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Spider-Verse Characters We’re Still Waiting To See in the MCU

Marvel is bringing back past Spider-Man characters in ‘No Way Home’ and opening the Multiverse. So, when do we get more Spider-Verse characters in the MCU?
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The Multiverse is opening up, and more series and movies are exploring the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now is the perfect time to add some fan-favorite heroes and villains, as well as underrated characters. Marvel could even redeem some characters’ past iterations, like what they’re doing with Electro and Sandman. Here are 24 Spider-Man-related characters that I am anxiously waiting to see in the MCU. Did I miss any of your favorites?


Hobgoblin in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

We’re about to see the third version of the Green Goblin, and I’m getting a bit tired of him. Why not introduce Hobgoblin? The first holder of this title is Roderick Kingsley, an egotistical socialite and billionaire who wants to prove he’s a better criminal than Norman Osborn.

He uses Green Goblin’s technology and suit to make his own and perfects the Green Goblin formula, removing its side effects. Using Brainwasher technology, he can control minds through hypnosis. I would love to see him finally make his live-action debut, taking Green Goblin’s place.

John Jameson

John Jameson Man-Wolf in TV Show 2017 and Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics | Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Who else loves J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson? Well, I do, and I would love to see him and his family a bit more. John Jameson, the reporter’s son, first becomes Colonel Jupiter after space spores give him super strength. To combat the side effects, he wears a suit that dampens his powers.

Later on, while on the moon, he comes across the Godstone, an other-dimensional ruby, and it grafts itself into his throat and extends tendrils through his body, making him Man-Wolf. With Morbius being introduced into Sony’s Spider-Verse, we’re getting into the world of vampires and werewolves.

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

There have been three characters under the mantle of Kraven the Hunter. The first was Sergei Kravinoff, one of the Sinister Six’s founding members. With some members making appearances in No Way Home, he could easily be in Sony’s Sinister Six-focused movie. He was also almost in Black Panther, but I hope he makes an appearance in the sequel.

The second Kraven is Sergei’s half-brother and mutant Alyosha Kravinoff. The third is Sergei’s daughter, Ana Kravinoff. I would love to see all three in the MCU eventually. And thankfully, Sony is working on a Kraven the Hunter movie starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Here’s to hoping Sony and Marvel work together to bring him into the universe in the coming years.


Calypso in TV Show and Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics | Genesis Entertainment | New World Entertainment | Saban International | Tokyo Movie Shinsha

I don’t know much about this supervillain, but I would love to learn more. She is a voodoo priestess that utilizes magic potions in her battles. Calypso is also an occasional partner and lover of Kraven the Hunter. Maybe we’ll finally get her in live-action with Sony’s Kraven movie.

Bringing her in would let Spider-Man have a magical enemy to push him to work with Dr. Strange again. Maybe this time, they won’t rip apart the universe. So far, she’s only seen in a few comics, two animated shows, and three video games.


Chameleon in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Dmitri Smerdyakov (yeah, it’s a mouthful) is the half-brother of the first Kraven the Hunter, Sergei. He appeared in Far From Home as the bus driver, but we didn’t get enough time to explore his character. In the comics, he plays a much more significant role against Spider-Man. Bring him back, Marvel!

Chameleon was originally skilled with makeup and costuming, but he then obtained a microcomputer in his belt buckle that allowed him to change appearances via electrical impulses. Later, he developed powers by genetically altering his DNA to alter his appearance at will.

Cold Heart

Coldheart in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Kateri Deseronto, AKA Cold Heart, is one of Marvel’s most underrated and underused characters of all time. She resents superheroes for the death of her son Joey, who was caught in the crossfire of a hero and villain’s fight. She plans to defeat all heroes, believing they are morally wrong and have no regard for civilian life. It would be interesting to see a character like this on-screen.

She doesn’t have any powers but uses stolen equipment to do her deeds. She wears a bulletproof state-of-the-art armored costume that gives her unique abilities and uses cryonic twin swords that paralyze those that touch the blades. Falcon and the Winter Soldier opened the door for lesser-known villains and characters, so maybe she’ll get out of the comics.


Rhino in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Let’s talk about this poor character who was done dirty by Sony in Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. They took his backstory and tossed it out the window. If he makes an appearance in the MCU, I’m hoping they make him more comic-accurate. He could even be one of Spider-Man’s most intimidating foes.

The character started out as a Russian thug named Aleksei Sytsevich, who underwent an experimental procedure giving him an artificial skin covering and superhuman strength. He rebelled against the scientists and clashed with Spider-Man and The Hulk. I hope the MCU does him justice and gives us a giant rhino-man and more experiments.


Shathra in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

I never hear anyone talk about this villain, and that’s such a shame. Shathra resides in the Astral Plane, which we’ve barely seen in the MCU. I don’t know how she could be introduced, but it seems like the perfect time with the next Spider-Man and Doctor Strange movies coming out.

