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The Best ’80s Movies on Netflix Right Now

No need to "be kind, rewind" because these days you can find some of the best movies from the 1980s right on Netflix.
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    From leg warmers to crimped hair, there were a lot of things about the ‘80s that I could do without. Of course, there were plenty of things that made the ‘80s one of the greatest decades ever. Case in point: ‘80s flicks are totally rad.

    These days, we don’t have to wait for what feels like a thousand years for a movie to come out on VHS. There are no tapes to rewind before returning them to Blockbuster.

    Instead, we can find plenty of the best ‘80s movies on Netflix.

    So if you’re, like, looking for something to stream tonight, check out this list of the best ‘80s movies on Netflix right now.