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Spider-Man’s Astrology: Each Variant’s Zodiac Signs

Do you know your favorite Spider-Man's zodiac sign? We're unraveling their astrological webs and breaking down each variant's big three.
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When it comes to Spider-Man, everyone has their favorite variant. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland all brought different kinds of life to their character. Maybe their recent team-up for Spider-Man: No Way Home has you picking a new favorite.

But have you ever wondered why you like one more than the other two? It could all be in the stars! Yes, we’re talking about Spider-Man’s astrology. Each unique character certainly left their zodiacal mark on Peter Parker, and we’ve figured out their big three (based on a recent Spider-Man movie marathon).

Tobey Maguire 

Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man shooting a spiderweb in his spider suit
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Spider-Man came onto the movie scene with a splash when the first live-action film was released. Everyone instantly fell in love with the soft, sensitive version of the mutant superhero that Tobey Maguire brought to the screen. He made Spider-Man more human than we could’ve ever imagined! Maguire’s version of Spider-Man proves that even the least expected of us can be heroes. He is quirky, sweet, and discovers an unshakeable sense of justice — something all the variants have in common. They are superheroes, after all! But let’s dive into the original Spider-Man’s astrology: 

Cancer Sun

Cancer suns are kind, sensitive, and are undoubtedly in touch with their emotions. Since the sun is the outward expression of one’s inner self, we thought this placement was more than fitting for Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man variant. He has this sort of innocence that only Cancerians express outwardly. It’s like he has a fresh, new view of the world despite everything he’s seen living in New York during the ’80s.

This innocence also creates a motherly-like quality that makes caring come easy. Even when he stands up to a bully, he is simply doing it out of the pureness of his heart. Maybe he did it to impress Mary Jane too, but that’s even more telling of a Cancer sun! They really love being in love. And there’s still so much more to this Spider-Man’s astrology!

Taurus Moon 

Do you remember the scene in the first film when Peter told his Uncle Ben about the fight and ended up getting a lecture on responsibility? Instead of learning a lesson, he bulldozes into the wrestling match in a fury. This was our first clue that he has a Taurus moon.

The moon rules all things emotional, and Tauruses are notorious for being stubborn. Because it’s a fixed sign, once they decide they feel a certain way, there’s no changing it. That was made pretty apparent by what followed after the wrestling match (rest in peace Uncle Ben).

But it isn’t always a bad thing! It makes Taurus moons very loyal. We see this when Peter tries to return to his normal life for Mary Jane, and then when he returns to his Spidey roots to protect her and the city. He even gets back to his true to himself after becoming the evil version of Spider-Man!

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Aquarius Rising 

So, we’ll address the elephant in the room. No matter how sweet and sensitive Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is, there’s no denying that he’s also a real weirdo. People often mistake rising signs as your “mask” to the world, but it’s really the truest version of yourself. Deep down, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is still that strange kid in glasses. We mean that in a nice way though!

His quirky attitude and goofy humor are quintessentially Aquarian. Not only are they known for their eccentric side, but Aquarians are also the humanitarians of the zodiac. They operate on a moral code that seeks to benefit everyone, not just themselves or individuals. We saw that when he got a villain to switch sides after reminding them of their humanity. Only an Aquarius rising could pull that off! Who knew Spider-Man’s astrology could be so deep?

Andrew Garfield 

The Amazing Spider-Man
Sony | Columbia Pictures

Now we’re onto our second variant of Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield’s version. This character is beyond different from Tobey Maguire’s! Garfield took the soft, sweet Spider-Man and flipped it on its head. The Amazing Spider-Man era of the superhero came with spice, sass, and plenty of ego checks. He is much more like the typical high schooler you’d expect. Not every teenager who gets bitten by a radioactive spider is going to navigate that gracefully. That teenage rage was real! Here’s the deep dive on Andrew Garfield’s angsty Spider-Man’s astrology.

Leo Sun 

If it wasn’t obvious, Andrew Garfield’s version of Peter Parker is definitely a Leo sun. He is arrogant, self-centered, and doesn’t have any issues with being independent. He would rather stew in himself than try to make a friend! But he also has all the great qualities of a Leo sun too.