Her powers have only been seen a few times in the comics, and we don’t even know the extent of them yet. She has Spider-Man’s powers, but they’re much more substantial. She also has a regenerative healing power comparable to Wolverine’s.


Morlun in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Morlun is one of Spider-Man’s most formidable enemies. He can drain the life force from others through physical contact. And the more powerful the person he drains is, the more powerful he becomes. However, without periodic “feedings,” he will age and weaken.

The character hunts Spider-Totems across the Multiverse. Spider-Totems are a class of multiversal supernatural entities linked to the mystical force of life called the Web of Life and Destiny. With Peter and Dr. Strange opening the Multiverse in No Way Home, I’m hoping he makes an appearance soon.

Black Cat

Felicia Hardy Black Cat in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Black Cat, AKA Felicia Hardy, followed in the footsteps of her father, world-renowned cat burglar Walter Hardy, early in life. She started her criminal life without superpowers but eventually received cat-like powers from Kingpin. She also has the subconscious ability to produce “bad luck” for those around her.

Hardy was portrayed by Felicity Jones in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so it wouldn’t be hard to find a way to introduce her to the MCU. Sony was working on a movie and television show following Black Cat and Silver Sable, but not much is known about either project currently.

Silver Sable

Silver Sable in Spider-Man (Playstation) Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics | Sony | Insomniac Games | PlayStation

Silvija Sablinova, AKA Silver Sable, is a mercenary, hunter of war criminals, leader of the Wild Pack, and owner of Silver Sable International. She’s not necessarily a criminal, but her work typically pits her against superheroes. She’s gone up against Spider-Man many times while also serving as an ally.

While she has no superpowers, she makes up for it in her combat, weaponry, and leadership skills. We don’t know too much about her, but having her introduced to the MCU could offer fans a chance to get to know her. I’m really crossing my fingers that Silver Sable and Black Cat movie gets made already.


Spinneret Mary Jane Watson in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Spinneret is an alternate version of Mary Jane Watson, who gains her “powers” through a suit created by Peter. Their daughter develops her own powers, and both parents want to keep an eye on her and help her manage her powers. She also bonds with the Venom symbiote at one point.

It’s an exciting take on the character and would allow Tom Holland’s Peter Parker to play around with technology, as we saw in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Instead of marrying the couple, why not make Zendaya’s MJ want to join the fight? I’m sure the actress would love that.

Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

With Doctor Octopus returning in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it’s opening the door for the Superior Spider-Man storyline. When Doc Ock is dying, he body swaps with Peter Parker, ensuring he lives and Peter dies in his place. It’s a storyline we don’t talk about enough nowadays.

He eventually becomes a better Spider-Man than Peter was, giving himself a new suit similar to what we saw him wear in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. He was also much more ruthless and killed more people than Peter was willing to.

Anya Corazon

Anya Corazon in Spider-Man 2017 and Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics | Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Anya Corazon, AKA Araña, has a unique way of getting her powers compared to other wall-crawlers. After moving back to Brooklyn after her mom’s death, she jumps into the middle of a fight between mystical groups, the Spider Society and the Sisterhood of the Wasp. In saving Miguel, a Spider Society member, she inevitably makes way for her powers.

Miguel performs a ritual by giving her a spider-shaped tattoo that endows her spider-like powers. Her powers are similar to Peter Parker’s, but she also uses spider-like grappling hooks to swing from building to building and as weapons. She spends her time working as a Hunter for the society. Introducing her would allow Marvel to explore both mystical groups in depth.

Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 in Into the Spider-Verse
Marvel | Sony | Columbia Pictures | Arad Productions | Lord Miller Productions | Pascal Pictures

Not to be confused with Miguel from the listing above, Miguel O’Hara is a Spider-Man from the future. He’s from a renamed New York City, now called Nueva York. O’Hara has a genius-level intellect and is a master geneticist. He attempts to recreate Peter Parker’s Spider-Man abilities and accidentally transforms half of his DNA into a spider’s genetic code.

While he has no “spidey sense,” he does have night vision and enhanced hearing. He also has fangs that temporarily paralyze people with venom, organic webbing that comes from his forearms, and talons on his fingers and toes that he uses in wall-crawling and as weapons. I would love to see him travel back in time to work with other Spider-Man characters of present day.

Madame Web

Madame Web in Marvel Comics
Marvel | Tokyo Movie Shinsha | Genesis Entertainment | New World Entertainment | Saban International

The first Madame Web we meet is Cassandra Webb, an elderly woman connected to a life support system that looks like a spiderweb. Before being killed by the third Kraven the Hunter, Ana Kravinoff, she passes on her powers to Julia Carpenter, one of Spider-Man’s allies.

Both Madame Webs are blind and possess the power of precognition. It would be interesting to see both versions in a movie together, possibly with Cassandra passing on her powers and Julia learning to control them. Sony already announced a movie, but we haven’t heard anything about it since 2019.


