Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

Sam Asghari Starring Alongside Mel Gibson in Upcoming Action Movie

Britney Spears' fiancé Sam Asghari has snagged his first major film role. The actor will star alongside Mel Gibson in an upcoming action movie.
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Britney Spears’ fiancé Sam Asghari is headed for the Hot Seat.

The actor is the latest to join the upcoming action thriller, starring alongside Mel Gibson and Kevin Dillon. James Cullen Bressack will direct the film.

Sam Asghari Starring Alongside Mel Gibson and Kevin Dillon in Hot Seat

According to Deadline, Sam Asghari and Kevin Dillon are slated to join Mel Gibson for the upcoming thriller, Hot Seat. Filming starts soon in Los Angeles.

Sam Asghari, Mel Gibson, and Kevin Dillon will star in 'Hot Seat'

In Hot Seat, an ex-hacker is forced to break into high-level banking institutions by an anonymous person who planted a bomb under his chair — aka, the hot seat. Mel Gibson will star as the guy trying to get in the building, in order to get the man, played by Kevin Dillon, off the hot seat.

But what about Britney’s fiancé? It was not immediately revealed what role he would play in the thriller. However, Rep Brandon Cohen told E! News that the 27-year-old actor “is playing an action-oriented SWAT sergeant.”

This casting will be Asghari’s first major film role. He has appeared in music videos, including one of Britney’s. He went on to play roles in series such as NCIS, The Family Business, and Black Monday.

His recurring role as Giancarlo on Showtime’s comedy Black Monday has already garnered him plenty of attention. But apparently, comedy isn’t his ultimate goal. When speaking with Variety back in May, he revealed that he is most interested in action projects.

“Action is something that I want to do — action, drama, thriller — that’s a genre that I want to really get into,” Asghari said. Though, he did add, “But if you can do comedy, you can do anything.”

Asghari Has Been Training for Action

It looks like Sam Asghari is definitely ready for action. He revealed that he was doing a lot of training.

“My ultimate goal is to really become a well-rounded actor. I’m doing a lot of MMA training,” Asghari said. “I’m doing a lot of gun and stunt training to be a well-rounded actor such as Tom Cruise, such as Jason Statham.”

Asghari also showed off his training on Instagram. In September, the actor posted a video showing him “getting ready for action” as he and two others perform choreographed fights.

In case anyone wants to assume that Asghari got the part because of his popstar fiancée, think again. During that same interview with Variety, he revealed that most people in the industry don’t immediately know who he is at auditions. They just see him as another actor auditioning for a role, apparently.

“Usually casting directors don’t [know who I am]. I’m just an actor. I’d rather they don’t because then they don’t misjudge: this person is this, this person is attached to the other person — or whatever the case may be,” the actor said.

He continued, “That way they can actually judge my acting abilities rather than my fame, or my presence on social media.”