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Sorting ‘High School Musical’ Characters into Hogwarts Houses

They're all in this together – they just happen to be at Hogwarts instead of East High.
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I don’t know why, but springtime always makes me think of High School Musical. So, why not sort the main characters into Hogwarts houses and talk about what their lives would be like if they’d gone to a wizarding school instead of East High? And don’t worry, I included the most iconic drama teacher, Ms. Darbus, and everyone’s favorite basketball coach, Jack Bolton.

And if you need a refresher: Gryffindor students are usually so brave they can be reckless, while Slytherins are ambitious and sly. Ravenclaws are creative and intelligent, and Hufflepuffs are the loyal and hardworking friends everyone needs. Let’s get to sorting, shall we?

Tiara Gold: Slytherin

Tiara Gold; Slytherin Crest
Walt Disney | Borden & Rosenbush Entertainment

We only saw Tiara in the third film, but I think we know enough about her to sort her properly. She’s a lot like Sharpay but seems to care even less about her peers’ opinions of her at first. Tiara was willing to hurt Sharpay’s performance to get her big break. That’s why I sorted her into Slytherin.

While at Hogwarts, she’d try to be the best in every subject just to be lauded with attention and praise from the professors. She wouldn’t play Quidditch, but she’d try dating the star player on her house’s team. After Hogwarts, she’d sing with a traveling troupe across the world.

Jason Cross: Hufflepuff

Jason Cross; Hufflepuff Crest
Buena Vista Television | Salty Pictures | First Street Films

We didn’t see enough of Jason in the movies, and that’s a shame because he was hilarious in all of his scenes. Jason always seemed to be there for his friends, and I could tell he was hardworking when it came to sports and tried hard in school to graduate with his friends. That’s why he’s a Hufflepuff.

Jason might struggle with his classes at Hogwarts, but he’d do well at Quidditch. Jason would be the Keeper for Hufflepuff’s team starting in his third year. Once he’d finished school, I could see him joining a professional team because he couldn’t imagine any other life for himself.

Martha Cox: Ravenclaw

Martha Cox; Ravenclaw Crest
Walt Disney | Borden & Rosenbush Entertainment | Disney-ABC Domestic Television | Salty Pictures | First Street Films

Right from when we first see Martha in “Stick to the Status Quo,” it’s obvious she’s both intelligent and creative. She loves music and dancing but is also one of the “nerds” at East High. So, what better house for her than Ravenclaw?

At Hogwarts, Martha would do well in all of her classes, but she’d excel in Potions and Arithmancy. I also think she’d be a part of the Frog Choir during her schoolyears. After school, Martha would go into a Ministry job, possibly within the Magical Artifacts department.

Zeke Baylor: Hufflepuff

Zeke Baylor; Hufflepuff Crest
Buena Vista Television | Salty Pictures | First Street Films

Even before looking deeper into his character, Zeke gave off Hufflepuff vibes. That was solidified in my mind with his part in “Stick to the Status Quo.” In addition, he was always there for his friends throughout all three movies.

Zeke would definitely be a Chaser on the Hufflepuff team. He’d also spend quite a bit of time learning to cook from the house elves in the kitchens, and his best class would be Care of Magical Creatures. After Hogwarts, I think he’d be a chef, but he’d still pick up Quidditch when his friends are in town.

Kelsi Nielsen: Ravenclaw

Kelsi Nielsen; Ravenclaw Crest
Buena Vista Television | Salty Pictures | First Street Films

Isn’t it evident that the girl who received the Julliard scholarship would be in Ravenclaw? Kelsi is both creative and smart, and that’s proven time and time again. And while her ambition is to be a composer, she’s not cunning enough to be a Slytherin.

Kelsi would thrive at Hogwarts, and Flitwick would be her favorite professor. She’d use Charms class as an excuse to experiment with magical ways of making music. After Hogwarts, I think she’d be a much-sought composer in both the wizarding and Muggle worlds.

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Ms. Darbus: Ravenclaw

Ms. Darbus; Ravenclaw Crest
Walt Disney | Borden & Rosenbush Entertainment

I found it no surprise that Ms. Darbus has all the qualities that make up a Ravenclaw. In addition to her creativity, she’s intelligent, wise, and witty. I mean, look at her interactions with Coach Bolton – extremely snarky and witty, just like a Ravenclaw should be.

At Hogwarts, Ms. Darbus would have excelled in Transfiguration, Charms, and Divination. She’d also be the star of the Frog Choir during her time at the school. After Hogwarts, I think she’d pursue a career as a professor at Beauxbatons.

Coach Jack Bolton: Gryffindor

Coach Bolton; Gryffindor Crest
Walt Disney | Borden & Rosenbush Entertainment

I don’t know much about Coach Bolton, but I think he’d fit perfectly in with the Gryffindor crowd. He seems like the kind to be a bit reckless in his endeavors, whether it be in his job or with his family matters. I think it’s his passion for basketball that makes him that way.

