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Sorting Disney Villains into Hogwarts Houses

What if our favorite franchises swapped universes? Disney meets Harry Potter as we send the greatest animated villains to Hogwarts.
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While you might think that every Disney villain would hail from Slytherin, that’s not the case. Okay, most of them would be wearing green and silver during their time at Hogwarts, but a few might surprise you. Including… a Hufflepuff?!

Just as a quick reminder, Slytherins are known for their cunning, Gryffindors for bravery, Ravenclaws for cleverness, and Hufflepuffs for loyalty.

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Maleficent – Ravenclaw

Let’s start with one of Disney’s most popular villains. Maleficent always seemed more misunderstood than outright evil. The live-action movies starring Angelina Jolie pretty much confirmed what we knew all along. Maleficent gives off a vibe of someone who is used to being the cleverest person in the room, which is why the Sorting Hat is sending her to Ravenclaw.

During her time at Hogwarts, Maleficent would excel at Charms and Transfiguration. She would master the art of becoming an Animagus, turning herself into a dragon. As that form risks the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, she’d be banned from transforming ever again. This would send Maleficent down a dark, bitter path.

Ursula – Slytherin

Our first—but certainly not last—Slytherin is Ursula the Sea Witch. With all those tentacles, not to mention her eel buddies, you know she’d have an affinity for snakes. More than anything else, however, Ursula’s raw ambition places her in Slytherin.

Ursula does exceptional work in her Transfiguration class, but she is expelled from Hogwarts when her questionable magical experiments are discovered. Vowing revenge, she leaves the school; the Giant Squid in the lake is inconsolable.

Dr. Facilier – Ravenclaw

The villain from The Princess and the Frog is a voodoo trickster from Louisiana, but let’s pretend that he went to Hogwarts instead of Ilvermorny. His devious, scheming mind earns him a spot in Ravenclaw—but his classmates were never totally comfortable with his intensity.

Facilier did well in Divination and discovered an affinity for tarot. He was also an incredibly skilled potion maker and a star pupil in Transfiguration classes. What his professors don’t know is that Facilier spends most of his free time brokering deals with younger students and supplying a black market trade in illegal potions.

Lady Tremaine – Slytherin

Even as a young girl, you’d have to imagine that Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s stepmother, was just as imperious. She’d fit right in with the social climbers in Slytherin. You’d never guess that she was Muggle-born, given how hard she tries to disguise her past.

At Hogwarts, she is more interested in finding a wealthy husband than in making good grades. She succeeds in marrying an ambitious Slytherin who wants to be Minister of Magic someday. Oh, and she is awful to the House Elves.

Mother Gothel – Slytherin

Mother Gothel, the villain of Tangled, earns a spot in Slytherin thanks to her skill with manipulation. She was pretty and popular in her youth, but anyone in her orbit would quickly realize that Gothel could be vicious. Still, she could talk anyone into doing just about anything—and even make them think it was their idea.

Gothel’s favorite classes would be Herbology and Potions. When she manipulates a classmate into stealing ingredients to brew Polyjuice Potion, Gothel smugly watches them get a month of detention without saying a word.

Hades – Ravenclaw

Joining Maleficent and Dr. Facilier in Ravenclaw is Hades. Like Maleficent, Hades knows that he is the smartest person in the room. Hades could easily have landed in Slytherin, thanks to his ambition, but when the Sorting Hat was placed on his head, Hades wanted to be in Ravenclaw.

During his time at Hogwarts, Hades would try to get out of doing work as often as possible, going so far as to bribe younger students in his house to complete his assignments. When he is inevitably caught, Hades is expelled and his wand snapped in half. And after the Aurors get wind of Hades’ plan to get revenge on the headmaster, he does a stint in Azkaban.

Shan Yu – Gryffindor

The first Gryffindor on our list is Shan Yu, the leader of the Huns in Mulan. As a fearless—and ruthless—leader, Shan Yu exemplifies the darker side of Gryffindor. He is clever enough to land in Ravenclaw and ambitious enough for Slytherin, but the Sorting Hat places him with the other bold, reckless students wearing red and gold.

Shan Yu becomes the captain of the house’s Quidditch team, serving as one of the most feared Beaters in Hogwarts history. He excels at History of Magic and Care of Magical Creatures. After graduation, Shan Yu leads an ill-fated separatist movement that fails when he attempts to assassinate the Minister of Magic.

The Evil Queen – Slytherin

While not all Slytherins are evil, the ones who go bad turn out truly nasty. That’s certainly true of the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Fun fact: Her real name is Queen Grimhilde.

During her time at Hogwarts, Grimhilde discovers the Mirror of Erised. She becomes obsessed and secretive, and her grades begin to suffer. When the mirror is removed and hidden, Grimhilde vows to create her own version of it. The result is, of course, her Magic Mirror.

