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The Matrix 4 – Five Questions Fans Want Answered

Do you have questions about The Matrix 4? Yeah, us too - come in and let's talk about everything we know so far, what we can expect, and our biggest questions we really, really want answered in the new movie.
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The Matrix gave movie fans a universe that was rich in characters, an awe-inspired alternate world, and a whole list of questions never got answered in any of the first three movies.  With Matrix 4 currently in production, fans are lining up asking for some of those questions to be answered. 

The story takes place 20 years later and it’s anyone’s guess on which direction it is going to go.  Here are the top 5 questions that fans want to be answered in the Matrix 4. 

Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus—Where are they now.

Both Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) are on the cast list for Matrix 4, which is a bit surprising as both died at the end of Matrix 3.  Or did they? 

Neo was carried away by the machines, and audiences assumed that he was dead.  There is a lot to play with there.  As for Trinity, she was impaled by rebar and any construction worker will tell you that it is hard to come back from that. 

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Are we going to have a ghost in the machine type situation here?  In the world of the Matrix, anything is possible and some of the groundwork has already been laid down in the first movies.  Neo was always more software than hardware and it’s possible some version of him is bouncing around. 

As for Trinity, things get a bit trickier.  She was never The One.  This does set up an interesting conflict for the movie to explore.  Will this movie be Neo’s attempt to somehow find Trinity in the machine world and bring her back?  This is always a compelling storyline.  

Or will Trinity be cloned and reuploaded?  Leaks are non-existent on the set, but there are some real possibilities.  What’s missing from the cast is as telling as who is has made it back.  Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) is not listed on the cast credits.  It doesn’t mean that he won’t be, at least in some form. 

Warner Bros via GIPHY

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II has been cast leading many to think that Morpheus will come back as a younger version.  Which leads us to our second biggest question….

Will fans finally get to see the war that started it all?

With a young Morpheus, a character backstory seems to be on the movie menu.  Jessica Henwick (Game of Thrones) has also been cast and some believe she is the younger version of Trinity, which opens up a whole world of possibilities. 

Giving die-hard fans more of a universe has been done before, thank you Star Trek Reboot, so it would seem that at least some of this movie will be a prequel.  The question really is just how much a pre this is going to be. 

Warner Bros via GIPHY

The idea of seeing Morpheus grow the resistance and recruiting many before Neo came along is intriguing (come back Cypher!), and there are opportunities to tie that into the next installment.  The past always dictates the future. 

Rogue program revolution

The universe of the Matrix contains a whole list of programs that no longer serve a purpose, which showed free will evolution in the computer-generated world.  They pretty much do as they please. 

So, what has happened to these programs over the years? Is Seraph still karate-chopping for the Oracle?  What about the Merovingian? 

Lambert Wilson returns as the ultimate deal maker, which makes one assume that there are more deals to cut.  Is it time for these rouge programs to rise up and join the humans in an uneasy alliance against the Architect?  There is precedent for this.  The Oracle has been doing it for generations. 

Neil Patrick Harris

One of the biggest questions fans want answered is what role will Neil Patrick Harris play? 

Production has been tight-lipped about this, but it’s hard to imagine the Matrix without an agent antagonist.  The machines were always personified in the single individual of Agent Smith. 


Many would love to see Neil Patrick Harris as a psychotic taskmaster to counter Neo.  Or will this be more of a yin/yang storyline where one cannot exist without the other? 

It’s tough to say, but it’s a question that everyone is asking. 

Will humans finally take back the world?

The last Matrix ended on a somewhat somber tone and the story always felt incomplete.  The humans didn’t actually win, they were just allowed to exist. 

The question isn’t what that peace looks like now, but how long before the conflict bubbles over again?  There is only one way The Matrix will ever end, and that’s not with a handshake and a “better luck next time.”  One cannot exist while the other does.  In the end, one must dominate.  That’s the story that fans want told. They want the satisfaction of true victory or the bitterness of total defeat. 

Whether this will be the ultimate story told in Matrix 4, or require another trilogy, only time will tell.  We’ll find out more as production has begun and we could see the Matrix 4 in theaters as early as late 2021.