First off, he is extremely loyal to the few people in his life that he cares about. Even when he fails to keep his promises, he remains true. We all shed some tears when we saw him at Gwen Stacy’s grave for months. Another great quality he has is his courage. Although he picks some fights for fun, he never backs down from a challenge. He even has the self-reflective qualities of a Leo sun. That fixed energy makes you think about yourself and your actions a whole lot. 

Capricorn Moon 

Since we know the moon rules the emotional side of things, there’s only one moon sign that fits Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man — a Capricorn moon. Capricorn moons get a bad rap for being emotionally cold, but in reality, they are just really practical. They don’t let emotions get in the way of goals or problem-solving because of their unshakeable sense of duty. Capricorn moons are born leaders, and they won’t let anyone disrupt their innate moral code.

We see this a lot in Garfield’s Spider-Man. He is the kind of guy that shows up, saves the day, then deals with all his emotions behind the scenes. There’s no victory lap or celebration for this Peter Parker. It’s what he was meant to do. When he does let his emotions rule him, he loses the love of his life. Emotional thinking just isn’t in the cards for him! 

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Scorpio Rising 

The rising sign of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is just as obvious as his sun sign. He is a Scorpio rising through and through! If you don’t have a Scorpio rising in your life, you might not be as familiar with their signatures. This rising sign is known to be extremely passionate, self-reflective, mysterious, and a little spicy. His quick-witted comeback to the villains and deep love affair with Gwen Stacy are just a few examples of this energy. He also has a very secretive energy about him. No one knows that he has powers, and his reflection on his actions makes him come across as very cold. He is actually a huge softie on the inside, but that Scorpio rising puts up a good front. 

Tom Holland 

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Sony | Disney

Our newest Spider-Man is British actor Tom Holland. His popularity absolutely sky-rocketed in the last few years, and his special portrayal of Spider-Man is only solidifying his superstar status. Holland did a great job at ushering in the spidey superhero into his Avengers phase. This Spider-Man is a silly, scientific boy-genius that tends to get himself into a lot of trouble! Filling Tony Stark’s shoes doesn’t come easy. Let’s break down this Spider-Man’s astrology:

Pisces Sun 

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is most definitely a Pisces sun. And don’t worry, we won’t even get into the cry-baby stereotype. This Spider-Man is imaginative, friendly, and just a little immature sometimes. That child-like nature and optimism can only come from a Jupiter-ruled Pisces sun!

Thankfully, Jupiter is the planet of luck. Did you notice how many times he got himself into a sticky situation that he shouldn’t have been in to start with and still managed to come out on top? That’s some strong Jupiter energy. This child-like attitude does make him a great mentee though. Pisces suns are very flexible, impressionable people, so Tony Stark didn’t have any trouble setting him up for future success.

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Sagittarius Moon 

What people often overlook is that Sagittarians are the intellectuals of the zodiac. But they are a fire sign, so these bursts of genius happen in a flash! Sound familiar? Tom Holland’s Spider-man is not the most practical of superheroes, but he always lets his passion drive him toward a solution. You can see the excitement on his face every time he solves a problem that even his mentors couldn’t resolve.

Plus, he is wicked funny. Only a Sagittarius moon could constantly make light of stressful situations — even if he is a little awkward about it sometimes. This Jupiter-ruled planet also helps him get out of those situations. As we mentioned before, he needs a lot of luck on his side to survive! 

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Virgo Rising 

If you were to guess this Spider-Man’s zodiac sign, your first instinct is probably to say “Virgo”. He is an awkward boy-genius, but that Jupiter energy is off the charts. At the end of the day though, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is absolutely a Virgo rising! Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and we see this as the center of his character development.

He often gets into trouble by not communicating or communicating too much (ie: he annoys his enemies so much with constant chatter that they despise him even more). But as he grows up, his communication only gets better. He is decisive, clear, and becomes the authority figure he always wanted to be. Although his moral code is strict as any Virgo risings would be, now he acts with intention instead of just willy-nilly. That’s a Virgo rising, indeed!

So, what do you think? Did any of our picks here surprise you? We’ll leave it to the fans to debate!