The Munsters opening title with house in the background
NBCUniversal via YouTube

Rob Zombie Gives ‘Munsters’ Fans a Sneak Peek at Reboot – Including Casting!

Rob Zombie has rebuilt Mockingbird Lane, the set for his 'The Munsters' reboot -- including the Munster Mansion itself! See the spooky exterior photos here.
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Updated: 10/19/2021

Rob Zombie has finally given fans a peek at casting for The Munsters reboot!

Zombie took to social media to unveil a first look at the cast.

“Since Halloween is rapidly approaching I thought it was the perfect time to MEET THE MUNSTERS! 🎃” the veteran filmmaker wrote on Instagram. “Direct from the set in good old Hungary 🇭🇺 I present Herman, Lily and The Count sitting in front of the newly completed 1313 Mockingbird Lane . ☠️ 🎃”

The three main characters are seated in front of the iconic Munsters Mansion, which Zombie had recreated in Hungary where the reboot is set to film. Jeff Daniel Phillips is Herman Munster, Dan Roebuck will play Grandpa Munster, and Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, is set to fill the role of Lilly Munster.

So far, it looks like Rob Zombie is sticking pretty close to the original 1960s aesthetic from the original series. However, the filmmaker is certainly no stranger to directing horror films, and his casting so far consists of actors that have worked with him in horror movies numerous times. It’ll be interesting to see if The Munsters takes a little bit of a darker turn this time around.

Originally Published: 10/01/2021

It looks like The Munsters reboot is coming along, and Rob Zombie is ready to show off the Munster family home.

As set construction continues in Budapest, the musician and filmmaker has shared some devilishly cool pictures from Mockingbird Lane.

NBCUniversal Television via GIPHY

Zombie confirmed earlier this year that he was working on a film adaptation of The Munsters, a classic sitcom that ran from 1964 to 1966. As a superfan of the show, this has been a dream project that Zombie has been “chasing for 20 years.”

The silly sitcom detailed the home life of a Transylvanian-American family — aka classic monsters — living at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

still from The Munsters (1964-1966)
NBCUniversal via YouTube

The family of friendly monsters lived in the otherwise very ordinary town of Mockingbird Heights. Dad Herman looks like Frankenstein’s monster, while his wife and father-in-law are vampires and son Eddie is a werewolf. Of course, niece Marilyn Munster is the “ugly duckling” ordinary girl, and the family doesn’t like to call attention to her unfortunate looks.

The show was initially canceled for falling ratings, but it gained popularity again in syndication. Now, Zombie is ready to breathe life back into the story again, and he’s paying attention to every detail.

New Photos Show Munster Mansion and Mockingbird Lane

His newest Instagram post shows off the construction of the Munster Mansion’s exterior. In the caption, he writes, “1313 is looking good! Lots of work left to do, but it is getting there!”

As you can see in the series of photos, Zombie also shows off the rest of Mockingbird Lane. Because what’s 1313 without the rest of the neighborhood! The rest of the street looks like your average suburban neighborhood, with all the homes painted pleasant colors. It’s quite the contrast next to the ghoulishly cool Munster Mansion!

“Takes a lot of work to build and [sic] entire neighborhood,” he admits.

Where Is the Original Munsters Home?

The original Mockingbird Lane was on a Universal Studios backlot. The house itself was actually built for the 1946 romantic film, So Goes My Love. It was later used in a number of Universal productions through the 1950s, before getting a spooky makeover fit for The Munsters.

As it turns out, the original Munsters family home does still exist. After a significant (and less spooky) facelift, it was most recently used in Desperate Housewives. That renovation is why Zombie couldn’t just use the original house — he had to build one, instead.

Colonial Street at Universal, the home used on The Munsters (1313 Mockingbird Lane) and Desperate Housewives (4351 Wisteria Lane)
prayitno, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Costuming Updates

Rob Zombie has been regularly updating his followers on his progress. Over the summer, he started dropping insight into the costume design for the film. Zombie has already shown us a few mockups for Lily and Herman Munster’s costumes, including some daytime looks and sleepwear.

He also showed off the making of Herman’s signature flathead and brow. Fans were shown the sculpted clay piece that was used as a mold, plus the prosthetics made from it.

Work on Grandpa Munster’s look has also already begun. Zombie showed the beginnings of a custom wig, featuring Grandpa’s signature grey hair.

All in all, it looks like Rob Zombie is doing his best to reboot The Munsters in the best ways possible. I’d imagine that an avid fan like him would want to recreate everything just right.

I’ll be interested to see just how close the film will stick to the original show’s feel. After all, like other sitcoms at the time, it never particularly goes too deep or serious. It’s definitely a sharp contrast from his typical horror films.

Only time will tell! So far, there has not been a release date set for The Munsters movie.