The Blind Side
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Watch: Thanksgiving Movies to Watch After the Turkey Dinner

If you're trying to figure out new traditions, or you want to really get in the mood, we've got you covered - this is a list of the best movies to watch while you're digesting all that turkey goodness.... and considering a second slice of pumpkin pie!
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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and of course, that means the time for your family to gather around a big turkey dinner is almost here. We’ve already compiled a list of Thanksgiving movies to watch up until the big day, but what about after the big meal is over?

Everyone knows what it’s like when the turkey coma hits, so take advantage of that time to spend together as a family to have a good old-fashioned movie night as you digest your feast.

We’ve rounded up a few binge-watch worthy movies with themes of thankfulness and togetherness, along with a few holiday classics.

And even better, if you’re not able to see so much of your family this year, you can also plan a virtual movie night so that everyone can still spend time together.

The Blind Side

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and appreciating what you have, which is why The Blind Side is an excellent choice to watch together as a family on Thanksgiving night. Not only does this heartwarming film have plenty of football and togetherness, but it also includes a few funny Thanksgiving scenes.

Funny People

This is a dark comedy starring Adam Sandler, who plays the role of a retired stand-up comedian who is diagnosed with leukemia. And to give you an idea of the tone of the film, in one scene Sandler gives a Friendsgiving toast that starts with, “First, let’s give thanks to our families not being here. It’s always easier without the family.”

Little Women

Who wouldn’t want to huddle around the TV to watch as Jo, Amy, Meg, and Beth go about their life in 1800s New England? As they learn to overcome their struggles, they learn what it means to be family as they celebrate their triumphs together.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Steve Martin, Kevin Bacon, and John Candy star in this fun-loving comedy about a man’s journey to make it home in time for Thanksgiving. Thanks to the struggles of 2020, especially since holiday travel will be more limited, this is the perfect film to help you realize those things you should be most thankful for.

Autumn in New York

Winona Ryder and Richard Gere develop a love that isn’t all that expected in this sweet, romantic movie. As the title implies, this flick is full of New York autumn scenes and provides the perfect setting for a Thanksgiving Day movie marathon.

 Addams Family Values

You might wonder why a film like this is included in this list, but who better than the Addams family to show you how you should band together with your own family? Not only that, but the film also has a comical Thanksgiving scene that is sure to leave your family dying with laughter.

Free Birds

You have to have something to watch for the smaller guests in your family, and that’s where Free Birds comes in. In this family flick, you can watch as a family of turkeys try to forever change the most popular holiday food item on everyone’s Thanksgiving menu.