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Why Regina George Isn’t the Real ‘Mean Girls’ Villain

Regina George wasn't perfect, but there were other characters who were just as bad as she was!
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If someone was to make a Mount Rushmore of the “Biggest Teen Movie Villains of All Time,” there’s no question Regina George would be on there. 

Not only did she have some of the most iconic movie lines of all time, but she was also the Queen Bee, she knew exactly how to make people bend to her will, and she was ruthless in her pursuit for power. Perfect villain, right? In fact, since Mean Girls came out over 15 years ago, movie watchers have cemented Regina as an A+ movie villain. 

But guys, I’m here to tell you that Regina isn’t the real Mean Girls villain. Or at least, she’s not the only villain. In fact, she’s a very sympathetic character. Now, that’s not to say she’s a good person. She’s from far it, actually. But, there are other characters in Mean Girls who’ve skated by for years when in reality they’re just as bad as Regina!

Before you come after me with pitchforks and torches, let me explain why Regina isn’t all that  bad: 

She Was Clear About Who She Was

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Sure, Regina pretended to be nice to people to their faces (who could ever forget her complementing Cady’s bracelet?), which wasn’t great, but Regina was always very clear about who she was. In fact, when Janice Ian explained to Cady Heron who “The Plastics” are on her first day of school, Janice made it very clear Regina ruled the school.

Now again, I’m not saying Regina’s actions were saint-like. She wasn’t a kind person. But she didn’t pretend to be the girl next door and then stab everyone in the back like another character in the movie (aka Cady). Cady knew from the second she laid eyes on Regina that she wasn’t a great person, so why did she end up trusting her? Honestly, that’s Cady’s fault. 

She Stood Up for Her Friends

Mean Girls
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Regina’s best moment in the entire movie came when Gretchen was being mistreated by Jason. Gretchen found out Jason was cheating on her with another girl, so Regina called the other girl’s parents pretending to be Planned Parenthood. I know, I know….it was probably not the best way to handle the situation, but you have to hand it to Regina for protecting her friend! 

Janice and Cady Were Arguably Worse Than Regina

A Twitter thread went viral a few years back explaining why Janice, Cady’s “best friend,” was the true villain of Mean Girls, and honestly, I have to agree.

As the author, @dontforgetjames, details in the thread, when Cady was first introduced to Janice she not only refused to pronounce her name right, but she immediately outed her friend, Damien, as gay.

“We meet Janis as she introduces herself to our main character, Cady. Janis immediately tells her that she isn’t going to use her name, she’s going to call her SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY. That’s like me saying ‘hi I’m James and they say ‘I’m going to call you Jomos,’” they write in the thread.

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Not to mention, Cady and Janice conspired to make Regina fat (not cool!) and led her to get hit by a bus. A bus! Regina was even forced to rock a neck brace at the Spring Fling, which was honestly pretty admirable. You’ve got to hand it to Regina for making the best out of some pretty tough situations.

Cady also pretended to be bad at math so she could steal Regina’s boyfriend, Aaron Samuels, away from her. Cady didn’t care that Aaron was a taken man, she just wanted him for herself. Selfish!

Again, I’m not saying Regina isn’t without faults. She manipulated people to her will, cheated on her boyfriend, and treated Cady poorly. But, despite her wrongdoings, there were other characters who were just as manipulative and conniving. Truthfully, there were really no heroes in the movie. They were all mean girls.