Before he was Coach Bolton, he was just Jack. And I think Jack would’ve done well in Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts. He’d also have been the Seeker for Gryffindor’s Quidditch team years before Troy was sent to Hogwarts. After, he’d work for a professional Quidditch team and raise Troy in that world.

Taylor McKessie: Slytherin

Taylor McKessie; Slytherin Crest
Buena Vista Television | Salty Pictures | First Street Films

Now you might think that one of the smartest students at East High must be a Ravenclaw. But that’s where you’re wrong. Taylor McKessie is a Slytherin who just happens to be extremely bright. She let her ambition of winning the academic decathlon cloud her judgment and hurt her friend in the process.

Taylor would be tied for top student in all of her classes, aside from Potions, and would be a Slytherin Prefect her fifth, sixth, and seventh years. After Hogwarts, Taylor would become a professor, starting at Ilvermorny before moving back to Hogwarts in her late twenties.

Ryan Evans: Hufflepuff

Ryan Evans; Hufflepuff Crest
Buena Vista Television | Salty Pictures | First Street Films | Warner Bros. | Pottermore

Look at that face and tell me he isn’t radiating Hufflepuff energy. Despite his sister controlling most of his life choices, he’s loyal to her. He only breaks away from her when he makes his own friends who encourage him to follow his dreams. That’s why he’s a perfect fit for Hufflepuff.

At Hogwarts, Ryan would be the most disciplined student, if only to make sure Sharpay is kept out of trouble with her shenanigans. His best class would be Care of Magical Creatures, and he’d be part of the Frog Choir as early as possible. After Hogwarts, he’d work with Kelsi as her assistant.

Chad Danforth: Gryffindor

Chad Danforth; Gryffindor Crest
Buena Vista Television | Salty Pictures | First Street Films

Chad’s passion and recklessness got him in some sticky situations, specifically when he tried to drive Gabriella and Troy apart in the first movie. He’s also brave enough to stand up to those that might intimidate others (like Sharpay). But in the end, he’s the perfect fit for Gryffindor.

Chad would definitely be the Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, which is how he and Troy became great friends. Their friendly competition continues in the Charms classroom as they both love the subject. After Hogwarts, he joins a professional Quidditch team, constantly going up against Troy.

Sharpay Evans: Slytherin

Sharpay Evans; Slytherin Crest
Disney-ABC Domestic Television | Salty Pictures | First Street Films

There’s no other choice but to put Sharpay in Slytherin. She definitely began the franchise by showing some of the worst traits of that house, but she’d grown a lot by the end of the third film. Sharpay is the best example of a Slytherin who wouldn’t let the bullying and whispers drive them to evil deeds.

Sharpay would be the star of Frog Choir after joining in her first year–until Gabriella joins and takes a little bit of spotlight away from her. Her favorite class would be Charms. After Hogwarts, I imagine she’d achieve fame similar to that of famous witch singer Celestina Warbeck.

Gabriella Montez: Ravenclaw

Gabriella Montez; Ravenclaw Crest
Walt Disney | Borden & Rosenbush Entertainment

We already know Gabriella is creative and intelligent, so let’s not try to put her in another house. Ravenclaw would be the perfect fit for her, and I imagine she’d love the common room more than her own home with her parents.

At Hogwarts, Gabriella would be tied with Taylor for top student of their classes, Potions being the only one Gabriella is better at. I think she’d also join the Frog Choir during her fifth year. She’d go on to become a Cursebreaker for Gringotts and never miss one of Troy’s Quidditch matches.

In terms of her relationship with Troy, I imagine it’s similar to that from the High School Musical movies. Even though Gabriella would start at Hogwarts instead of transferring, she and Troy wouldn’t become friends until later in school, possibly fourth year.

Troy Bolton: Hufflepuff

Troy Bolton; Hufflepuff Crest
Walt Disney | Borden & Rosenbush Entertainment

Everyone’s favorite basketball player turned musical star, Troy Bolton, lived his entire life according to other people’s plans for him. In addition, he’s one of the hardest working students in his class, as we see in his accomplishments in sports and theatre.

It’s no surprise that Troy would be the Seeker for the Hufflepuff team. I think he’d also excel in Charms. Over time, his grades would get better as Gabriella helps him, specifically in Potions. After Hogwarts, Troy would join a professional Quidditch team.

After becoming friends with Gabriella in the fourth year, I think they’d bring together a large group of friends from all the houses. I think they’d start dating in their sixth year and keep the relationship going after Hogwarts. I can see them getting married at a young age, much like James and Lily Potter. Hopefully, this love story would go much better!