A couple of weeks ago we discussed which Disney Villains would be paired with what zodiac signs. But not everyone has entered their villain era yet. For those of you who prefer glass slippers or glass mirrors, we are pairing the zodiac signs with their perfect Disney Princess. 

If you don’t see your favorite princess on this list, that may be because they are not considered official Disney princesses. But don’t worry, we will show them some love in a future article.

Don’t forget to check your moon and rising sign as well as your sun sign. You can check your birth chart here.

Aries- Mulan


I have often considered Aries the warrior of the zodiac. I mean, the cardinal fire sign is ruled by a planet named for the Roman god of war. And it shares a name with the Greek god of war, though the spelling is different. So naturally, the scrappy rams relate to the fierce warrior Mulan. Just like Mulan, they are hard-headed, incredibly loyal to their loved ones, and they never run away from a fight. 

Plus, only an Aries would keep a fire-breathing dragon by their side. And with Mushu’s temper, he is probably an Aries too!

An Iconic Mulan Quote That Aries Will Love:

“Uhh… I mean, uh, sorry you had to see that, but you know how it is when you get those, uh, manly urges, and you just gotta kill something, fix things, uh, cook outdoors.”

Taurus- Tiana


Of course, Tiana, the most down-to-earth princess, would resonate with earth signs. Tiana is a dependable friend and a devoted businesswoman. She pursued her dreams of owning a restaurant even after becoming a princess, which is a total Taurus move. Taureans are known to appreciate delicious foods so I know they would love Tiana’s beignets. Also, I’ve never met a Taurean who didn’t look good in green.

An Iconic Princess and The Frog Quote That Taurus Will Love:

“My daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed. He had love! He never lost sight of what was really important. And neither will I!”

Gemini- Rapunzel


Rapunzel spent a good two minutes of her feature film debating with herself about whether or not leaving her tower was a good idea. That is kind of a classic indecisive Gemini move. But Rapunzel is not merely erratic and irresolute, she is also curious about the world around her. With her kind heart and inquisitive nature, Rapunzel has to be a Gemini.

An Iconic Tangled Quote That Geminis Will Love:

“THIS IS SOOO FUUUUUN!… I am a horrible daughter. I’m going back… I am NEVER going back! Woo-hoo! I am a despicable human being!  WOO-HOOO! BEST DAY EVER!”

Cancer- Ariel


Ariel could have been a Pisces, but I ultimately paired her with Cancer. Let’s be real, the Little Mermaid had to be a water sign, right? It is not just Cancer’s watery nature that correlates so well with the princess of the sea. Like the lunar crab, Ariel can be moody and over-sensitive. Can you blame her? Her dad has a serious temper. But her selfless rescue of Prince Eric demonstrates her compassion and devotion. These are two of Cancer’s best traits.

Plus one of her best friends is a crab, so it just makes sense.

An Iconic Little Mermaid Quote That Cancerians Will Love:

“Ariel, please! Will you get your head out of the clouds and back in the water where it belongs?”

Leo- Jasmine


The only thing the strong beautiful Princess Jasmine loves more than her independence is drama. Siccing her pet tiger on prospective suitors is an iconic Leo move. Like Leo, Jasmine is willful, generous, and a shameless flirt. She even used her powers of flirtation to take down Jafar. If that doesn’t resonate with Leos, I don’t know what will.

An Iconic Aladdin Quote That Leos Will Love:

“At least some good will come of my being forced to marry. When I am Queen, I will have the power to get rid of you.”

Virgo- Cinderella


Cinderella hits all the trademarks of a Virgo. Industrious, anxious, and logical. She keeps herself busy, takes care of others, she is very concerned with time management, and she makes sensible decisions. Well, dancing in glass shoes isn’t very sensible, but we can blame that decision on her fairy godmother. When faced with the problem of the shattered glass slipper, she simply pulls out the other slipper in a practical, Virgo-like manner.

An Iconic Cinderella Quote That Virgos Will Love:

“What’s a royal ball? After all, I suppose it would be frightfully dull, and boring, and completely … completely wonderful.”

Libra- Pocahontas

Only an air sign could paint with all the colors of the wind. Pocahontas is diplomatic and lives in harmony with the world around her. Her peace-loving nature and palpable desire for fairness make her an ideal Libra. Now the film had a happy ending, but the true story of Pocahontas and the modern lives of Native Americans are not always happy.

An Iconic Pocahontas Quote That Libras Will Love:

“Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”

Scorpio- Moana


Like Moana of Montanui, Scorpios are passionate and yearn for adventure. The brave voyager answers the call to adventure, all while holding her own against demigods, glamorous giant crabs, and lava monsters. She is strong enough to stand up to Maui and Tamatoa, but compassionate enough to restore the heart of Te Fiti. Like all Scorpios, she can adapt like water, but face off against fire.

An Iconic Moana Quote That Scorpios Will Love:

“I am Moana of Motunui. You will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the heart of Te Fiti.”

Sagittarius- Merida


Merida and Sagittarius have a lot in common. They are both fiery, fiercely independent, and incredibly good at archery. Merida can be impatient and angsty but that may be because she’s a teenager rather than a Sagittarius. But like the mutable fire sign, she also has the ability to reflect on her behavior. With her bravery, ambition, and lack of tact or discretion, Merida is the quintessential Sagittarius.

An Iconic Brave Quote That Sagittarians Will Love:

“You’re the queen, you can just tell the lords, ‘The princess is not ready for this. In fact, she might not ever be ready for this! So, that’s that, good day to you. We’ll expect your declarations of war in the morning!’”

Capricorn- Aurora


You may be wondering, “how can one of the strongest signs be comparable to a sleepy princess?” Well, like the cardinal earth sign, Aurora radiates charm and charisma, which is why Philip was drawn to her in the forest. Side note: Guys, don’t approach random women in the woods. It’s creepy. Like a Capricorn, she shows a lot of self-discipline and reverence for duty when the faeries tell her she must marry a prince. Also, if there is any sign that deserves a rest, it’s Capricorn.

An Iconic Sleeping Beauty Quote That Capricorns Will Love:

“Oh, dear. Why do they still treat me like a child?”

Aquarius- Belle


Oh there they go, Aquarius is so peculiar. Like Belle, Aquarians often feel like outsiders and they yearn for something beyond a provincial life. While Belle and Aquarius are often seen as outsiders, they have great compassion for others who’ve been alienated by their communities too. Though their noses may be stuck in a book, their hearts are in the right place. They know there’s always more to life than what most readily meets the eye.

The Beast may be an Aquarius too, considering he is also a bonafide outsider and quite temperamental.

An Iconic Beauty And The Beast Quote That Aquarians Will Love:

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell!”

Pisces- Snow White


Honestly, the musically-inclined Pisces is probably the only one who could hit Snow White’s high notes. Like Pisces, Snow White has a sweet disposition and a kind heart. She handles all the things that life throws at her with a smile and a song. She may be a bit naive and easily gets lost in her wishful thinking, but she is incredibly empathetic to those around her. You would have to have high levels of empathy to clean up after seven people.

Iconic Snow White Quote That Pisces Will Love:

“With a smile and a song, Life is just a bright sunny day, Your cares fade away, And your heart is young.”

Ophiuchus- Joanna the Goanna


Ophiuchus is not a real sign. And though Joanna the Goanna is not an actual princess, Percival McLeach sure treats her like one.