Madam Mim – Gryffindor

Marvelous Mad Madam Mim from The Sword in the Stone has no fear, which is one of the main reasons she would be sorted in Gryffindor. Always insecure about her appearance, Mim studied hard in Potions and Charms. During her fifth year at school, she has the “brilliant” idea to mix up her own elixir. Using Polyjuice Potion as a base with the hair of a Veela, along with several high-level Transfiguration spells that she doesn’t really understand how to cast, Mim ends up cursing herself instead.

Now able to shapeshift at will but driven mad by the psychological stress, she is sent to St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies. She lives in the same ward as Neville’s parents for a while before escaping and going on the run. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Captain Hook – Hufflepuff

Here he is, the sole Hufflepuff among our villains. If you adhere to the fan theory that Hook is just a Lost Boy who grew up, he becomes a lot more sympathetic. Captain James Hook is a villain, true, but he is loyal to his best friend, Smee. If a series of circumstances hadn’t led him down the path of villainy—including the part where a crocodile ate his hand and then stalked Hook for the rest of his life—maybe he’d have ended up a lot differently.

I like to imagine that James was captain of the Quidditch team, where he led his “crew” to a surprising series of victories. Never a great student, he was nonetheless popular with his classmates and a bit of a practical joker. Everyone was shocked when they learned that he’d turned evil, and the Hufflepuffs refuse to talk about him to this day.

Prince John – Gryffindor

Disney’s Robin Hood doesn’t get enough love. Prince John, the sulky King of England who serves as the main antagonist, is more funny than threatening. Bold and entitled, John shows what can happen when Gryffindors grow up without anyone saying “no” to them.

Unusually, John’s best friend is not a fellow member of his house but a Slytherin. That’s Sir Hiss, if you’re curious. I’m assuming that both characters would be humans in this Disney-Harry Potter swap, but it’s just too perfect that one is a lion and the other is a snake.

Scar – Slytherin

While Prince John is definitely a Gryffindor, this lion belongs in a different house. Scar is skilled at manipulation and political maneuvering, and he is ruthless in the pursuit of his ambitions. Sure sounds like a Slytherin to me.

At Hogwarts, Scar would start a secret underground dueling club. He wouldn’t participate in the fights, of course, but he’d encourage his fellow students to place bets on the winners. After being caught and expelled from school, Scar gets mixed up with the Death Eaters. Even then, his ambition proves his undoing. He tries to incite a mutiny against Lord Voldemort and gets himself Avada Kedavra’d.

Cruella de Vil – Gryffindor

That’s right—one of the most iconic villains from Disney’s history would be a Gryffindor. Although she is cruel and evil (it’s right there in the name), she lacks the calculation and cunning to make it in Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

With her short fuse and reckless behavior, Cruella represents the worst traits of Gryffindor. Don’t worry, though—she was absolutely expelled from Hogwarts before she could do too much damage. The Care of Magical Creatures was disturbed by Cruella’s obsession with animal fur. Her wealthy parents sent her to Beauxbatons for the last two years of school instead.

Jafar – Slytherin

The most obvious Slytherin on our list might just be Jafar. He turns into a literal snake at one point! Ambitious and cunning, he nearly succeeds in becoming the sultan of an entire country. Not bad for a Muggle-born kid who struggled to make friends at Hogwarts. It didn’t help that he insisted on using a staff instead of a wand.

As a student, Jafar aced all of his classes. He became especially interested in the history of magic and magical artifacts, doing advanced work on the subject with Professor Binns. Jafar was also known as a world-champion Wizard Chess player.

Gaston – Gryffindor

At their worst, Gryffindors can be brash, entitled jocks. Gaston would fit right in at this house, for better or worse. As captain of the Quidditch team, he’d use his athletic prowess and natural charm to get others to like him. Then it’d be relatively easy to ask for favors like doing his homework or lending him a few galleons.

Sometimes, the villains win—at least for a little while. Gaston would graduate (barely) and go on to be a popular player with the Chudley Cannons. He’d even pick up a handful of endorsement deals and score a Chocolate Frog card. Of course, all that would come crashing down because he couldn’t let go of his obsession with a Ravenclaw student who rejected him…

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Yzma – Ravenclaw

Our last villain is Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. This cult classic Disney movie follows a feckless, spoiled young emperor who is accidentally turned into a llama by one of Yzma’s potions. But until Kuzco fires her, Yzma serves as an advisor to the throne. You don’t get that kind of position without a little bit of smarts, and I think that she’d be sorted in Ravenclaw. (Kronk is, obviously, a Hufflepuff.)

At school, Yzma would naturally excel in her Potions classes. She’d also pursue N.E.W.T.s in Transfiguration, History of Magic, and Herbology. After taking a job at the Ministry of Magic, she would realize that even wizarding bureaucracy is a frustrating mess.