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Roku Channel Giving Viewers Something to Be Thankful For This Month

Good news, everyone! Roku is doing a major movie overhaul and adding some brand new must-sees and beloved classics (we're looking at you, 'Con Air') to its ever-growing lineup.
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Earlier this year, Roku celebrated Streaming Day by debuting 30 “Roku Originals,” including popular series’ like Reno 911!, Blackballed, and Big Rad Wolf. And now, they’re about to sweeten the deal even more.

Lately, some streaming services seem to be removing great movies every other second. In contrast, Roku is about to do a massive movie overhaul.

This month, the streaming service will be adding over 30 new movies to its free library, ranging from binge-worthy classics like Mrs. Doubtfire, Fargo, and The Pelican Brief to buzzed-about documentaries like Britney Spears: Breaking Free. For those feeling festive, you’ll be able to stream National Lampoons Thanksgiving Family Reunion pretty close to turkey day.

If you haven’t started streaming on The Roku Channel, you’re not the only one. But according to the streaming service, its viewership continues to evolve, and they expect to expand in various ways. With massive growth in mind, Roku’s primed to make a name for itself.

Here’s what to know.

Roku is Expanding With One Goal in Mind

oku app on smartphone screen on purple background

Thanks to a merger between Vudu and Fandango, Roku is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest names in streaming. As noted by The Motley Fool, Roku is predicted to grow faster than ever in 2021. Right now, they’re the most popular tv-connected streaming service in the U.S, and they’ve still got plenty of room to expand globally.

Roku is still in the early days of its international expansion, but things are looking very good. They’re currently the number 1 streaming service in Canada and number 2 in Mexico. Plus, management is following the same successful playbook in all foreign markets as it did domestically.

Moving into the future, Roku operates under the belief that all television will become streaming media. And that seems like a safe bet, of course. However, a significant chunk of the U.S. continues to watch traditional television on a daily basis. But according to an analysis from eMarketer, traditional TV watching will decline by 16 minutes per day later this year.

According to eMarketer, that extra time on everyone’s hands will be spent consuming media on connected devices and platforms like this one. And with the whopping lineup of movies being added, Roku’s popularity is surely about to soar.

Roku is Adding Over 30 Movies to Its Lineup

Here’s what will be available in Roku’s free streaming library this month.

If You’re Looking For Action…

  • Con Air
  • Jack Ryan
  • Pearl Harbor 
  • We Were Soldiers

Because Laughter is The Best Medicine…

  • Annie 
  • Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!
  • Dude, Where’s My Car? 
  • Garfield 
  • Megamind 
  • Mrs. Doubtfire 
  • National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion 

Craving Some Dramas?

  • Blow 
  • Fargo 
  • It Takes Three 
  • The Pelican Brief 
  • A River Runs Through It 
  • The Sandlot 
  • Seabiscuit
  • The Thin Red Line
  • Troy 
  • Unforgiven 
  • Where The Wild Things Are

In The Mood For Romance?

  • The Bridges of Madison County 
  • The House Bunny 
  • The Other Woman

For Some Chills and Thrills…

  • Locked In 
  • Taken
  • Unstoppable 

Biographies and Biopics

  • Britney Spears: Breaking Free 
  • The Social Network
  • Under the Stadium Lights 
  • What’s Love Got to Do with It 
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 

Want to try it before you buy it? Check out Roku’s 30-day free trial. Happy streaming, friends!