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The Best Superhero Movies for Kids: Movie Night with the Family

If kids love anything, it's superhero movies. However, not all superhero movies are created equal and might be too mature for younger audiences. Let's take a look at a few superhero movies that will work best for family movie night.
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Everyone loves superheroes, right? That goes double for kids. Spider-Man and Black Panther are awesome to see leaping into action on the big screen, so it’s easy to understand why kids might want to watch superhero movies on family movie night.

However, many parents are wary of letting their younger kids watch particularly violent or scary movies. Let’s take a look at some of the best superhero movies for kids that you can check out on your next family movie night.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The dimension-hopping adventure of Spider-Man is one of the best superhero films ever made. It also just so happens to be great for kids, too. The film follows the superhero origin story of Miles Morales, who is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes the superhero Spider-Man. His journey sees him meeting Spider-People from various realities, including an older Peter Parker who teaches him how to be a superhero.

The film is animated, but it does have some moments of comic book violence. A few major characters die, but this is treated with respect by the film, and surviving characters are given time to process these deaths. The film’s overarching messages about friendship, believing in yourself, and the importance of family all make it a fantastic watch for family movie night.

The film is appropriate for younger kids, though the presence of some fight scenes that include weapons could make some parents hesitant to show the film to small children. It is rated PG, so take that into account when planning your movie night.

The Incredibles

The beloved Pixar film The Incredibles is easily one of the very best kid-friendly superhero films ever made. The film focuses on a family of super-powered heroes who take on the villainous Syndrome, a supervillain who wants to convince the world that he’s a hero.

Themes in the movie include a great message about the importance of sticking together with family, the power every person holds within themselves, and the heroic selflessness that makes anyone capable of being a hero. The film includes a cautionary tale, too: the villain wants people to view him as a hero, so he engineers situations where he can put people in danger just to save them.

It helps that The Incredibles is also one of the very best movies ever made, full stop. The gorgeous animation, tight script, impressive action sequences, and excellent voice acting elevate the film to a level of greatness not normally seen in popular animation. The film is perfectly acceptable for kids (and adults love it, too) and has a rating of PG.

Superman (1978)

The classic Christopher Reeve Superman movie from 1978 is actually a great family movie night pick. The movie is perfectly acceptable for kids as young as eight. It includes some light romance between Superman and Lois Lane, and some cartoonish fight sequences. Christopher Reeve genuinely steals the show in the title role, playing a character that he’s just a natural fit for.

Kids will love the movie’s action, but there’s a genuinely excellent moral at the center of the movie that families can talk about after the credits roll. The film deals with issues like responsibility, helping others, and the plight faced by immigrants. The story’s timeless resonance makes it a great watch even over 40 years after its initial release.

Doctor Strange

The bizarre, mind-bending adventure of Doctor Stephen Strange might seem like an odd pick to be on a list of good films for kids. However, it’s actually got a lot going for it in terms of appealing to teen and tween audiences. For one thing, the movie is witty, funny, and fast-paced. Its pivot from a grounded, realistic tale about a man trying to overcome a disability to a fantastical story about a battle for the fate of the universe is one that younger viewers are likely to love.

While the film does have some scary monsters as well as heavier themes, including some deeper morality around using dark powers to extend one’s own lifespan, it’s a good pick for kids age 13 and up. Younger kids might not appreciate the film’s more out-there moments, like the concept of a Dark Dimension that is trying to break into the real world.

The film includes a really great message about humility. Stephen Strange starts off as an arrogant jerk but learns to be a humble hero who fights to save everyone. This is a great teaching opportunity for younger viewers; you can discuss the importance of helping others instead of just acting in a self-serving manner. The film has a few moments of coarse language and a bit of comic book violence, so take that into account when planning your next family movie night.

Black Panther

Black Panther is a fantastic film for kids age 13 and up, owing to its great message about personal responsibility, the role of race in modern society, and the importance of having diverse superheroes. The film presents both its protagonist, the noble king T’Challa, and his all-female royal guard, as superheroes completely capable of protecting their home, the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

The film offers some great discussion opportunities for families. Families can talk about the importance of having Black superheroes appear as protagonists instead of just as sidekicks to the main character. Likewise, the major roles of the royal guard and T’Challa’s genius sister, Shuri, offer a great opportunity to discuss gender equality and the importance of diversity in modern films.

The film does feature some comic book violence, including some hand-to-hand combat and some sci-fi shootouts. There is a bit of rough language, and a few brief kisses.

Sky High

The Disney film Sky High is a fun twist on the formula of the X-Men. Like Charles Xavier’s mutants, these superheroes-in-training are enrolled in a school for superpowered kids. The film combines elements of classic superhero stories with the tried-and-true “high school movie” framing, making it a fun fusion of things we’ve seen before.

This is a fun, family-friendly romp through a superpowered world that feels right at home in the pages of a comic book. The film is perfectly fine for kids as young as eight, featuring goofy superhero violence and some light romantic interaction between some characters.

Big Hero 6

One of the best superhero movies ever made also happens to be a great fit for families! Big Hero 6 tells a touching story that focuses on grieving, overcoming one’s own limitations, and being there for your friends. The moral heart at the center of the movie makes it truly touching, and it’ll leave families with plenty to talk about after it ends.

The movie is also stunning, sporting great Disney visuals and a charming computer-animated art style. Viewers as young as eight will enjoy this movie, which has some cartoony violence and a very realistic depiction of the kind of grief a young child goes through when they lose a loved one. However, the way the film deftly handles the topic of grief allows viewers to process why the characters feel the way they do.

With some stylish action shots and a stellar voice cast, Big Hero 6 brings plenty of charm to the superhero genre. This is one that your kids might want to throw on to watch over and over again!