We have already paired all of the Glass Onion characters with the zodiac signs. So today, we are going to give Knives Out a little love. Read on to find out which character from the first Benoit Blanc film your sun sign is paired with. Don’t forget to check your moon and rising sign as well as your sun sign.

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Also, stop calling the film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery! The director, Rian Johnson, has stated that he doesn’t like it! Call it a Benoit Blanc mystery or something. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s begin.


Aries- Ransom Drysdale


Portrayed by Chris Evans

Apologies to my fellow Aries. Sometimes we have to be paired up with the villain. At first glance, Ransom (or Hugh, as he makes the servants call him) does not seem like a particularly angry person, so this pairing may seem odd. He may be slow to anger, but as soon as he loses his temper upon learning that his dastardly plan was discovered and foiled, he flies into a murderous rage and tries to stab Marta. I also paired him with Aries because the cardinal fire sign is known to be quite confident, and Ransom is filled to the brim with self-confidence.

Taurus- Marta Cabrera


Portrayed by Ana de Armas

Taureans are known to be one of the most dependable signs in the entire zodiac. And if there is anyone on whom Harlan can depend, it is Marta. Taureans are quintessential mom-friends, and since Marta is not only Harlan’s nurse but his most trusted confidant, it is safe to assume that Marta is a mom-friend. She is also obstinate like the fixed earth sign, in the way that she stands her ground against Harlan’s pushy family.

Also, Taureans like to tell it like it is so they would probably relate to a character who has trouble lying.

Gemini- Fran


Portrayed by Edi Patterson

You may be wondering why I didn’t pair the housekeeper with homebody Cancer. Well, that’s because I paired Harlan with Cancer and I’ll explain why in just a sec! Geminis are known to be one of the most loquacious signs in the zodiac, and by “loquacious” I mean they are huge gossips. And no one is a bigger gossip in the Thromby household than the talkative yet well-meaning housekeeper, Fran. I think we can all agree that Fran deserved better than what she got.

Cancer- Harlan Thrombey 


Portrayed by Christopher Plummer

There are so many reasons why I paired Harlan with Cancer. Like so many cardinal signs, he’s a hard worker. He worked hard to create his literary empire. He is also creative like a Cancerian because he is an exceptional writer. And like any good water sign, he is empathetic to Marta while doling out a healthy dose of tough love to his family.

Leo- Joni Thrombey 


Portrayed by Toni Collette

Leos are known for their theatrical and dramatic nature. So naturally, I had to pair them with the histrionic influencer, Joni. Like the fixed fire sign, Joni likes to take up as much space in a room as possible. Also, gold is Leo’s signature color, so that may explain why Joni is so greedy with her father-in-law’s money.

Virgo- Donna Thrombey


Portrayed by Riki Lindhome

In my Glass Onion article, I paired Virgos with Benoit Blanc, so they may be a bit disappointed with their placement in this article. Benoit exemplified all of Virgos’ positive traits in Glass Onion, but Donna showcases all of Virgos’ negative traits. She is high-strung and timid. And she is also just a tad bit judgmental.

Fun fact: This is the second time I’ve paired a Riki Lindhome character with Virgo.

Libra- Walt Thrombey


Portrayed by Michael Shannon

You know how there are good and bad examples of every sign? Well, Walt Thromby is a great example of a bad Libra. Like the people-pleasing sign, he goes out of his way to suck up to his father in an attempt to get what he wants from him. He is also wishy-washy like an emotionally immature Libra. He is a bit too diplomatic when he makes excuses for his politically extreme son.

Scorpio- Richard Drysdale


Portrayed by Don Johnson

Aries and Scorpios are not going to be happy about their placement on this list. I had to pair Scorpio with Linda’s philandering husband for a couple of reasons. Scorpios are known to be one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac. They are also known to be one of the most secretive signs as well. And since Richard was having a secret love affair behind Linda’s back, it only makes sense to pair him with the fixed water sign.

Sagittarius- Benoit Blanc


Portrayed by Daniel Craig

In my Glass Onion article, I paired the world-renowned detective Benoit Blanc with Virgo. But it’s a new day and this is a new article. Benoit Blanc would be a Sagittarius because he is wise like the mutable fire sign. Sagittarians are known to be introspective and sagely. They are also known to have a fun sense of humor. The knowledgeable detective has a quirky sense of humor and he enjoys a good laugh…especially if it is at Ransom’s expense.

Capricorn- Linda Drysdale


Portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis

Like so many Capricorns, Linda is no-nonsense and hardworking. Unlike other members of her family, she started her own business rather than resting on the laurels of her famous and accomplished father. Like Capricorn, she is not afraid to defend her father’s legacy or her own self-respect.

Aquarius- Lieutenant Elliot


Portrayed by LaKeith Stanfield 

It was really hard to find an Aquarius pairing for this film and it was equally as hard to find a proper sign for Lieutenant Elliot. So I figured it would make sense to pair them together. Like Aquarius, the Lieutenant is quiet and pensive. The fixed air sign is known to be calm and that’s why people feel so comfortable talking to them. And Lieutenant Elliot was probably the calmest person in the whole movie.

Pisces- Meg Thrombey 


Portrayed by Katherine Langford

I paired Meg with Pisces because of her empathy and sweet nature. Meg is probably the most empathetic person in the Thromby family, aside from Harlan, even though her empathy tends to come off as performative. I also paired her with Pisces because just as a fih may go with the flow, Meg is too easily influenced by her greedy family.

Ophiuchus- Jacob Thrombey


Portrayed by Jaeden Martell

I paired the creepy grandson with Ophiuchus because no one would want to be paired with Jacob. And Ophiuchus is no one because it doesn’t exist! 

Bonus Ophiuchus- The Joseph Gordon-Levitt voice cameo. I wonder if his voice cameos will become a trope in all of Rian Johnson’s Benoit Blanc movies.