it that he never considers getting a new one. Purple sabers represent moral ambiguity, and the users toe the line between the Dark and Light Sides. If we know anything about Scott, it’s that he did the same thing for a while before fully embracing superhero life.

Vision: Green, Orange, and White

Marvel | Disney

While droids can’t use the Force in the Star Wars universe, cyborgs like General Grievous can. So let’s just assume that Vision can be a Jedi and go from there, okay? Vision would start off with a green lightsaber before meeting Wanda (we’ll get to her story later).

After leaving with her, he’d start using two lightsabers simultaneously: one with a white blade, the other orange. White blades are typically used by those who cut all ties to both Sith and Jedi. Orange lightsabers represent pacifism, negotiation, and kindness. Both colors fit him so well that I couldn’t choose just one.

Star-Lord: Blue and Yellow

Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy
Marvel | Walt Disney

I can see Peter Quill starting out with a blue lightsaber when he’s a Padawan, but after several years as a Jedi Master, he’d eventually change his preference to a yellow blade. Yellow lightsabers are rare in canon media but are used by Jedi Sentinels.

These users can come up with efficient plans in the midst of battle. From what we saw in every movie Star-Lord’s been in so far, he’s able to rush in while still coming up with the best plan. Yellow sabers also represent intrigue and pursuit, which I feel fits his post-Endgame storyline.

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Gamora: Red, Purple, and White

Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Marvel | Walt Disney

Following Gamora’s life in the Marvel universe, I had no choice but to imagine her training under a Sith Master with a red lightsaber. Whether that’s Darth Thanos or just a random Sith, that’s up to you to decide.

But, after meeting Peter Quill, she’d put her red saber away and pick up a purple one. This is where it gets interesting because we now have a new Gamora in the MCU. Going off what we know about her right now, I think she’d ditch the purple and purify her original saber to white.

Rhodey: Blue and Yellow

Rhodey in Iron Man 3
Marvel | Walt Disney

Though we don’t know too much about Rhodey before he appeared in the Iron Man movies, I think he’d be a blue lightsaber-wielding Padawan in the Star Wars universe. He just seems like the type of person to fight for what he believes is right and not back down.

However, after many years as a Master, he’d choose to pick up a yellow saber. Rhodey has shown to be extremely intelligent, fast-thinking, and strong in the face of adversity. The only color that truly encompasses all of his strengths is the yellow lightsaber.

Dr. Strange: Green and Purple

Dr. Strange in Multiverse of Madness
Marvel | Disney

Yes, it would be easy to say blue because it matches half of Dr. Strange’s iconic get-up. But let’s be honest, he prided himself on his mind more than his combat skills his entire life leading up to becoming a wizard. That’s why he’d start his Force journey with a green lightsaber.

But, as he learns more about the Force and dips his toe into Sith teachings, I think he’d find a way to balance both sides of the Force and pick up a purple saber. I mean, just look at his actions in Spider-Man: No Way Home: he did forbidden spells just to prove he could. That’s what a purple saber user would do.

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Captain Marvel: Blue

Captain Marvel in Captain Marvel
Marvel | Disney

We’ve only seen Captain Marvel a handful of times, but it’s obvious she’s a fighter through and through. And that’s why Carol Danvers would use a blue lightsaber her entire life. Her Star Wars journey would be similar to the Wasp’s, but with a few key differences.

Instead of starting her Padawan journey as a young child, Carol would begin training in her teenage years. She’d quickly learn combat techniques from around the world and use her own combination. And though she would be called to a purple saber, she wouldn’t be able to balance both sides of the Force and would stick to her blue saber.

Bucky Barnes: Blue, Red, and White

Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Marvel | Disney

No, I didn’t mean to make Bucky’s sabers the Captain America colors as a joke or as a jab to Stucky shippers. They just make the most sense for this morally complex character. In the 1920s, Bucky was a proud member of the military and showed that he was a strong fighter. Therefore, I think he’d start his journey with a blue saber.

However, after a bit of brainwashing from the Dark Side, Bucky would use a red lightsaber (but again, he’s under mind control, and it’s not his fault). Once he’d regained control over his mind, he’d destroy the saber hilt and purify the crystal to put in a completely new hilt.

Black Panther: Green and Yellow

Black Panther in Black Panther
Marvel | Walt Disney

T’Challa has proven time and time again that he is one of the wisest human characters from the MCU. Because of that, I was immediately drawn to him using a green lightsaber during his formative Padawan years. He’d love learning the history of the Force and honing his mental abilities.

However, after becoming a Jedi Master, he’d fully embrace the combat side of the Jedi Order. After a few years of learning the best fighting techniques and strategies, he’d go searching for a new kyber crystal that fits his outlook better – and that would be yellow.

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Loki: Blue, Red, and Purple

Disney Plus

From what we know of Loki’s childhood, he was always a fighter. He was constantly ready to jump into combat–even when it wasn’t the best course of action. Therefore, he’d start his Star Wars journey with a blue lightsaber before quickly being tempted to the Dark Side.

