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Rob Zombie is Resurrecting ‘The Munsters’ and Fans are Losing It!

Rob Zombie is working on a big-screen reboot of the silly '60s sitcom 'The Munsters.' Here are all the details he has shared so far!
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Musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie has been hard at work on a movie adaptation of the classic ‘60s show, The Munsters. And now, he has shared a few sneak-peeks at some devilishly cool costuming and makeup concepts.

As it turns out, a big-screen adaptation of The Munsters has been a dream project that Zombie has been “chasing for 20 years.”

“The blueprints are done! Time to start the construction. Get ready for the most perfect Munsters house since 1964. I want this thing exact.”

Rob Zombie

The silly sitcom detailed the home life of a Transylvanian-American family — aka classic monsters — living at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Dad Herman is Frankenstein’s monster, while his wife and father-in-law are vampires. Oh, and son Eddie is a cute little werewolf. Niece Marilyn Munster is the unfortunate “ugly duckling” of the family, who was actually attractive by conventional standards.

The Munsters aired from 1964 to 1966, running for seventy episodes. Although initially canceled for falling ratings, it picked up in popularity again in syndication, prompting a spin-off series and a few films. Now, Rob Zombie is ready to breathe life back into the story again, with a big-screen reboot.

Rob Zombie Has Been Dropping Details About His Munsters Movie

The House of a 1000 Corpses mastermind first announced that he would be writing and directing a Munsters movie on June 7. Since then, he has revealed a few sneak-peeks of costume concepts, prosthetics for Herman’s famous monster brow, and even the Munsters’ home.

I’m so excited! I’m sitting over here like:

Disney via GIPHY

Anyway, let’s take a look at all the details Zombie has dropped on us so far!

Herman’s Prominent Brow

On Wednesday, he posted Herman Munster’s “very prominent brow” that he’s been working on sculpting. It features monstrous stitching, a dramatic scar, and a flat cap bolted on top.

Grandpa’s Wig

Zombie also previously shared the beginnings of a wig, featuring the signature grey hair of Grandpa Munster. He captioned the photo, “The wig work has begun! Can anyone guess which character this is? Obviously, you can.”

Costuming Concepts

Fans have also seen a little insight into the costume design for the film. Zombie posted sketches of what Lily and Herman Munster might wear to bed. Herman’s nightgown features stripes, platform slippers, and skull buttons. Lily’s nightgown and floor-length robe are reminiscent of Elvira and Morticia Addams, featuring spider web embroidery.

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The costume designers have not been revealed yet.

The Munsters Mansion and Mockingbird Lane

Perhaps even more exciting, Zombie shared insight into the Munsters’ home, and the street it sits on.

It looks like Zombie is paying close attention to detail. He posted the blueprint for the Munster mansion, including measurements and stylistic notes. He wrote, “The blueprints are done! Time to start the construction. Get ready for the most perfect Munsters house since 1964. I want this thing exact.”

But the Munster mansion, which sits at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, needs a neighborhood, right? Rob Zombie even posted a dirt road in Budapest, Hungary, where the production is being filmed — and this location will eventually become Mockingbird Heights. Included in the same post is a short video built using computer graphics, showing what the street will look like once it’s built.

So far, no casting decisions have been announced. IMDb does report that Rob Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, has been cast for the role of Lily Munster.