Mayday Parker Spider-Girl in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

There have been plenty of Spider-Girls to choose from, but Mayday Parker is by far my favorite. She is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson that develops her own Spider powers at 15. When Normie Osborn, the original Green Goblin’s son, resurrected the villain’s persona, she donned a Spider suit and soon started crime-fighting.

Her first comic series, Spider-Girl, became the longest-running female-led superhero comic book until her second and third comics. Fans love the character — as shown by that feat — and with the Multiverse opening up, it’s the perfect time to give her a movie. She could easily jump through a hole in the universe, maybe from a past Spider-Man’s world, and team up with MCU Spidey.

The Jackal

Miles Warren The Jackal in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Miles Warren was just a professor at Empire State University before developing an unhealthy obsession with Gwen Stacy. Following her death, he blamed Spider-Man and obsessed over getting revenge. After failing to get revenge, he experiments with his DNA and merges it with jackal DNA. In that experiment, he gained enhanced strength, speed, and agility.

Once he finds out Peter Parker is Spider-Man, he clones Parker and himself. Two of those clones are Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker (we’ll talk about them next). He is the first Marvel character to master cloning technology. Introducing The Jackal and clones into the MCU isn’t a stretch considering what’s going on right now with the Multiverse.

Ben Reilly

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Ben Reilly was the perfected clone of Peter Parker that the Jackal created and sent after the hero. He has all of Peter’s memories before an accident in his fight with Spider-Man caused him to realize he wasn’t actually the hero. After the fight with Spider-Man, he leaves New York but comes back after five years to check on Aunt May.

He names himself after Uncle Ben using Aunt May’s maiden name. He returns five years later when Aunt May has a stroke. When he checks on her, he runs into Peter before Venom causes havoc in the city. After he fights Venom, he is dubbed the Scarlet Spider (which he hates) and works with Peter numerous times.

Kaine Parker

Kaine in Ultimate Spider-Man TV Show
Marvel | Sony | Film Roman Marvel Animation | Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Kaine is The Jackal’s first clone of Peter Parker that was deformed and mentally unstable. The degeneration also gave him a slight amplification of Peter’s powers, giving him a stronger “spidey sense” that gives him glimpses of the future instead of just a feeling something is happening.

He also possesses a burning touch that leaves an eaten-away handprint on his victims’ faces called the “Mark of Kaine.” He works as a bounty hunter before switching sides and helping Spider-Man. It would be interesting to see him, Ben, and Peter interacting in a future MCU movie.

Jessica Drew

Jessica Drew Spider-Woman and Ultimate Spider-Woman in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Unlike the last two clones of Peter Parker, Jessica Drew is a female clone from another timeline. She and Kaine were created by the CIA to be agents. Both escaped before their memories could be wiped. Doc Ock eventually reveals he was the mastermind behind the two clones.

In addition to having Peter’s powers, she also has spinnerets in her fingertips, allowing her to fire silk-spinning webbing from them. If the MCU wanted to introduce her, changing her backstory to being a Jackal clone would be just as interesting as her original history.


Cindy Moon Silk in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Cindy Moon has already been introduced in the MCU, but not as her Silk persona. Before it died, the radioactive spider that bit Peter also bit her, giving her similar powers. In addition to Peter’s powers, she can also spin webs from her fingertips to form claw-like extrusions.

When she discovered her powers, she was taken away and hidden from Morlun. She’s released by Peter after 13 years and joins Peter in crime-fighting while searching for her parents. Sony has already announced they are working on a Silk-centric movie and television show, but nothing has come about yet.


Spider-Gwen Gwen Stacy in Into the Spider-Verse
Marvel | Sony | Columbia Pictures | Arad Productions | Lord Miller Productions | Pascal Pictures

We’ve seen Gwen Stacy in live-action movies already, but we’ve yet to see her hero persona, Ghost-Spider. We already have a multiverse opening up, so why not have her jump through like in Into the Spider-Verse and team up with Peter or join the MCU’s forming Young Avengers.

In her universe, she gets bitten by the spider instead of Peter. After getting framed for Peter Parker’s death, her father discovers her identity and tells her to run. That could easily be the out for her to get to the MCU’s Earth. I will forever hold out hope we see Ghost-Spider in live-action.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales in Into the Spider-Verse
Marvel | Sony | Columbia Pictures | Arad Productions | Lord Miller Productions | Pascal Pictures

Miles Morales has gained tons of popularity after Into the Spider-Verse and the Sony video games. Morales is the Spider-Man of his universe. Norman Osborn tried to duplicate Spider-Man’s powers with a genetically-modified spider, but it ends up biting Morales instead. He ends up developing similar powers and joining the fight against crime.

Morales’s spider-sense isn’t as strong as Peter’s, but he makes up for it in other abilities like camouflage and “venom strike” that leaves people temporarily paralyzed. His character has already been hinted at in the MCU when Spider-Man catches his uncle (played by Donald Glover) in Homecoming. Even Tom Holland is waiting and rooting for Morales’s appearance.