While on the Dark Side, he’d use a red lightsaber. But that’s not long-lived, and he’d come back to the Jedi Order stronger and with a new outlook on life. As someone who’s strong enough to balance both sides of the Force without being tempted again, he’d start using a purple lightsaber that he created himself.

Sam Wilson: Blue and Orange

Sam Wilson-The Falcon-Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Marvel | Walt Disney

Sam Wilson started out in Marvel as a true fighter, so I can honestly see him using a blue lightsaber for most of his life. Blue represents bravery, justice, and righteousness; Sam fights for those ideals in all he does, especially during The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

However, after watching his Master fall in combat and rethinking his outlook on life, he’d eventually leave the Jedi Order. He’d still be on the Light Side but would rather spend his life in peace. Orange sabers represent negotiation and are used by those who use violence as a last resort.

Wanda: Red, White, and Red (Again)

Scarlet Witch fighting
Marvel Studios | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

If we follow Wanda’s MCU journey, it’s obvious she’d start her Force journey training with a red lightsaber. As she was driven by her hatred and grief, it only makes sense that red (the color that represents those strong feelings) would be her weapon of choice.

However, as I mentioned above, she’d meet Vision, and everything would change. She’d purify her saber to white and cut ties with the Dark Side altogether. But after Vision dies, her grief would be too much for her, and she’d turn back to the Sith again.

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Spider-Man: Blue and Yellow

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Sony | Disney

While we didn’t get to see Peter Parker before he was bitten by a radioactive spider and became a superhero, his journey from Spider-Man: Homecoming to Spider-Man: Far From Home proves he’s a fighter even when he doesn’t fully believe in himself. A blue lightsaber would have to be his first choice.

As his journey continues, I think Peter realizes he’s not just a strong person inside and out; he’s also extremely smart and quick-thinking. And no, that’s not just because of the Peter Tingle. He’s able to come up with amazing plans on the fly while still being a good combatant. That’s why his perfect saber color is yellow.

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Hawkeye: Blue

Hawkeye takes aim in a still shot from the upcoming series
Marvel Studios | Disney+

I so wanted to choose purple as Hawkeye’s lightsaber color, but it just doesn’t fit anything but his costume’s color scheme. Even when he went dark as Ronin, purple just doesn’t seem like his color in Star Wars.

Focusing more on what we learned about him in Hawkeye, I think he’d stick to his trusty blue lightsaber from the day he receives it to the day he retires for good. As I’ve mentioned, blue is the color of the Jedi Guardians and represents bravery and loyalty. Eventually, he’d pass on his lightsaber to the next generation.

Hulk: Green (But Not for the Reason You Think)

Hulk-Bruce Banner in Thor Ragnarok
Marvel | Walt Disney

I know, I know…green for Hulk, how perfect. But seriously, what do you think Bruce Banner would gravitate towards if he was in the Star Wars universe? Green sabers represent intellect and curiosity–something that Bruce had in spades. Green sabers are used by Jedi Consulars who have a strong understanding of the Force, which is something Bruce would excel in.

Black Widow: Red and White

Black Widow
Marvel Studios | Disney

Since Black Widow started her life journey in the Red Room, I think she would have been trained by a Sith in the Star Wars universe, meaning she received a red lightsaber.

She’d cut ties with the Dark Side eventually. But I also don’t think she’d ever fully commit to the Jedi Order as they’re too stiff for her lifestyle. She’d purify her crystal to white but keep the saber’s hilt as a reminder of what she overcame.

Thor: Blue

Marvel | Disney | Paramount

Though Thor came across as a frat boy in his first appearance, he really showed how strong he was as the MCU movies continued. And in all of his subsequent appearances, he’s been one of the strongest fighters. He also always looks out for the little guy–then again, most people are smaller than the Asgardian!

I think Thor would be a Jedi Guardian and wield a blue lightsaber. From the moment he discovered he was Force-sensitive, he’d have decided on his life mission to protect the Jedi Order. The only time he considered straying was to bring Loki back. But in the end, Loki did that all on his own.

Captain America: Green and Orange

Captain America in Avengers: Age of Ultron
Marvel | Disney

Steve Rogers was introduced as a fighter in the first five minutes of screentime from Captain America: The First Avenger. But let’s be honest, he was much more gifted in his mental abilities than his physical strength. That’s why his Padawan years would be spent with a green lightsaber.

After becoming a Master, I think he would have quickly learned combat isn’t his go-to move. He’d much rather use negotiation and peaceful strategies to help people. The orange lightsaber, though rare in Star Wars canon, represents the wisdom of those who see violence as a last resort. That said, he is one of the fiercest fighters when he has to use violence.

Iron Man: Blue and Purple

Tony Stark in Endgame
Marvel | Disney

Even though Tony Stark is a brilliant man, I don’t think a green lightsaber fits him. And maybe that’s why he and Steve would butt heads as Padawans. Tony is brave, even when he’s facing death right in the face. That’s why a blue lightsaber would be his first color.

However, we also know Tony has done some sketchy things and created horrible weapons (Ultron included). And sometimes, he only cares about doing what’s best for him. He manages to balance that pretty well later in life. I think he would wield a purple lightsaber, representing a person who finds power in both the Light and Dark sides of the Force.